Omega Releases Super Speed ​​arrow Coaxial Watch

No watch is more adventurous than the OMEGA Speedmaster series, and the Speedmaster coaxial arrow watch introduces a new fashion style for this series of watches, it will inherently durable Quality and pioneering spirit are uniquely artistically integrated with unique design styles, and will certainly become one of the most popular Speedmaster models.

黑 The black and rhodium-plated hour and minute hands are coated with a white luminous coating, which can clearly indicate the time under any light conditions. Both the central chronograph and small dial hands have red tips. The 44.25 mm diameter stainless steel case follows the OMEGA Speedmaster classic case design for more than half a century. This model has a stainless steel bracelet or an integrated black alligator leather strap.
The power of the Copa Super Wide Coaxial Watch is derived from the Omega 3313 coaxial movement. This self-winding chronograph has been awarded the Official Swiss Observatory Certification (COSC), guaranteeing its highly accurate travel time. The movement is equipped with OMEGA’s unique three-layer coaxial escapement system device, which can still have extraordinary running time performance over a long period of time. The maintenance period of the movement has been extended, and OMEGA has promised up to 3 years of after-sales service.

The Choice Of Mature Men Three Hot Watch Recommendations

After the innocent romance and impetuousness when he was young, when men gradually mature, some of their faces are not childish, but a little more vicissitudes of life, a little more life. Mature, with a sense of responsibility. At this time, men need a watch to remind themselves to make full use of time to further work hard and consolidate their careers, to show their unique taste and identity. Below, the Watch House recommends several models that show the mature charm of men. I hope that watch lovers can take them into their pockets.

  Rolex Greenwich II Series 116710LN

  Many Rolex classic models have a lofty status in people’s minds. The old and high-end gold, luxurious luxury, blue Lao elegant and moving, exciting, green Lao vibrant, personalized fashion … Any Rolex has its own characteristics This editor first recommends a low-key atmospheric black labor, which is stable but not luxurious. Its durability and accuracy make it more popular.

Watch Comments: The diameter of this watch is 40mm. Because the bezel takes up a lot of space, the dial does not look very large. The Rolex Greenwich II series watches are equipped with 24-hour hands and independently adjustable 12-hour hands, allowing you to set a time zone time while the watch is operating as usual, to ensure that the minutes and seconds are not different. Two hands, let you You can read the time in both time zones. It is also a good choice for business people who frequently travel abroad. The mirror is made of scratch-resistant sapphire glass, and a convex magnifying calendar window is provided at 3 o’clock for easy date reading.
 The Rolex Greenwich II series watch uses professional Easylink links, which only need to be simply folded, and the strap can be extended by 5 mm. At the same time, it is equipped with easy-to-adjust chain safety folding buckles, which is simple and flexible to operate. Continuing the design of the oyster case that Rolex has always used, the bottom cover is a screw-in dense bottom to ensure sufficient waterproof and dustproof performance.

Basic Information
Model: 116710LN
Brand: Rolex
Series: Greenwich II
Style: Automatic, 40 mm, men
Material: stainless steel, rotating black Cerachrom ring
RMB: ¥ 64,900
For more watch details, please click: IWC Mark 17 Pilot Watch Series IW326501
  IWC was founded in 1868 and has been making watches for 140 years. Among the people wearing IWC are notable figures, including members of the royal family, movie stars, wealthy businessmen and so on. The Pilot’s Collection is a unique product series of IWC that attracts watch lovers with different personalities and different pursuits. Each watch has a rich connotation and powerful functions.

Watch Comments: The first thing that catches the eye is the large 41 mm diameter dial of this watch. The instrument dial of the Buddha aircraft exudes a domineering atmosphere. The black dial with white time scales, the simple Arabic numerals are beautiful and atmospheric, and we can see that the brand’s primary production goal is to read clearly. At 3 o’clock, there is a unique date display window, and the red triangle pointer shows the current date. This has also become the typical design of the IWC pilot series. Its creation is inspired by the red signal element of the aircraft instrument board.

  Black alligator leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle. The watch is water-resistant to 6 bar. It is equipped with a 30110 automatic movement and provides a 42-hour power reserve. The movement is equipped with an anti-magnetic soft iron inner shell for stable assembly.

Basic Information
Model: IW326501
Brand: IWC
Series: Pilot
Style: Automatic, 41 mm, men
Material: stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 36,000
Hong Kong dollar: HK $ 38,000
For more watch details, please click: Panerai LUMINOR series PAM00111 watch

  Many Pei parties have a relationship with Panerai, but they cannot meet each other. They may have no intention at first, but they will become deeply obsessed with it after contact. With design inspiration from the sea, Panerai positions the brand as high-end watches in sports and leisure. Combining Italian design style and Swiss expertise, Panerai makes each watch with a distinctive brand style, superb craftsmanship and excellent quality, making it a boutique that people of all tastes want to collect.

Watch Comments: Panerai PAM00111 has a large 44 mm case, this size is considered basic in Pei watches, and it will never look obtrusive on a man’s powerful wrist. The watch has a sandwich dial and a small second at 9 o’clock. There is a device for protecting the bridge on the crown, which is also a patent of Panerai. Many people think that only Panerai with a bridge is the true quality of men.

  The transparent case back allows people to further understand the internal structure of the watch. The original Swiss 6497 winding mechanical movement, fine grinding process, strong power, excellent energy storage, accurate travel time, travel time error can reach ± ​​1-5 seconds, waterproof The depth is 300 meters; the simple large dial and excellent luminous display make you impeccable in terms of performance and appearance. For men, it is a watch worth having.

Basic Information
Model: PAM00111
Brand: Panerai
Style: Manual Machinery, 44mm, Men
Material: Stainless steel
RMB: ¥ 52,500
For more watch details, please click: panelai / 6536 /

In summary: Men’s enthusiasm for machinery comes from childhood memories, and the movement of time at any time, the more men understand the timepiece, the deeper the plot of the watch. Mature men can’t do without a decent watch. Of course, the value of a watch is not only about the price, but more importantly, to follow the hopes and dreams of the heart. The above only introduces three brands. Stay tuned for more watch introductions. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

2013 Sihh Geneva High Watch Salon-rm 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon Watch

Pick up a RM 59-01, the eyes are naturally attracted by the bridge, the dynamic design captures the entire movement, like the claws of a beast, reminiscent of Blake’s outside No. ‘The Beast’.

 Youhan Blake, a 23-year-old Jamaican sprinter, is one of the best sprinters in the world today. He won many medals at the 2012 London Olympics and became the focus of sports. In August of this year, Blake ran an outstanding result of 69 seconds and 69 seconds in the men’s 100-meter sprint in the Lausanne Diamond League, with a real-time speed of 37.15 kilometers.
 Youhan Blake has been invited to be the spokesperson for the Richard Mille brand since July 2012, wearing a test version of a Richard Mille tourbillon watch for a real-life sprint test. Based on this, Richard Mille’s engineers can precisely define the track and field athletes Need detailed performance requirements of the watch.
 Like other sports stars who endorse the Richard Mille watch factory, Blake, a new member of the ‘RM family’, has also developed a watch specially designed for sprinters around the world with the Richard Mille watch factory. The RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon watch overcomes all challenges, with a moving streamlined body and ergonomic design.In addition to its super high performance, it also has an unprecedented architectural structure that meets the sprinter and Richard Mille Watch factory strict requirements.
 Picking up a RM 59-01, the eyes were naturally attracted by the bridge. The dynamic design captures the entire movement, like the claws of a beast, reminiscent of Blake’s nickname ‘The Beast’. The bridge plate is made of high-strength, corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy Pb109 made of aluminum, magnesium, silicon, and lead alloys. In addition to supporting the tourbillon frame and the center wheel, it also allows the entire class 5 titanium metal plate to be more closely connected to the case. The bridge is first anodized and then painted green and yellow by hand … These two colors are also displayed on the aluminum flange.At the request of Youhan Blake, these two Jamaican flags are used. Colors pay tribute to Blake’s motherland!
 The RM 59-01 is equipped with a skeletonized tourbillon manual-winding movement with a frequency of 21,600 vibrations per hour and a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. The combination of grade 5 titanium and Pb109 high-strength corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy, coupled with an optimized gear system and a variable inertia balance, make this watch’s performance, regularity, and power reserve ratio reach the top equilibrium state.
 The case of the RM 59-01 Yohan Blake watch is a new interpretation of Richard Mille’s favorite barrel-shaped case and an innovative interpretation. The increasing thickness of the case and the elongated shape between 2 and 5 o’clock are amazing, which also avoids friction between the dynamometer crown and Youhan Blake’s wrist, while retaining the wear Great comfort. The case is made of a translucent composite containing millions of carbon nanotubes. It is one of the materials with the best endurance. At least 50 GPa pressure is required to damage the internal components to the micron level. The unique translucent appearance allows the wearer to see the intricacies of the movement.

 RM 59-01 is full of unique marks and stands proudly among the brand’s watch collections. Its shape and architecture fully reflect the competitive spirit of Youhan Blake; its performance and unprecedented innovation once again highlight the concept of Richard Mille’s continuous pursuit of exquisite products.
 RM 59-01 Yohan Blake Tourbillon watch is made of carbon nanotubes, limited to 50 pieces.

Precision Is The Mission Of Watches

We are used to looking at the appearance of watches, the culture of the brand, and the polishing of the craftsmanship, but in essence, watches have always been scientific achievements, and early timepieces have always been a symbol of advanced Western science. Even today, clocks still represent the advanced level of science and technology in the West. Watches made in China cannot enter the forefront of the world. It is not because polishing cannot keep up, it is not because the design level is not good, but because the ability of materials and precision manufacturing cannot keep up. Of course, this is a digression. Today, we mainly share with you some interesting clock patents announced this year. These are rarely seen in ready-made products at present, but it is not excluded that they will not be used in the future, and from these In the patent, we can see the inherent precision and scientificity of the timepiece, and what are the possibilities for further development at present.

Wheelless balance wheel-Navosort
   We all know that the balance spring system of mechanical watches is the heart of the movement. Its accurate and stable swing is the key to the accuracy of mechanical watches. For hundreds of years, many great watchmakers have been searching for the ideal balance spring system. There are three main areas to explore: one is the material, the other is the shape, and the matching structure. Our common balance spring system is a spiral balance spring with a balance wheel. Although such a system has been used for hundreds of years, it is still not perfect. Watchmakers’ exploration of this has never stopped.

Three pendulum scenarios

   Navosort is a company specializing in the development and production of mechanical movements. The factory is located in La Chaux-de-Fonds, a famous watchmaking town. They first proposed the concept of a rimless balance spring system in 2015, and then applied for a patent on December 14, 2016. The patent was published in June this year, and the patent number was EP15199927. You can apply at the European Patent Office or our national patent office. Website can be found. This patent is very interesting. Although it is also a balance spring system, its balance does not have a rim. Because the movement is a precision component, in fact, the current mechanical structure requires precise measurement to achieve the desired effect. The vibration frequency, isochronism, and coordination of the balance spring system are all based on scientific calculation theory, which will not be described in detail here, because it is still a bit complicated, and interested friends can study it by themselves.

Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab

   This patent proposes a rimless balance. We know that the inertia of the balance has a very direct effect on the entire balance spring system, and the inertia of the balance is determined by the material of the balance (the material stiffness is generally fixed ), The thickness of the balance wheel, the height of the balance wheel, and the diameter of the balance wheel. At the same time, for precise balance considerations, the balance wheel is often equipped with counterweight screws and balance screws, or weights. This system becomes extremely precise. And adjustable. However, the watch industry has always known that there are some problems with ring balances, such as heavy weight, high resistance, and slightly higher energy consumption. The new patented balance wheel Gyrolab that Jaeger-LeCoultre began using in the past two years is an attempt to change from closed loop to open loop.

Four other pendulum scenarios

   Then the rimless balance system proposed by Navosort is, in my opinion, a bolder exploration of Jaeger-LeCoultre Gyrolab. Its basic composition structure has several types of ideas, one is a hairspring with one device There is a horizontal axis with a counterweight / screw. If you want the system to swing in balance, the balance must still be available, even if it is simplified, otherwise the oscillation of the hairspring is very easy to be disturbed by external forces. Then this horizontal axis with a counterweight is A balance wheel. The other is a balance wheel with four swing arms. The swing arms are symmetrical to each other, and the ends are equipped with weights or adjustable screws to adjust the inertia of the entire system. Compared with the traditional balance wheel, we can see that this structure is much simplified and easier to adjust. From a production point of view, this system is also obviously easier. In theory, this system is more efficient than the traditional balance spring system, but its aesthetics are insufficient. But as an attempt, we can at least know that the traditional balance wheel is still not perfect, and new exploration is moving towards the direction of simplification. Of course, simplification means more precision.
Hairspring made of heavily doped silicon-Rolex
   The Rolex brand has a very high reputation in the world, and it is also one of the most successful companies in the world. For a long time, Rolex watches have been known for their precision and durability. Of course, behind this, Rolex’s continuous development of new technologies. The two new movements just launched in the previous two years, Rolex 3255 and 3235, contain 14 new patents. They are amazing. They also admire Rolex’s precision manufacturing capabilities, allowing the watch to simulate the environment of wearing, with unprecedented precision. Plus or minus two seconds per day.

3235 movement

   Earlier this year, the National Patent Office announced a Rolex patent. The priority date of this patent was October 19, 2015. At the time, Rolex already had preliminary ideas. The application date was October 19, 2016. That is, the idea is basically mature and there are already results. This patent points to a new hairspring. We know the importance of hairsprings for watches. Rolex has two main hairsprings of its own, one is the blue niobium paramagnetic Parachrom hairspring, and the other is the silicon crystal Syroxi hairspring, which is mainly used for some women’s watches. However, of course, Rolex is more than these two hairsprings, but many of them have not been put into mass production in the market, just research and development.

   The new hairspring is a hairspring made of heavily doped silicon. Heavy doping is a material processing process. Generally speaking, there are P-type doping and N-type doping. We will not go into details. This is too professional, we just need to know that it can make this material. Then the main purpose of this hairspring invented by Rolex is to obtain the thermal compensation of the balance spring system. What is more special is that this material needs to match the specific material and performance according to the different doped silicon components and external processes. Only the balance wheel can get the ideal thermal compensation effect.
   This patent states that a hairspring made of heavily doped silicon, which includes component parts, especially at least a coil or a portion of a coil, has a heavily doped silicon that exceeds a certain required ion density. Then the part that uses heavily doped silicon has a thermal coefficient that can cancel or substantially cancel Young’s modulus, an expansion coefficient of the hairspring, and a thermal expansion coefficient of the balance. These three are the main variables that the temperature affects the natural frequency of the balance system. Of course, this also has a specific formula. In the past, in order to achieve the effect of thermal compensation, two general approaches are to either use more advanced alloy materials (the disadvantage is that the preparation is complicated) or cover the surface of the material with an oxide layer (the disadvantage is that high temperature processing is not good for hairsprings). Rolex’s heavily doped silicon hairspring allows the frequency of the balance spring to be independent or quasi-independent, which means that it can be basically independent of temperature.
Beating display structure-Richemont Group
   There are many kinds of beating display mechanisms, but the core components are generally similar. Most of them are controlled by a worm wheel, because a worm wheel has a feature that it has a cliff, so when a component contacts it, At this time, because of this cliff, there will be a momentary displacement, which will cause a jump. This structure has not been widely used for many years, and the patent filed by Richemont Group is a stricter set of beating display mechanism using worm wheel for precise control.

   The patent application date is January 13, 2017, and the publication date is July 20, 2017. It is a very new patent. Which brand will appear in the patent in the future, it is not known yet, it may already be tested. In fact, this system is slightly different from some previous structures. In the beating mechanism that is currently widely used, a toothed part is often in contact with the worm wheel. As the worm wheel rotates, it will Drive the teeth on this part to move, so there will be an indication on the disk surface, the most common is the backlash.

   In this patent, there is a worm wheel 14 on the gear 20, the flange 12 on the convex rod 4 is in contact with the worm wheel, and the other flange 8 is used to push the gear 2 through a space, each time the flange 8 Because the falling of the convex rod 4 will push the gear 2 through one grid, so as to realize the jumping display, and the elastic element 4 is used to provide the pushing force to the convex rod 4. In terms of structure, this function is suitable for calendar display, time jump, minute jump and other functions, but it is obviously not a reverse jump structure, so pay attention to the distinction between reverse jump.
Summary: Today we only look at these three examples. None of the tables currently on the market have been applied, and they are all experimental explorations. Although we never pay attention to these things when buying a watch, from an industrial point of view, they are worth thinking about. Although the clock and watch may seem simple, it is not easy to be precise. So you will find that the reason why good watches are expensive is that there is a huge investment in R & D and testing behind the watch factory. Finally, you find a good solution and bring it to the market. It was not successful from the beginning.

Teach You How To Adjust The Beauty Of Baroncelli Gmt Watch Time And Date Gmt Dial

The watchmaking philosophy of Mido Watch is a combination of timeless design and practical functions instead of following the trend. The goal is to create a watch with high-quality materials, precise movements and excellent water resistance for long periods of time. Now I will introduce the adjustment method of the time and date GMT dial of Mido Baroncelli GMT watch.

1. Set time
Pull out the crown to position III, the second hand will stop immediately, and turn in either direction until the required time is reached. When the hands (hour and minute hands) are in the desired position, push the crown back to position I.
2. Quickly adjust the date
Pull the crown out to position II and rotate it in the opposite direction (A) until the desired date is displayed. Then push the crown back to position I. The watch will continue to move during this operation, so there is no need to adjust the time.
3.Quickly adjust the GMT dial
Pull the crown out to position II and rotate it in the opposite direction (B) until the local time on the center dial is set to your time zone and corresponds to the time indicated by the hands. Then push the crown back to position I. The watch will continue to move during this operation, so there is no need to adjust the time.

Your MIDO watch displays the city name on the back cover, which corresponds to the abbreviation of the city indicated on the dial (Figure 2).
In this example, we are in Tokyo. The hour and minute hands point to 10:10 and point to TYO. The dial indicates 10. Local time in other countries or regions is indicated by the central dial.
Example: Tokyo time 10:10, Beijing (BEI) time 09:10, Bangkok (BKK) time 08:10, Mexico City (MEX) time 19:10
4. When traveling
When you travel, you no longer need to make any settings for this watch. Just call the time in your area as indicated on the dial.

There Must Be A Product And A Type Of Watch Recommended By People In The Workplace

Watches are no longer just timing tools. More people regard it as a symbol of status and taste. For those who enter and leave the workplace, whether it is pointing with customers at a meeting or talking at a business dinner, it is the best time to show your personal ability. Of course, the appropriate men’s accessories can add points to the overall image. Today, the Watch House recommends several economical watches for everyone in the workplace. The key is to support the watch.
Longines Concas L3.641.4.56.6

Watch Series: Comcast
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 39 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 9,600
More watch details: 2824-2 movement, 38 hours power reserve, is definitely the first choice for novices, not only strong stability, but also higher accuracy. Wearing this watch will not only look stylish and stable, but also set off your excellent quality of time.
Mido Moon Phase Series M8607.4.M1.1

Watch Series: Belem Sairee
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: stainless steel
Strap material: stainless steel
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: 19800
Watch details: 7751 self-winding movement. Can provide 44 hours of kinetic energy reserve. This watch has multiple functions such as date display, day of the week display, month display, chronograph and month. The overall dial design is simple and clean. The moon phase dial at six o’clock is paired with the ivory white dial, which is elegant from the dial. Emitted.
Montblanc Dual Time Zone Automatic 36065 Watch

Watch Series: Timewalker
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 42 mm
Domestic public price: ¥ 26467
Watch details: montblanc / 8299 /
Brief comment on the watch: The name of the timewalker series has a strong artistic flavor, and the walker walking in time. This Montblanc 36065 watch is a more cost-effective dual time zone watch in the Timewalker series. On the 42 mm dial, the second time zone hand is hollowed out, and a little red is added to the top of the hand. The central GMT logo echoes each other. The clear and striking Arabic numeral scale also provides a lot of convenience for reading, and there is also a small calendar window at six o’clock, which can provide the date of the day.
Summary: The several watches recommended above can meet the needs of professionals in terms of appearance and performance, and the prices are reasonable. If you have a plan for purchasing watches in the near future, you may consider it.

Corum Exhibitionkunlun Watch Exhibition Is Held In Dubai Mall: Extraordinary Watch Achievements

Swiss watch brand Corum has exhibited its exclusive selection of watches at the core of Dubai Mall, the largest shopping mall in the UAE. The exhibition is organized in collaboration with Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, the largest distributor of Swiss watch brands in the UAE for more than 60 years. Corum Kunlun Watch also intends to express its willingness to invest in the Dubai market.

From left to right: Mohammed Abdulmagied Seddiqi, Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, Elissa Khoury and Antonio Calce

For more than 30 years, Corum has introduced a number of different classic watch styles for its original long mechanical movement, and has become one of the pillars of the Kunlun watch-the Bridges Kunlun bridge series, which is the main exhibition series of this exhibition. As the representative of Corum Kunlun watchmaking technology, Golden Bridge watches have spawned a series of the most symbolic Corum Kunlun watches, from the most complicated Ti-Bridge watch to the romantic Miss Golden Bridge watch , Writing a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. With the outstanding design and sophisticated technology of the Bridges Kunlun bridge series, Corum has established its unique position in the Swiss watch industry.
Antonio Calce said: ‘We are honored to have the support of partners like Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons. We can rely on their expertise and elite status in the UAE, especially in Dubai. The market offers a unique opportunity to showcase true watchmaking technology.
Coupled with such excellent watches as our Bridges Kunlun Bridge series, we will take the brand to a higher level. ‘
Mr Abdul Hamied Seddiqi, Vice Chairman of Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons, said, ‘Ahmed Seddiqi & Sons attaches great importance to the relationship with Corum and continues to strengthen their cooperation. This time, we can host Corum at Dubai Mall We are deeply honored that the exhibition will highlight the main characteristics of the brand. By rediscovering the brand’s DNA, this exhibition will strengthen the relationship between Corum and our customers. We believe that the UAE, and especially Dubai , Creating an ideal platform for luxury brands, reconnecting the needs and needs of local and regional markets. ‘
Corum Kunlun’s image ambassador and Lebanese singer Elissa Khoury attended the opening ceremony with more than 200 guests and 80 media representatives.
Source: Corum

Earl Piaget Brings The 87th Academy Awards Ceremony With Hollywood Double Hunch

February 22, 2015, Los Angeles, USA-Piaget, the world-renowned Swiss watch and jewellery master, Piaget, in the world-renowned film world, joined hands with Jessica Cha at the 87th Academy Awards Jessica Chastain and Scarlett Johansson, with the brand’s extraordinary high-end jewelry series, helped two outstanding Hollywood actresses light up the most brilliant red carpet moments of the Oscars so far.

  At the awards ceremony, Piaget global ambassador Jessica Chastain chose Extremely Piaget Extreme Earl High Jewellery Necklace with Cushion-Cut Main Stones and Horse-Eye and Brilliant Cut Diamonds, with Piaget Mediterranean Garden Garden Piaget Rings , Glorious and elegant.

  Scarlett Johnson is stunning with four earrings in 18K rose gold with emeralds, diamonds, aquamarine and green tourmaline from Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden Garden, Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden series, which perfectly showcases the modern feminine style contained in this fine jewelry .
  Since the 1960s, Piaget Piaget has incorporated the trend of unrestrained and enjoyable life into the design of the work, and Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden Garden inspiration is exactly the same-in the scenery Riviera , Yinyin palm, sparkling waves and roses to be placed all take advantage of Piaget’s ingenious forging gold and professional gem setting technology to turn gold, gems and diamonds into lifelike masterpieces.

 Not long ago, Piaget announced that Jessica Chastain has become a global brand spokesperson. As a woman with a wonderful career and passionate pursuit of perfection, Jessica Chastain and the core concept of the brand cherish each other, it is the perfect interpretation of Piaget’s ultimate life. Yesterday, at the site of the Independent Spirit Awards ceremony sponsored by Piaget Piaget, the actress nominated for best supporting actress for the film ‘AMostViolentYear’ also wore Piaget jewelry on the red carpet. In addition, Piaget jewelry is also the first choice of Jessica Chastain at the previous Golden Globes, The Critics’Choice Awards, and the National Board of Reviews award ceremony.

  Earl Piaget has been committed to supporting the film industry and the art of cinema. In the American Independent Spirit Awards held on Saturday, February 21st, Earl Piaget became the main official sponsor of the award for the eighth consecutive year.

Piaget Altiplano Gold Bracelet Watch

The 2015 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition has begun. The annual watch exhibition is a major event that attracts much attention from the watch circle and gathers the eyes of all watch lovers. With Altiplano, Piaget has created a series of highly recognizable masterpieces: pure lines and low-profile dials swept by slender hands, surrounded by slender double-line or single-line Buttons. At the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show in 2015, Piaget first paired it with a polished gold bracelet and launched six new Altiplano watches, transforming this legendary collection into a must-have for fashion and cosmopolitan style.
  Watch real shot show:

Its graceful style will add a sense of sexual interest to the daily life of elegant people.

The new Altiplano watch transforms this legendary collection into a must-have for fashion and metropolitan style.

  Watch details real shot display:

Pure lines and swept by slender hands.

Low-profile dial surrounded by slender double-row or single-row Barton indexes.

The crown, as always, is engraved with the Earl’s logo.

The new Altiplano watch is available in 34 mm and 38 mm sizes.

Piaget reinterprets this classic series with a gold chain.

The smooth feel of the strap also ensures that each style fits comfortably on the wrist.

Soft lines and folding clasps create the refined, natural qualities of the Altiplano collection.

This new series moves with Piaget’s 534P automatic mechanical movement and has a 42-hour power reserve.

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of 2015 SIHH brought by watch professionals. Next, we will provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

  For more details, please click on the watch live event in Geneva:

Beauty From The Horizon To The Wrist, Find Out?

You said, every Mid-Autumn Festival, raise a glass to invite the moon
I said, the moon is in the cup, and also on my wrist
The full moon and the moon are fleeting, and the wrist is beautiful forever
This Mid-Autumn Festival, you are invited to play together
The world is beautiful, the moon phase of Blancpain

Most classic

Blancpain Villeret Moon Phase Watch
   Willow-shaped hands, round double-layered bezel and uneven Roman time scales, balance and harmony, elegant and light, highlighting Blancpain’s most prominent aesthetic style.
   The moon face on this watch set his eyes to the side, revealing the charm that is still to be said. In addition to the most classic, it may also be the most mysterious moon phase watch.

Most elegant

Blancpain Moon Beauty Women’s Full Moon Phase Women’s Watch
   The classic bezel set with red gold and diamonds, precious metal inlaid with Roman numerals, and the little diamonds complement each other.
   The mother-of-pearl dial is gentle and soft, and the month and the week window are symmetrical in the middle, echoing the six-point smart and slightly mysterious moon beauty, which is unforgettable.

Most romantic

Blancpain ‘Moon Beauty’ Eccentric Date Retrograde Women’s Watch
   This watch has both moon phase and retrograde date display functions, mother-of-pearl, gorgeous diamonds, blue steel snake-shaped retrograde hands with the dazzling star emblem, along the date half arc across the diamond starry sky.
   When Moon Beauty opened her eyes full of smiles, she opened a window to show her feelings.

Most agile

Blancpain ‘Moon Beauty’ Date Indicating Moon Phase Watch
   The red gold case has a bezel set with 48 diamonds. The protein dial features a willow-shaped hand, a pointer-type date display and a sapphire crystal moon phase dial.
   At the full moon, in the face of the love of his sweetheart, the ‘moon beauty’ on his wrist smiled, the touching beauty mole on the corner of his mouth. As if to say, ‘Yes, Ido!’