Earl Piaget Brings The 87th Academy Awards Ceremony With Hollywood Double Hunch

February 22, 2015, Los Angeles, USA-Piaget, the world-renowned Swiss watch and jewellery master, Piaget, in the world-renowned film world, joined hands with Jessica Cha at the 87th Academy Awards Jessica Chastain and Scarlett Johansson, with the brand’s extraordinary high-end jewelry series, helped two outstanding Hollywood actresses light up the most brilliant red carpet moments of the Oscars so far.

  At the awards ceremony, Piaget global ambassador Jessica Chastain chose Extremely Piaget Extreme Earl High Jewellery Necklace with Cushion-Cut Main Stones and Horse-Eye and Brilliant Cut Diamonds, with Piaget Mediterranean Garden Garden Piaget Rings , Glorious and elegant.

  Scarlett Johnson is stunning with four earrings in 18K rose gold with emeralds, diamonds, aquamarine and green tourmaline from Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden Garden, Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden series, which perfectly showcases the modern feminine style contained in this fine jewelry .
  Since the 1960s, Piaget Piaget has incorporated the trend of unrestrained and enjoyable life into the design of the work, and Piaget’s Mediterranean Garden Garden inspiration is exactly the same-in the scenery Riviera , Yinyin palm, sparkling waves and roses to be placed all take advantage of Piaget’s ingenious forging gold and professional gem setting technology to turn gold, gems and diamonds into lifelike masterpieces.

 Not long ago, Piaget announced that Jessica Chastain has become a global brand spokesperson. As a woman with a wonderful career and passionate pursuit of perfection, Jessica Chastain and the core concept of the brand cherish each other, it is the perfect interpretation of Piaget’s ultimate life. Yesterday, at the site of the Independent Spirit Awards ceremony sponsored by Piaget Piaget, the actress nominated for best supporting actress for the film ‘AMostViolentYear’ also wore Piaget jewelry on the red carpet. In addition, Piaget jewelry is also the first choice of Jessica Chastain at the previous Golden Globes, The Critics’Choice Awards, and the National Board of Reviews award ceremony.

  Earl Piaget has been committed to supporting the film industry and the art of cinema. In the American Independent Spirit Awards held on Saturday, February 21st, Earl Piaget became the main official sponsor of the award for the eighth consecutive year.

Piaget Altiplano Gold Bracelet Watch

The 2015 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Exhibition has begun. The annual watch exhibition is a major event that attracts much attention from the watch circle and gathers the eyes of all watch lovers. With Altiplano, Piaget has created a series of highly recognizable masterpieces: pure lines and low-profile dials swept by slender hands, surrounded by slender double-line or single-line Buttons. At the Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Show in 2015, Piaget first paired it with a polished gold bracelet and launched six new Altiplano watches, transforming this legendary collection into a must-have for fashion and cosmopolitan style.
  Watch real shot show:

Its graceful style will add a sense of sexual interest to the daily life of elegant people.

The new Altiplano watch transforms this legendary collection into a must-have for fashion and metropolitan style.

  Watch details real shot display:

Pure lines and swept by slender hands.

Low-profile dial surrounded by slender double-row or single-row Barton indexes.

The crown, as always, is engraved with the Earl’s logo.

The new Altiplano watch is available in 34 mm and 38 mm sizes.

Piaget reinterprets this classic series with a gold chain.

The smooth feel of the strap also ensures that each style fits comfortably on the wrist.

Soft lines and folding clasps create the refined, natural qualities of the Altiplano collection.

This new series moves with Piaget’s 534P automatic mechanical movement and has a 42-hour power reserve.

  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of 2015 SIHH brought by watch professionals. Next, we will provide you with more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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Beauty From The Horizon To The Wrist, Find Out?

You said, every Mid-Autumn Festival, raise a glass to invite the moon
I said, the moon is in the cup, and also on my wrist
The full moon and the moon are fleeting, and the wrist is beautiful forever
This Mid-Autumn Festival, you are invited to play together
The world is beautiful, the moon phase of Blancpain

Most classic

Blancpain Villeret Moon Phase Watch
   Willow-shaped hands, round double-layered bezel and uneven Roman time scales, balance and harmony, elegant and light, highlighting Blancpain’s most prominent aesthetic style.
   The moon face on this watch set his eyes to the side, revealing the charm that is still to be said. In addition to the most classic, it may also be the most mysterious moon phase watch.

Most elegant

Blancpain Moon Beauty Women’s Full Moon Phase Women’s Watch
   The classic bezel set with red gold and diamonds, precious metal inlaid with Roman numerals, and the little diamonds complement each other.
   The mother-of-pearl dial is gentle and soft, and the month and the week window are symmetrical in the middle, echoing the six-point smart and slightly mysterious moon beauty, which is unforgettable.

Most romantic

Blancpain ‘Moon Beauty’ Eccentric Date Retrograde Women’s Watch
   This watch has both moon phase and retrograde date display functions, mother-of-pearl, gorgeous diamonds, blue steel snake-shaped retrograde hands with the dazzling star emblem, along the date half arc across the diamond starry sky.
   When Moon Beauty opened her eyes full of smiles, she opened a window to show her feelings.

Most agile

Blancpain ‘Moon Beauty’ Date Indicating Moon Phase Watch
   The red gold case has a bezel set with 48 diamonds. The protein dial features a willow-shaped hand, a pointer-type date display and a sapphire crystal moon phase dial.
   At the full moon, in the face of the love of his sweetheart, the ‘moon beauty’ on his wrist smiled, the touching beauty mole on the corner of his mouth. As if to say, ‘Yes, Ido!’

Iwc Tough And Serious 140 Years

In 1868, Mr. Florentine Ariosto-Jones, a Boston engineer from the United States, made a special trip to Switzerland and founded ‘IWC IWC’ in Schaffhausen. The ‘Western watch series’ is one of the pioneers of chronograph watches. Of course, there are also the first “Super-complex watch series”, the super-magnetic-proof “Engineer watch series”, the fearless 2000 meters water depth pressure and the only diving watch equipped with a mechanical water depth gauge, the professional IWC watch “pilot wrist” Watch series ‘and pocket watches that were already available when IWC was founded in 1868.

Six legendary watches of IWC

Father and son ‘pilot’s watch’

Father and son ‘pilot watch’
It’s purely men’s affairs: the father and son of IWC “Pilot’s Watch” always dispatch the watch together and experience the adventures of all sizes in life.

Kusto Diver Special Edition ‘Chronograph
Rescue mission: In recognition of the support and respect for the famous diver Cousteau, the IWC marine timepiece Cousteau divers chronograph watch set sail again.

IWC Express Vinci Automatic Jewellery Watch
IWC expresses the radiance of the Vinci automatic watch: a rose gold model with an automatic movement and a large date display. It is now set with faceted diamonds and a satin strap.

Da Vinci ‘Lawrence Sports Charity Foundation Edition’ automatic chronograph watch
The drawing competition was titled ‘Moment of Motion’, and the result was won by 15-year-old Heena Javed Shaikh from India. His work depicts five friends playing handball at the Magic Bus workshop in Mumbai, a project sponsored by the Lawrence Sports Foundation.

Hannes A. Pantli, Director of the Board of Directors of IWC Schaffhausen
In 2008, at the SIHH in Geneva, IWC presented the world’s 140th anniversary commemorative series: the 1868-2008 commemorative edition and other latest models to the world. In order to commemorate this memorable day, IWC organized a large party in Geneva, allowing the global elites to experience a ‘crossing legend’ night, leading guests on an unforgettable journey back to IWC Schaffhausen’s early days.

Baoji Continues The Tradition Of Making Extraordinary Chronograph Watches

Breguet’s skeleton Classique chronograph watch, model 5284 has been auctioned a few days ago. This watch is equipped with a special manual winding movement, caliber 533.2, formerly known as 2310. It is worth noting the column-wheel chronograph movement, in fact, he has all the advantages of many of the best watch chronograph movements of various brands. Designed in 1940 by Albert Petite’s workshop, LEMANIA, the caliber CH27 quickly gained a reputation, and its strength and reliability were recognized by everyone.

 He seized the core of a well-known brand, who wants to use it in his chronograph in the case of other watches? Breguet said that developing its own movement is a very beneficial move. Its popularity is conceivable. Today, the sports life brought by Breguet can definitely give you a unique design. 18-karat gold, 42.5 mm in diameter, 5284 has grooves on the sides to make it unforgettable, and has obvious brand characteristics.
 The House of Watches learned that the hand-improved movement template created by the brand’s founder in 1783 was processed and made entirely by hand. Through sapphire glass, you can enjoy the overall beauty.
Two symmetrical Submostradores are located at 9 and 3 o’clock, bringing small seconds and a 30-minute chronograph. A large central display completes the timing function. This unique watch Cao Yong leather strap is water-resistant to 30 meters and has a 48-hour power reserve.

Luxury Women’s Watch That Emits More Elegant And More Powerful Charm

For the past 20 years, Happy Sport watches have attracted countless people with bold and fashionable tastes. The newly launched Happy Sport XL series is better than ever in terms of modernity and originality. At the same time, it is faithful to the essence of the Happy Sport series: the famous active diamond design, which gives the watch a dynamic and elegant unique temperament. . This latest fashion style, with a single color tone and a powerful 42mm diameter case, reflects the ultimate principle of freshness and elegance.
Happy Sport white watch
Natural decoupling
White Happy Sport XL watch with silver dial, pure design. In order to emphasize its clarity and three-dimensionality, the numbers on the dial are usually transferred to the bezel, and the Chopard logo is engraved on the sapphire crystal, making people focus on the dial decoration. Five living diamonds resemble the only twinkling waves on a peaceful sea. Two rows of diamonds carved with bright cuts add extravagance, and paired with a white alligator leather strap, this exquisite sports watch achieves the perfect balance between the charm of ecstasy and the quiet power. balance.
Happy Sport black watch
Black perfect match
黑色 Recently, black has made a comeback in the watchmaking industry and is highly sought after. This enigmatic but classic color is full of sensory magic and has a natural appeal to people. Everyone loves black, because it is suitable for all occasions; even the simplest costume, because it will add elegance and elegance; the most restrained character will be full of personality because of it. The black Happy Sport XL watch reflects this fusion of power and elegance. Dazzling diamonds spin on the dial decorated with a guilloche pattern, creating a sharp contrast, like a flash of lightning in the faint night sky. Paired with an avant-garde rubber strap, the black Happy Sport XL watch exudes a more elegant and powerful charm. This stylish and dynamic watch can be seamlessly matched with any style of clothing, including, of course, evening wear, and the timeless classic that is essential to every elegant lady’s wardrobe, which is perfect for it-Xiao Hei skirt.

Sihh 2013: Richard Mille Rm 036 Gravity Sensor Tourbillon Watch

Richard Mille watches are undoubtedly technically advanced. The brand launched a watch at SIHH 2012 with a case entirely made of sapphire. Richard Mille’s watches are advanced in technology and made of cutting-edge materials. Aesthetic craftsmanship is always hidden in their complex watches.
The Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 watch is equipped with a newly developed mechanical gravity sensor. At 12 o’clock, there is an arc-shaped display that shows the weight of the wearer. The green part represents the safety level and the red represents criticality.

Richard Mille’s friend, Jean Todt, FIA chairman, is very familiar with gravity. Trained F1 drivers endure 3-5 G in each race. Not only do their bodies have to withstand these extreme loads, they are still vigilant, can listen to advice from engineers, and so on. The gravitational force experienced during the rapid deceleration is inspired by the watch’s gravity sensor, which indicates whether the level of gravity is safe for the body to cope with.
The road safety theme continues, and the proceeds from each titanium version of the Richard Mille Tourbillon G-Sensor RM 036 will be used to help the global road safety movement.

Jacques Dro Presents The Geneva Times Bird Three Questions

Jacques de Roux brings together the talents of its artisans (Ateliersd’Art) to create a new model, TheBirdRepeaterGeneva, which will bring exquisite moving installations and the poetic nature of nature Integrate and pay tribute to Geneva. In 1784, Pierre Jacquestro opened the first local watchmaking workshop in Geneva, and introduced superbly complex watchmaking into Geneva.

The natural scene interweaves with the city of Geneva to form the decorative background of TheBirdRepeaterGeneva. The mother-of-pearl dial condenses all the symbols of this famous Swiss city. Engravers, painters and enamelers have successfully reproduced the outlines of Lacde Genève with its famous fountains, the Pharedes Pâquis and the Salève in a miniature scale. This former Alps is regarded as Geneva ‘Balcony’.

In the center of the dial, a pair of red-fronted goldfinch lives in the middle of Île Rousseau, a bird paradise at the entrance of Lake Geneva. The two golden eagles are hand-carved, and the feathers are as colorful as brutalist paintings. They guard the two young birds underneath, and a bird’s egg lies in the center of the nest. Exquisite details, brilliant colors, realistic and vivid bird eyes and each straw, all show the outstanding skills of LaChaux-de-Fonds craftsmen.

For Jacques Dro, beauty and sophisticated mechanics always go hand in hand. Like the previous models, The BirdRepeaterGeneva in Geneva has 8 exquisite automatic doll scenes, breathtaking-tits feeding chicks, flapping wings, gurgling waterfalls, chicks breaking out of shells, etc. -Pay tribute to the famous automatic puppets created by Father Pierre Jacques de Dr. in the 18th century.

The Geneva RepeaterGeneva is equipped with a JaquetDrozRMA88 self-winding movement, with a 48-hour power reserve, limited to 8 pieces. 8 is a symbolic number in the world of Jaquet Droz. Senior experts will be able to appreciate all its meanings and appreciate the mysteries.

Three Questions for the Geneva Times

18K Red Gold Dial
Hand-carved and painted mother-of-pearl, black onyx pin plate
Hand-carved and painted golden eagle bird
18K Red Gold Case
18K Red Gold Folding Buckle
Manually wound minute repeater mechanical movement
48 hours power reserve
47mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces

Don’t Be Afraid To Challenge And Join Hands In Love Tag Heuer Tag Heuer Love Gift 2017valentine

Love is a seemingly unsolvable and prohibitive equation, but the enjoyment process is the answer. Fear the challenges and work together to shine in time. At the time of Valentine’s Day in 2017, TAG Heuer, a Swiss avant-garde watch brand, specially selected two couple watches to put TA on the armor of the future. 2017 with TA, more courage, more waiting, always maintain the original heart, always look forward to love.

 The Tag Heuer Carrera series symbolizing speed and passion is a great gift to witness the years along the way. The men’s watch case, bezel, lugs and case body are all designed with black ceramic material, and the strap is matched with a blue rubber strap with a texture design. The perfect combination of ceramic and rubber material, Make the perfect curve and ingenious design complement each other, showing the strong and capable of men to the fullest. The ladies’ dial with a highly polished surface treated with diamonds provides an ultra-thin bezel with the best readability, such a beautiful design without losing the femininity of women. The design of the two watches is pure and precise. These stunning details bring a new urban charm. They are timeless classics that will not be defeated by pressure whenever and wherever they are. Commitments generally circulate forever.
Technical specifications

TAG Heuer chronograph Calella HEUER-01 chronograph _ blue rubber strap
Number CAR2A1Z.FT6044
Case diameter 45 mm. Made of stainless steel, 12 components with modular design (lug, middle case, bezel,
 Bottom cover, crown and base, buttons, gasket between middle and bezel, and upper and lower sapphire crystals)
Bezel Dark grey bezel with tachymeter scale
 Rubber overmolded steel crown with anti-glare sapphire crystal on both sides
Self-produced TAH Heuer HEUER 01
 Calendar automatic chronograph
 Red circle skeleton calendar window at 3 o’clock
 Red chronograph hands
 Red column wheel, new skeleton rotor and dial splint
 50-hour power reserve
Dial Full black skeleton dial with 3 chronograph dials: minute counter at 12 o’clock
 Hour counter at 6 o’clock and seconds counter at 9 o’clock
 Rhodium-plated hour markers with red dots, white and red Super Luminova fluorescent paint, rhodium-plated hands (polished
 Light or matte effect)
Water-resistant to 100 meters
Strap Hollow rubber strap with folding clasp and safety button
TAG Heuer Women’s Watch
Number WAR1114.FC6391
Case diameter 39 mm, polished stainless steel case, polished stainless steel fixed bezel set with 72 top Wesselton diamonds, 1.40 mm diameter, polished stainless steel crown, double-sided anti-dazzling curved anti-wear sapphire Crystal watch glass
Bezel Dark grey bezel with tachymeter scale
 Rubber overmolded steel crown with anti-glare sapphire crystal on both sides
TAG Heuer quartz movement, the most reliable and accurate, Swiss-made battery-powered, adjustment system (timing device): quartz crystal, the current causes the crystal to vibrate at a very high frequency and extremely stable (every 32,768 times per second), near perfect accuracy (only a few seconds per month error)
Dial Blue dial, hand-applied faceted rose gold-plated hour markers, rose gold minute and hour hands with white fluorescent markers, rose gold-plated seconds hand, tilt-down calendar window at 3 o’clock
Water-resistant to 100 meters
Strap Blue leather strap with quilted pattern, polished stainless steel folding clasp with security button

Material Master’ Gives The Beauty Of Retro Classic Rado Swiss Radar With Captain Cook Series Praise Easter

(April 2019, Shanghai, China) Easter, symbolizing rebirth and hope, is coming, RADO Swiss Radar celebrates with a new retro masterpiece-Captain Cook Captain Cook series This moment of gratitude and happiness. Inspired by the adventures of Captain James Cook, an 18th-century British explorer, this series incorporates the spirit of the era of adventure and freedom in the 1960s, blends retro and modern elements, and pays tribute to the spirit of exploration and adventure.

RADO Swiss Radar Captain Cook Automatic Limited Edition Watch

RADO Swiss Rado Captain Cook Automatic Limited Edition
RADO Swiss Radar combines the brand’s glorious history with today’s groundbreaking spirit, creating a simple and low-key charm timepiece that reflects the wearer’s unique style. The new RADO Swiss Radar Captain Cook Automatic limited edition wrist table. This watch retains the popular features of the original watch with a diving watch-style rotating bezel, red date display, unique sword-shaped hands and arrow-shaped hands, and also uses a variety of modern materials to highlight the brand Excellent creativity as a ‘Material Master’: The rotating bezel is made of high-tech ceramics, which effectively improves the wear resistance of the watch; and the sapphire glass mirror provides excellent protection for the dial. Limited to 1,962 pieces, this watch is equipped with a wear-resistant leather texture travel bag and a spare strap for the wearer to easily and conveniently replace the strap according to the needs of different social occasions.

RADO Swiss Rado Captain Cook Automatic Limited Edition

RADO Swiss Radar Captain Cook Automatic Mechanical Limited Edition Travel Bag
ADORADO Captain Cook Automatic 42mm Watch Series

The new RADO Captain Cook Captain Cook automatic 42 mm watch series launched in 2019 retains the original watch elements introduced in 1962 and is made of the brand’s iconic high-tech ceramics. The landmark groundbreaking element in the watch, which has the characteristics of the prototype watch at the same time gives it an eye-catching infinite charm. The new RADO Captain Cook Captain Cook automatic 42 mm watch is made of polished black ceramic bezel. The sword-shaped and arrow-shaped hands and the arched dial are faithful to the original design. The wedge-shaped luminous scale is the finishing touch. Full of fun. The anchor-shaped logo base uses the same 1960s style artificial ruby ​​as the prototype watch, underscoring RADO’s relentless pursuit of quality and accuracy. RADO has given this iconic watch a new charm, incorporating the brand’s extraordinary and outstanding landmark watchmaking technology into the watch, creating a renewed timepiece.
With precise control over materials and design, the Rado Swiss Radar revitalizes the classics. The RADO Captain Cook Captain Cook series is a retro and modern era, a great tribute to Easter .