Master’s Watches: New Previews Of The 2nd ‘clocks And Miracles’ Asia High-end Watch Fair 2014

Baume & Mercier was founded by the Baume family in the heart of Switzerland in 1830. It is the seventh oldest watch brand and is recognized as one of the mainstays of the Swiss watchmaking industry. For more than 180 years, the brand has always adhered to its founder’s motto: ‘Aestheticism, only manufacturing the highest quality watches’, presenting numerous classic watches for men and women who are keen to record precious moments in life. With its insightful and courageous spirit, Baume & Mercier launches five core series models: Ling Ni series, Caplan series, Humberton series, Clesme series and Critton series, which are truly watches around the world. Enthusiasts provide Swiss-made watches with timeless design, high quality and affordable prices.
  With many years of achievements in women’s watches, Baume & Mercier will unveil the sixth watch series-the appointed series-at Watches & Wonders Asia. The appointment series watches inherit the brand essence of Baume & Mercier, and are specially created for women, which truly reflects the brand’s outstanding design and elegant character. At the same time, the Clayton series has added an extraordinary new work and launched the Clayton series retrograde date automatic watch. This watch is well-made, and its unique geometric dial reveals a variety of functions, recreating the complications that watch lovers love most.
Convention Automatic

   The new appointment series watch breaks the traditional watch styling concept and uses simple shapes to interpret elegance and harmony. This watch features a 30mm round polished stainless steel case with an oval bezel set with 30 precious diamonds. The seamless connection technology perfectly blends two different shapes. The watch is driven by a self-winding movement, with a clear movement through a transparent caseback. The watch features a mother-of-pearl dial, a beautifully decorated guilloche pattern, and echoes the ripples that extend to the stainless steel bracelet, symbolizing the eternal promise of long-term love.
Clifton retrograde date automatic watch

  The Crichton retrograde date automatic watch is a fine example for fine watch enthusiasts. This watch has an outstanding appearance and is equipped with simple and practical complications. A 43 mm diameter stainless steel case with a brown alligator leather strap is impressively memorable with its large size, outstanding detail, and sun-polished silver dial. This watch is equipped with a traditional self-winding mechanical movement, equipped with a retrograde date display function, boldly exuding a retro futuristic atmosphere.
About Baume & Mercier
   Baume & Mercier, a Swiss haute horlogerie brand founded in 1830, has always been committed to creating watches of exceptional quality and restrained luxury. Baume & Mercier’s unremitting pursuit of harmony and balance, presents a trinity of ‘comfort’ feeling: comfortable visual design, comfortable wearing texture and comfortable price for the people. Today, the brand’s core collections are the classic and timeless Clifton, the timeless and robust Classima, the delicate and charming Linea, the dynamic and elegant Capeland, and the harmonious and elegant Hampton. Baume & Mercier’s motto is Life is about moments, which perfectly conveys the brand’s values ​​of joy, sharing and endurance. Baume & Mercier watches will become the most unique and intimate companions of precious moments in life, sharing warmth such as birthdays, anniversaries, graduation ceremonies, first employment or family gatherings.

Amy Presents A New Limited Edition Dual Retrograde Watch

Amy, a famous watch manufacturer, has made a big move recently. Since the last restart of the global marketing strategy, it has launched a new limited edition double retrograde watch. Such a move It can be said that the fans are using their actions to prove their super high strength.

 There are two versions of this latest watch, of course, the main difference is the material. They are stainless steel with white dial and rose gold with blue dial. Of course, if I am personally, blue is a really good choice.

 The diameter of the watch has also been significantly increased to 46 mm. Water resistance is 50 meters, the surface of the plate is made of solid silver, the gloss is long and soft, and the pointer on the plate is matched with rhodium.

 The central hand indicates the time and minutes, the small second hand is set at the nine o’clock position, and the second time zone is displayed at the twelve o’clock position. The curved design is used to make more perfect use of the disk space. The six o’clock position is the date display, and the three o’clock position is the power reserve display, which can be described as powerful and comprehensive.

 The case back uses a sapphire crystal, through which you can watch the ML 190 self-winding movement equipped with the watch, the vibration frequency per hour is 18,000, and it provides a 52-hour power reserve.

 This watch is limited to 50 pieces in rose gold, but not limited to stainless steel, which may be due to price considerations.

Hengjili ‘western Art East Rhyme’ Timepiece Culture Exploration Tour

Hengli 2013 ‘Western Art East Rhyme’ Timepiece Culture Exhibition, bringing together new and classic models from nearly 20 world’s high-end and well-known watch brands. The exhibition area is divided into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Timeline’ and ‘Time Station’. They will creatively build a ‘museum’ in the urban public commercial space. I hope visitors can experience this. Strong time and culture atmosphere. The unique ‘time drifting sands’ landscape, a quiet Zen space, brings a different sense of experience to tasters. Following Hangzhou and Shenzhen Stations, from October 21st to November 4th, this ‘flowing time museum’ will be launched in Beijing Financial Street, a place where wealth and fashion gather. As one of the highlights of the Financial Street Watch Month, Share the breadth and depth of timepiece culture with many watch lovers in Beijing. The event will be followed by successive appearances in Shenyang and Xi’an.

‘Bridge to Spread East and West Culture’

‘Western Art and East Rhyme’ is an annual watch cultural exhibition held by the Henri World Watch Center since 2011, showing the origin of ‘Bridge to spread Eastern and Western cultures’, to share and spread watch culture, timepiece civilization and Art, and the lifestyle related to it, are characterized by the fusion of oriental essence and western watchmaking craftsmanship. Each year, hundreds of classic and new models from many of the world’s top and well-known watch brands are brought together. Every year They will be exhibited in a newly conceived exhibition concept and visual form. Since its inception, it has received wide attention and recognition from people inside and outside the industry.

2011 ’12 Music Rhythms’
In 2011, Xiyi Dongyun took the theme of ancient Chinese ‘twelve rhythms’ to creatively combine ancient Chinese musical instruments with watches to create an elegant and meaningful wall of time, playing the beauty of western timepieces with oriental rhythms.

2012 Western Art East Rhyme ‘Blue and White Ancient Rhyme’
In 2012, the theme of Western Art East Rhythm was ‘Blue and White Ancient Rhyme’. The ancient blue and white flowers complemented the exquisite watch perfectly. The fine-tuned carving between the two squares coincides with each other, and the profound connotation of the watch and porcelain is vividly displayed. Exquisite.

‘The Flowing Time Museum’
The 2013 Hangigli Xiyi Dongyun Timepiece Culture Exhibition uses the concept of ‘Flowing Time Museum’ to divide the exhibition area into four sections: ‘Exploration Road’, ‘Civilization Journey’, ‘Timing Timepiece’ and ‘Time Station’. Better explain the development of timepiece civilization.
Explore the Road–A Tribute to the Pioneering Spirit

 2013 Hengli Western Arts East Rhyme——Light and Shadow Effect of ‘Exploration Road’ & ‘Journey of Civilization’

For busy ethnic groups in modern business societies, time is as common and essential as air, and people have long been used to arranging their precise schedules with smart timepieces on their wrists. And did we ever know that for our ancestors, time was so difficult to obtain. In a long period of history, the timing instrument was only controlled by a few royal and nobles and elites. It is no wonder that ‘smelling chickens dancing’ rely on animals. The biological clock makes life’s aspirational story, with romantic inspirational color, has become a moment of love. Regardless of astronomical phenomena, agricultural time, or solar time, because time is inseparable from daily life, people have never given up exploring the method of mastering time. It is this kind of exploration that brings together a vast history of the development of timepiece civilization and enriches humanity. The fruits of wisdom have also advanced the course of civilization.

The entrance channel of the ‘Western Art East Rhythm’ exhibition hall is named as ‘Exploration Road’, and the square-shaped deep passage has embodied the vast time exploration process into an experience section. Visitors can come in and follow the ‘pioneers’ The figure of exploration, the experience of exploring the unknown mind, and unknowingly, the visitor has also become a part of this historical picture.
之 旅 Civilization Journey–Reprinting Time Marks with Ancient Timing Instruments

The next day, the engraved seal, the armillary sphere, the water instrument, the European mechanical clock, the pendulum clock, the pocket watch … Along the footprints of the development of eastern and western timepiece civilization, the ‘Civilization Journey’ display especially re-engraved the representative ancient timepiece. Looking back at the past, let us know more about the hard-won present. The soft curtain light is projected on the white curtain, and the light and shadows, the guests from ancient times to civilization, experience the long history of the development of chronographs, and feel the modern timepiece treasures. Outstanding precision.
Chrono Timepieces-A classic collection of modern timepieces

‘Chronograph’ brings together the classics of nearly twenty world-renowned and well-known watch brands such as Lange, Breguet, Blancpain, Chopard, Glashütte, Girard Perregaux, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Jacodello, Piaget, and Athens. More than a hundred new models, showing the perfect modern chronograph craft in all directions. What was once the exclusive possession of ‘Royal Treasure’ is now able to provide people with different personalities with the help of individuality. Whether it is to show tastes with skill, or to convey a time-conscious attitude towards life through possession of timepieces, or to understand the current trend of watch tasting, the collection of ideas in this exhibition area can provide guests with absolute Good reference.

Time Station-Zen Space for Rest

‘Xiyi Dongyun’ has been launched since 2011. Once a year, in each year’s exhibition area planning, opening up a zone for watch lovers to sit down to taste and explore is the first issue that Henry considers. The 2013 exhibition is not only a visual feast, but also a dialogue with the pioneers and the soul. Henri wants to invite friends who understand the time and the time to come and experience and explore all the meanings that time can give us. ‘Time Station’ is such a place. After watching the previous sections of the exhibition, time, in this side of the Zen world, quietly spread, diffuse, and precipitate.
About ‘time drifting sand’ landscape

‘Time Quicksand’ is one of the core installations of this exhibition, which fully embodies the oriental people’s concept of reincarnation of time. The device sucks and releases fine sand in a specific time interval through a loop-driven device of a dark cloth. Therefore, we can observe that the four sections of fine sand flow down from the zenith waterfall to the four tripods below. When the tripod is filled with sand, the machine will suck the sand out from the bottom and then circulate to the zenith container through the pipeline. Inside, finally released from the pores.

希望 We hope that through such a device, the most intuitive and simple visual communication will embody the oriental people’s philosophy about time. No matter what the times have become, whether we use machinery or electronics to time, oriental understanding of time always points to the most essential-nature.

Constant Launches Two New Runabout Automatic Limited Watches

Since 2009, Frederique Constant has established a long-term partnership with the Riva Historical Society. Founded by architect Piero Maria Gibellini, engineer Carlo Riva, and like-minded friends, the Riva Historical Society is a non-profit charity designed to help homeowners best protect existing boats.

   Ever since reaching a partnership with RivaHistoricalSociety, Frederique Constant launches limited edition watches inspired by sailing every year.

Technical specifications
Movement: Swiss-made Caliber FC-303 self-winding movement, 25 gems, 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), 42 hours power reserve
Case: stainless steel or stainless steel rose gold PVD material, diameter 43 mm, with sapphire crystal, transparent bottom design, engraved with Riva Historical Society flag pattern, water-resistant to 30 meters
Dial: Silver or brown dial with guilloché pattern on the center, Arabic numerals, Luminous hands and hour markers
Strap: Has a black or brown leather strap with stainless steel or stainless steel rose gold PVD buckle
Limited: 2,888 pieces, sold with a beautiful gift box, with a copy of the motorboat model in tribute to the 1920s design

Sales Of Hong Kong Jewellery & Watches Fell For The First Time In 3 Years In May

According to the Xinhua News Agency, the Hong Kong SAR Government’s Census and Statistics Department announced the latest figures on July 3, and the sales of jewelry, watches and clocks in May this year saw the first decline since July 2009.
   Data show that the total retail sales value of Hong Kong’s retail industry in May this year was HK $ 36 billion, up 8.8% year-on-year, the lowest increase since September 2009. Sales of jewellery, watches and clocks and valuable gifts, which were well received by individual travellers in the Mainland, recorded a 2.9% drop in sales. The chairman of the Retail Management Association, Mai Ruiqiong, said that due to the economic uncertainty and the weakening of the consumption power of individual mainland visitors to Hong Kong, the retail industry as a whole has entered ‘autumn and winter’, and some have been ‘cold winter’. Jewelry was the most affected, with sales increasing by only 3.1%. This is the first time that such a low-growth figure has appeared since the launch of a personal travel to the Mainland in Hong Kong. ”Except for watches and jewellery, growth in clothing and cosmetics has slowed.

Extraordinary Art Tasting Vacheron Constantin Master Series Hot Air Balloon Watch Versailles 1783

‘Extraordinary artistic masterpiece, witnessing the outstanding creativity and superb craftsmanship of the brand master craftsmanship from generation to generation’ This is the first sentence of the Vacheron Constantin’s official website series of art masters, and indeed, as its introduction says, Vacheron Constantin art masters Each piece of the series is a wonderful timepiece that combines arts and craftsmanship with watchmaking.

   At this year’s SIHH, Vacheron Constantin’s Master of Arts series is inspired by the flying history of human beings, commemorating humanity’s countless challenges of gravitational gravity rushing into the sky, and using miniature technology to restore the five hot air balloon flight feats completed in France from 1783 to 1785.

    The new Vacheron Constantin Master Series hot air balloon watch (model: 7610U / 000G-B210), hand-engraved and micro-engraved hot air balloon suspended and suspended on a translucent hollow enamel background. The watch is equipped with the brand’s own developed and manufactured 2460 G4 / 1 movement, and through a unique display method to combine artistic beauty and superb craftsmanship, the original movement design ensures that the time display is integrated with the aesthetic design of the entire dial.

   The watch uses a 40mm white gold case, which is polished and rounded, and the white gold crown is comfortable and engraved with the Vacheron Constantin Malta cross. The lugs are very classic, and the solitude is integrated with the case.

   A dark blue alligator leather strap with Vacheron Constantin’s signature Maltese cross platinum folding clasp.

   There are five models of Vacheron Constantin’s hot air balloon watches, which recorded five feat of hot air balloon flight in France from 1783 to 1785, so the five watches are also different. This hot air balloon watch records the first flight in 1783. The background uses a hollow blue enamel process. The layout of the hollow enamel is similar to that of the silk enamel. The manufacturing method without the support of the base is the same as the miniature stained glass window. The hand-carved gold hot air balloon presents a ‘relief’ effect. Each hot-air balloon takes at least three weeks to make to fully present the subtle features and decorative details of the prototype.
   Four different digital dials clearly show the hour, minute, day of the week and date. The hours and minutes are displayed as sliding, while the days and days are skipped. And because the dial uses a hollow enamel process, its translucent effect allows us to appreciate the movement of the movement on the front of the watch.

   This Paris in 1783, for the first time on a human ‘sky trip’. This high-altitude hot-air balloon installation is still designed by Etienne Mongolfier, and the dial is a subtle depiction of the two ‘sky travelers’. In the sky blue hollow enamel background, the gorgeous pink gold and white gold balloons are also engraved with the sun, constellation, iris, garland, badge and flying eagle pattern.

   Vacheron Constantin’s self-produced 2460 G4 / 2 self-winding movement uses a K-gold oscillating weight, and the oscillating weight is also engraved with the series’ unique micro-arch hot air balloon pattern, which echoes the hot air balloon theme. Finely polished sand movement with Geneva stamp. The movement provides a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Summary: Vacheron Constantin reproduced the journey of mankind to conquer the blue sky with superb craftsmanship. There are a total of 5 watches in this masterpiece series of hot air balloon watches, each of which is limited to 5 pieces and is individually numbered.

Raymond Weil’s Latest Masterpiece Nabucco

NABUCCO ‘A watch with a combination of strength, charm and independence’, the new gentleman’s mechanical watch series is the first time in the history of Raymond Weil to launch such a powerful, powerful and masculine The watch is also the most dynamic model in the history of Raymond Weil watchmaking. This series of watches are made of high-tech carbon fiber and stainless steel. Its large case diameter (44-46 cm), large dial design, and 200m water resistance. In addition, its stainless steel lined with leather and high-tech, highly durable carbon fiber, showing the charm of material contrast everywhere, is a new model of modern watches. And the fine details, only for the spirit of creating the perfect masterpiece, add unparalleled grandeur to the NABUCCO series, highlighting the beauty of symmetry, harmony and masculinity.
The NABUCCO series is inspired by the story of the famous Italian composer Giuseppe Verdi. It uses the four chapters of liberation, instinct, challenge, and achievement with the latest theme slogan ‘Independence is a state of mind’ to fully express the men The firm choices made in freedom and personal achievement represent the experience that every man must go through to succeed.
Oversized case diameter: 44 — 46 mm
Automatic movement / automatic movement
Three-needle & GMT 42mm, Chronograph 46mm
Waterproof 20ATM / 200m / 600Ft
Significant modern luxury extreme design / stylish and distinguished design
Stainless steel case and strap include carbon fiber material
Safety folding buckle
Screw-down crown and buttons
Screw-in back cover
Double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
The crown, caseback and buckle are engraved with Raymond Weishang

Welfare Month Beijing Xidan Shopping Center Watch And Jewelry Festival Shines On Sale Watch Offer Non-stop

Half of April has passed. With the warmer weather, spring is blooming, and the spring season enters the best season. This also means that the first wave of consumption after the year begins. From April 15th, the Xidan Shopping Center in Beijing’s old commercial center has held a watch and jewelry festival for more than fifteen days (until May 2), because it is also connected to the traditional holiday May Day, so there are many discounts and surprises. , Weekends have more value benefits waiting for you to explore.

    The Watch and Jewelry Festival, launched by Xidan Shopping Center, is now the 12th. Its discounts will bring direct benefits to watch and jewelry lovers. The author understands that this event is held in a shopping mall. The discounts given by each brand counter are not exactly the same. It is worth noting that the discounts given are quite attractive, especially on Saturday and Sunday. , Can also enjoy the benefit of 100 yuan minus 10 yuan, and cumulative calculation, that is, 10,000 minus 1,000. According to the author’s calculations, if I buy a 50,000 yuan watch on the weekend, I can save about 7,000 yuan or more in the end.

Beijing Xidan Shopping Center

More details:
[Watch discount]: Please call or go to the store to inquire, indicating that the user of ‘watch home’ will get a better service experience
[Recommended Merchant]: Beijing Hengli World Watch Center (Xidan Shopping Mall)
[Dealer Address]: Xidan Shopping Center, No. 120 Xidan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing
[Contact]: 010-66011216

Longines Is Appointed As The Designated Timing For The 2011 China Polo Open

On October 22 and 23, 2011, Longines, a famous Swiss watchmaker, was honored as the official partner and designated timekeeper of the 2011 China Polo Open. This time, Longines watched the latest masterpiece of the brand’s pure watchmaking tradition, the Soymia Saint-Imier series watch, to witness the splendor and glory of the first China Polo Open.

On the day of the event, following the brand slogan of ‘Elegant Attitude, True Personality’, Longines also presented the Longines Elegance Award for the elegant ladies at the polo event. Dance passionately and dance elegantly. Longines continues the glory of cooperation between the brand and equestrian sports for more than 80 years.
Longines and equestrian sports: dancing passion and elegance
Since 1878, it has been timing sports for a long time. Longines has extensive experience in equestrian competition timing. Retrospectively, Longines has been fully involved in equestrian sports for nearly 90 years. It is the official partner of many equestrian events and has a designated timing, such as most CSIO National Cup equestrian obstacle races and various events organized by the Arab Equestrian Federation. In addition, in addition to the regular participation of the Melbourne Cup Horse Racing Festival, which includes the Longines McKinnon Jockey Club, Longines is also the official timing of other important events, including: the Longines Singapore Gold Cup Marathon organized by the Singapore Jockey Club, the Dubai Horse World Cup, Churchill & bull; Downs Racecourse Kentucky Traditional German Race Jockey Club. Longines is also a partner of the Royal Ascot Jockey Club. One of the brand’s most prestigious and most popular flatland jockey clubs in 2011 & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; Longines Prix de Diane Diana Grand Prix & rdquo ;. Longines is selected for major equestrian competitions because its concentration, precision and experience perfectly meet the requirements of the competition. Equestrian Sport is Our Passion. The noble, elegant and extraordinary equestrian sport perfectly matches the essence of Longines watchmaking tradition and watchmaking philosophy.

Accurate timing for China’s first Polo Open
In the golden autumn season, in the beautiful Beijing Wenyu River, inside the Tang Polo Equestrian Club, an Asian top polo tournament & mdash; & mdash; & ldquo; 2011 China Polo Open & rdquo; was grandly held. The 2011 China Polo Open is the first Polo Open in China. For the first time, an international tournament was held in China on behalf of the national team. This competition lasts for 10 days, and will be held in 4-6, 10, and 16 competitions, as well as the women’s polo show for the first time. During this period, the Chinese team will compete with England, the United States and Ireland for world-class strong teams in the final championship trophy & mdash; & mdash; Kings Cup.
The participation of many internationally renowned golfers made the ‘2011 China Polo Open’ a lot to see: Currently, there are only a handful of level 10 players in the world, and this time participating in the ‘2011 China Polo Open’ ; There are many 6th and 7th level players, Liu Shilai playing on behalf of the Chinese team, is the first Chinese registered with the International Equestrian Association, is now China’s number one polo player, is also the organizer of the competition, Tang The founder of the Polo Equestrian Club, he hopes to make the Chinese Polo Open an international authority polo event, a century-old event with world influence. Longines is proud to serve as the official timekeeper for this international first-class polo competition, and to witness this exciting and fierce competition with precision and superior functions. In this event, Longines specially sponsored a high-level British team. After the championship, Li Li, Vice President of Longines China, also presented Longines to the winning team, and presented the Longines Best Knight Award. Adhering to the brand spirit of ‘elegant attitude, true personality’, Longines also specially held the ‘elegant lady’ selection event during the competition to add beautiful scenery to the competition.

Song Jia, Nie Yuan, Yan Kuan and Yuan Shanshan perform elegant horse blockbusters
Polo originated from the Han Dynasty in China and flourished in the Tang Dynasty. In recent years, the wind of this aristocratic sport has blown from Europe and the United States to China. Longines also wants to share the spirit and fashion of this noble sport with Chinese elegant people by the 2011 China Polo Open. Therefore, Song Jia, Nie Yuan, Yan Kuan, Yuan Shanshan and other entertaining celebrities came to watch the match to help out, and shot polo-themed blockbusters to explain the unique charm of polo.
On October 22, recently, the new ‘Water Margin’ and ‘The Princess of the World’ were highly sought after, and they were named Yan Kuan, the first beautiful man in the costume drama, and they went through the drama ‘Palace 2-Palace Lock Bead Curtain’. Yuan Shanshan, the No. 1 female, was invited by Longines to appear together at the event. The two enjoyed the brand’s latest masterpiece Soymia watch in the Longines exhibition area, learned polo batting skills under the guidance of experts, and learned how to play at Longines. Cheers in the tent for the exciting event. In the costume dramas, the two men, who are both masters of shooting and shooting, were deeply shocked by the art of polo.
On October 23, the elegant and talented actors Song Jia and Nie Yuan appeared as guests of the Longines Watch. “2011 China Polo Open” championship, Song Jia wore an elegant little dress with a chic hat, wearing a full Sina watch Soy Miya series stainless steel rose gold watch; Nie Yuan is wearing a gentleman’s dress, wearing a full Sina piano Soimia chronograph stopwatch. The two shot gorgeous equestrian themed blockbusters at the racecourse. Polo is known for its gentleman spirit, respects etiquette and respect, pays attention to taste and spirit, and emphasizes speed and technology. My personality is an interpretation of the extraordinary taste and elegance of equestrian and Longines. And as the awarding guest of ‘Longines Elegant Lady’, and watching the world’s top level 16 championship, they were deeply impressed and memorable for a long time.

At the 2011 China Polo Open, Longines perfectly embodies the brand’s nearly 180-year-old pure watchmaking tradition, and also extracts the latest masterpieces of the latest watchmaking technology. Witness to share the brilliant moments of this top event.
Longines Soimia Saint-Imier’s fluent lines and case-independent lugs give these new products a wonderful balance between classic and modern design. The Longines Saint-Imier collection includes models that display hours, minutes, seconds and dates, as well as a chronograph stopwatch with a column-wheel movement. All models in this collection are equipped with a mechanical movement, and the movement of the movement can be watched through the transparent sapphire crystal case back. Longines Somia’s Saint-Imier chronograph stopwatch is equipped with an L688.2 column-wheel movement developed and produced by ETA for Longines. The case is made of stainless steel, steel and rose gold, and some watches are made of rose gold with a diameter of 39 mm. Silver or black dial showing hours and minutes, small seconds at 9 o’clock, date display window, and chronograph stopwatch function: central second hand, 30-minute cumulative dial at 3 o’clock, 12-hour cumulative dial at 6 o’clock . These chronographs come with a black or brown alligator leather strap or a stainless steel or stainless steel and rose gold bracelet with a folding safety clasp. Wearing this precise and excellent watch in the polo game, galloping and smashing into battle, will definitely help the elegant knights to do their best.

The World’s Top Mechanical Watch Brand Richard Miller 2013 New Watch Release

Richard Mille, founder of the world’s top mechanical watch brand, Richard Mille

Richard Mille, the world’s top mechanical watch brand, is renowned for revolutionary watchmaking technology to develop the most sophisticated tourbillon watches. Richard Mille, the founder of the brand named after himself, once said: ‘My goal is to make a ‘Formula 1′ in the watch industry.’ By the end of 2005, nine Richard Mille watches that had been launched, from the design concept The appearance and performance of watchmaking materials to each part of the table are closely related to the precision design of Formula One racing cars. In 2013, Richard Mille launched 9 new watches.

 Richard Mille RM 26-01 Limited Edition Panda Eats Bamboo Tourbillon

Mill Richard Mille’s new RM26-01 tourbillon movement is machined from black onyx. The panda is carved in 18K white gold and is studded with diamonds and black sapphires. As a part of the tourbillon movement, the panda seems to be in a natural growth environment. It is surrounded by a bamboo forest, the leaves and bark are still made of gold, and then hand-carved and colored, fully showing the amazing artistic creativity. With imagination. This combination of high-end watches and top-end jewellery craftsmen is amazing for people who are fortunate to see the charm of pandas in the world! Richard Mille RM 26-01 Tourbillon watch is limited to 30 pieces, including 18K red and white gold inlaid models.

Mill Richard Mille RM 27-01 Rafael Nadal Tourbillon Watch

Rafael Nadal’s collaboration with Richard Mille opened a successful title page. In 2012, Nadal from Mallorca won the French Open for the seventh time. This year, Richard Mille and Rafael Nadal worked together again to design the RM 27-01 tourbillon watch. In the lightness and durability of the watch, it once again set a record. The weight of Richard Mille RM 27-01 is only 19 grams! This light body also comes from the application of the case material. The RM 27-01 case with a one-piece case structure is made of carbon material. The dark gray color comes from the high-concentration carbon nanotubes in the structure, which brings perfect impact resistance and scratch resistance, and provides Rafael Nadal’s indispensable wearing comfort in tennis matches. Since then, He will all be wearing the RM 27-01 debut game.

 MillRichard Mille (Richard Mille) RM 039 E6-B Flight Calculator Chronograph Tourbillon Watch

Richard Mille RM 39-01 Flight Calculator Automatic Winding Watch, ultra-complex flyback chronograph with more than 1,000 parts, a contemporary interpretation of the E6-B flight calculator . Richard Mille RM039 has a manual winding tourbillon movement, hours and minutes display, small seconds at 6 o’clock, large date display, flyback timing function, central minutes and seconds, 9 o’clock Clock position hour counter, world coordinated time, countdown function, function selector and power reserve display.

In order to present these complex functions on one watch at the same time, Richard Mille also developed 750 brand-new parts. This vast project has been condensed into a 38.95 mm diameter and only 7.95 thick. Mm, in a movement with 58 ruby ​​bearings. Richard Mille RM 039 E6-B Flight Calculator Tourbillon Watch has extreme complexity and technical performance, it is the perfect blend of watchmaking technology and aerospace technology, and accompany the pilot to surpass the flight process The toughest challenge.

Mill Richard Mille 2013 New RM 52-01 Skull Ceramic Nano Tourbillon Watch

Richard Mille RM 52-01 skull ceramic nano tourbillon watch, limited to 30 pieces, carved from 5N red gold, hand-chamfered and polished, and the case is made of nano Made of ceramic composite materials. Richard Mille intends to use carbon nanotubes to make the main case of the RM 52-01 skull ceramic nano tourbillon watch, because repeated experiments have shown that it can be positioned against the case when subjected to external impacts. The central tourbillon movement protects against shocks. The carbon nanotube main case adds black composite material to make the watch lighter. The dark black case is extremely lightweight and is assembled from 20 Grade 5 titanium spline screws. The dynamometer crown is processed with DLC technology to make this watch more flawless. The launch of the Richard Mille RM 52-01 skull tourbillon watch underscores the creative freedom and freedom of the Richard Mille brand.