Indulge In Dating Time Three Recommended Ladies Watches

Dazzling roses, romantic candlelight dinners, sweet laughter and laughter, the passionate dating atmosphere is so desirable. Whenever the date comes, the ladies will be carefully dressed, as if full Neither the closet nor the decorative box could meet their requirements for choosing equipment. At this moment, you need an exquisite watch to decorate your wrist and add a sense of stability and elegance. Many men have a passion for machinery and watches since childhood, and women who like watches will look at them differently. If you like a watch, bring a beloved watch to add color to your date.

  Baume & Mercier MOA10160

Comment on the watch: Baume & Mercier always adheres to the belief of balance between tradition and modernity. This belief combines innovative ideas, elegant quality and strict professional standards. Constantly innovating, designing modern styles without losing traditional elegance. The promised series creates extremely elegant, beautiful and feminine women’s watches. The biggest feature of the 30 mm polished stainless steel watch is the oval bezel inlaid with diamonds, which sparkles with a smart luster. This watch of the eachother, with a white mother-of-pearl dial draped with roman numerals and engraving, the delicate ‘drapé’ guilloché pattern shines against the mother-of-pearl dial, with diamonds The hour-marker scales sparkle and intersect, appearing extremely elegant.

  The small lugs, the round case, and the silver bracelet are carefully scrutinized in every detail. The delicate decoration on the dial and bracelet is like a wave of water, contrasting with the diamonds on the bezel, and it is also easier to take care of than the leather strap. In terms of power, the Baume & Mercier Promesse series can be equipped with quartz or automatic mechanical movements for customers with different preferences. If it is the latter, they can also appreciate the delicate and charming reciprocating movement of the movement through the sapphire glass back. The operation makes the wearer eager to explore.

Basic Information
Number: MOA10160
Brand: Baume & Mercier
Series: Convention
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: No
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Watch reviews: Mido intends to make a watch that can be your close friend. Mido’s watchmaking philosophy is a combination of timeless design and practical functions rather than following the trend. The Mido Women’s Series M005.830.16.036.22 watch has a soft mid-band with a simple design that creates a moving dial effect. The 38mm silver case made of stainless steel broadens the reading field of view and gives the dial a sense of openness. It always attracts and tolerates the other side, which makes people involuntarily open their hearts. The dynamic swirling corrugations are decorated on the dial, like a white dance dress worn by a girl, accompanied by graceful dance steps, the skirt is in bloom, and the dial is swaying out of the beauty of the waves and the beauty of power. The watch uses a simple time scale with the day and date display window at three o’clock. The 8 top Weston diamonds on the dial are crystal clear, noble and elegant, shining with the most beautiful luster.

  The dial of the watch is more beautiful and atmospheric with a black leather strap. The transparent bottom cover also adds a translucent texture, giving the wearer a clear view of the charm of the machine. The watch is equipped with ETA2824-2 movement, has a 38-hour power reserve, 25 gems, scratch-resistant sapphire mirror and 100 meters water resistance, which can meet daily life needs.

Basic Information
Number: M005.830.16.036.22
Brand: Mido
Series: Helmsman
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 6,700
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Comment on the watch: The materials used in the TAGHeuer watch have also been selected layer by layer, and the function coincides with the brand’s sporting spirit. Unique overall design style of the brand F1 series, stainless steel with ceramic material, and diamond inlaid, suitable for stylish personality ladies wear. The dial of this watch is 37 millimeters, which is very suitable for women’s wrists. The white case is embellished with diamonds, which is more noble and luxurious, like a layer of petals that instantly bloom. The simple time scale is clear at a glance, the calendar display window is located at three o’clock, and the classic TAG Heuer logo is engraved at twelve o’clock, so you can always feel the power of the brand on your wrist. Seen from the side, the stainless steel ceramic case is polished to be smooth and translucent. The mixed use of multiple materials also reflects a brand spirit that is not inclusive.

  The TAGHeuer watch bracelet is made of stainless steel used in the case through a special process. It has extremely high strength and excellent antimagnetic properties. Its low carbon content makes it highly resistant to acid substances in seawater and sweat. ability. Although the bottom of the table is not transparent, we cannot see the movement of the internal movement, but it is because we cannot see it that it leaves more imagination. It is equipped with TAG Heuer quartz movement to provide accurate timekeeping. At the same time, the tediousness of women’s winding up is eliminated.

Basic Information
Number: WAH1213.BA0861
Brand: TAG Heuer
Series: F1
Movement type: Quartz
Gender: Lady
Price: ¥ 20,800
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Summary: Dating makes every woman’s heart full of expectation, and every man’s heart is full of longing. The beautiful and short dating moments are always fascinating. Bits of time are accompanied by soft candlelight, romantic atmosphere, quietly passed away, the slightest Sweet moments, people always want to retain that memory after dating. This wonderful moment requires the testimony of a watch. The simple decoration, pure colors, and exquisite ladies’ watches add an intellectual beauty and an elegant style to women’s dresses. Can the above watches capture the heart? (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)