A Timeless Watch Full Of Promises And Promises —– Promesse Convention Watch

The Baume & Mercier Promesse series watch inherits the superb design of the Baume & Mercier Museum series in the 1970s. The classics are timeless and precious. This series of watches with an oval bezel in a soft round case, not only attaches importance to traditional aesthetics, but also dares to break the rules, giving contemporary women the opportunity to rediscover the immortal watchmaking tradition.
A fully loaded watch
   Promesse series watches are available in two extreme feminine sizes of 30mm and 34mm in diameter. The design of the bracelet is derived from the ripples of water droplets, and its curves are subtlely blended with the polished steel case. Baume & Mercier cleverly condenses such ephemeral natural phenomena on the watch, transforming time into a resonance, turning eachother into a timeless This delicate and low-key watch is made of Swiss-made quartz movement or automatic Chain mechanical movement drive. Baume & Mercier injected different new elements into the classic design of the Promesse series, the most striking of which is the oval bezel made of mother-of-pearl, with 18K red gold or embellished with diamonds. The pure, sophisticated and contemporary silver dial is draped or made of sparkling mother-of-pearl, engraved with Roman numerals and engravings, and the time is clearly discernible. Such a simple and beautiful timepiece not only allows its owner to remember a series of moving moments in life, but also allows others to spy on the deep soul of the wearer.
Promesse 10165

Precious moments become eternity
   This watch series is named ‘Promesse’, not only because Baume & Mercier values ​​commitment, but also because Baume & Mercier hopes that this watch series will connect people and share precious moments in life together.
   Promesse series watches are designed for women who seek fashion elegance and independence. Regardless of personal selection or gifts from relatives and friends, the ladies wearing Promesse series watches not only declare their unique personality, but also praise the precious values ​​that celebrities have always valued: elegance and impliedness, self-practice and generosity. It reflects not only the unwavering commitment of the vows, but also the supreme realm of the unity of heaven and man.
   Like love locks all over the world, Baume & Mercier Promesse watches represent an unswerving commitment to silently transform the wonderful moments of life-whether it is a big wedding, a new year, an anniversary, or just a simple The unforgettable moment of the world-all these photos will be taken forever.
   Baume & Mercier is one of the oldest Swiss watch makers. Louis-Victor Baume has always shown the unique personality of women with innovative timepieces. The brand’s thirst for women is well known, and it continues to create watch styles that it will love, so it has a great reputation in the watch industry. Baume & Mercier’s latest Promesse series watches are designed to meet the needs of women with stylish designs.
   The reason why Baume & Mercier is loved by women is that it is good at showing different faces in women’s personality. As early as 1869, when Louis-Victor Baume presented a gold pocket watch to his daughter Mélina, this fine tradition was laid. After co-founding Baume & Mercier in Geneva in 1918, William Baume and Paul Mercier have also been working to create jewelry watches with Art Deco characteristics. The extraordinary design and shape of the Baume & Mercier watch has since become a symbol of women’s liberation.
   In the ‘Golden Fifties’ (the heyday of watches), Baume & Mercier created a series of landmark watch models, including the ‘Marquise’ watch combining jewellery watches with bracelets. These designs were revolutionary in the world of women’s watches at the time, and also wrote a beautiful page in the history of watchmaking in the 20th century. Entering the 1960s, Baume & Mercier learns from past successful experiences and continues to introduce new ones. Its elegant and outstanding women’s jewelry watch series is particularly well-known in the high-end watch industry.
   Baume & Mercier began to explore different design ideas in the 1970s, striving for the symmetrical balance represented by the Greek letter ‘phi’ (a symbol used by the brand since the 1960s). ‘Phi’ means the ancient ‘golden section’ law that symbolizes perfect visual proportions. During this period, visionary celebrities broke the tradition of women’s timepieces and opened up a brand new field in the watch industry with unparalleled creativity: jewellery watches can also be called ‘watch jewelry’. The most representative luxury models of the Mimosa and Galaxy series won the Baden-Baden ‘Golden Rose’ watchmaking and jewellery award in 1972, and the Stardust series of luxury watches also received the same award in 1973.
   It is precisely because celebrities are aware of women’s expectations for watches, that celebrities’ reputation in the international watch industry is growing. Following this tradition, Baume & Mercier launches the Promesse series grandly, praising the beauty of women with a sophisticated and timeless design.
   This iconic Promesse watch takes full advantage of Baume & Mercier’s expertise in jewellery and watchmaking. The 34mm stainless steel case is set with 61 brilliant diamonds, with a natural white mother-of-pearl oval bezel, and a shiny white alligator leather strap. The silver dial is draped with Roman numerals and diamonds. Ladies wear this pure and elegant Promesse watch, it is inevitable to recall the solemn promises made in her life.

Glasutti Original Nanjing Unveils Orthodox German Christmas Market

On December 6th, when Christmas is approaching, the top German watchmaking brand Glashütte Original Dresden’s Christmas Fair theme event is launched. Glashütte Original cooperates with Nanjing Deji Plaza during the 6th to the 10th. With the colorful and exquisite wooden houses, the dazzling lights, the Christmas food full of German colors, the traditional Dresden Christmas market style is reproduced. Let the citizens of Nanjing experience the strong and cheerful Christmas atmosphere first.

Feel the difference German Christmas
   In Germany, Christmas is called Weihnachten. Unlike other western countries, German Christmas Day starts on the first Sunday of the week of November 26 and ends on December 25. In Advent (four weeks before Christmas), households in Germany will buy a Christmas star. This is a very special plant. There are only one or two red leaves on the top of the home. After 4 Sundays in Advent, the red leaves will be more and more. By Christmas, the leaves will basically become Red seems to symbolize the booming days of the coming year. At the Christmas market, handmade paper, bamboo, and wooden stars are decorated with flat and three-dimensional shapes. Other handicrafts, booth posters, Christmas tree roofs, and even luminous decorative lights over the entire Christmas market shape the stars in people’s minds. Looks like. German families will also place Christmas candle rings on the table at home, which are made of Christmas tree branches, Christmas flowers, pine cones, or other coniferous leaves, with four candles placed on them. The first candle started to be lit 3 Sundays before Christmas, and then lit every Sunday until Christmas Eve lit all the candles.

Experience a pure German sensory feast
   This time, Glashütte’s original and complete restoration of the German-style Christmas market. The history of the German Christmas market can be traced back to the Middle Ages. The street vendor is a warm wooden cabin decorated with colorful lights. The shops are lined up in a row, and the decorative lights on the street are shining, which makes the street beautiful. Some small shops sell Christmas tree decorations, some sell candles of various shapes and essential oils for aromatherapy. Now it has become an indispensable and important part of German culture. Delicious gingerbread, fragrant mulled wine, sizzling sausage hot dogs, and unique handicrafts are standard on the German Christmas market. The most special one is German mulled wine. Germans like to drink beer, but at Christmas, they prefer a kind of red wine with hot wine. Without shochu, it is as if they have not visited the Christmas market. Christmas wine Glühwein is one of the hot drinks that Germans must drink at Christmas. It is a heated red wine. Manufacturers will also introduce some different flavors, such as adding cinnamon, honey, lemon, and even fruit spirits. This is In order to dispel cold and warm the stomach, it is also a rare romantic tradition of strict Germans. The scene is full of delicate and beautiful decorations. The huge Christmas tree is dazzling. The colorful balls and garlands are dazzling. In addition to the sweet smell of mulled wine, candy, and cakes, the band also plays Christmas songs live, as if in Europe The atmosphere is average. In the cold winter, the warm lights and sweet food in the original Christmas market of Glashütte hope to bring great comfort and infinite hope for Christmas.

German craftsmanship sets the standard for watches

   Glashütte Original relies on the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship and unremitting original spirit from 1845 to the highest level of watchmaking craftsmanship, achieving unparalleled elegant design for two centuries, showing complex mechanical functions, making the world time At your fingertips. This time, Glashütte Original is reshaping the traditional Christmas markets in Europe. In addition to adopting the attitude of orthodox German craftsmanship, it presents a number of its beautiful watches on the scene, and watchmakers show the ingenious Watchmaking craftsmanship, bring everyone to experience the extreme ingenuity of human watchmaking crafts up close