Chanel Watch Specialty Store Settles In Beijing Wangfujing Department Store

In addition to color, the use of lines is also a major feature of Chanel Beijing Wangfujing Department Store’s watch specialty store. The wall in the store is stitched with patchwork black wooden siding and decorated. The golden lines and the same details also appear on the ceiling, chandeliers, showcases and high stool backs. They are very simple but artistic—the designer perfectly blends Chanel’s most iconic design elements with the environment, without revealing Sensibly surrounds every customer. The overall design adopts the simplest and clearest way, combining the brand’s elegant spirit and luxurious texture, reflecting the outstanding qualities of modern art beauty. In such a comfortable space, guests can easily choose Chanel’s full range of watches, from the classic ‘Première’ series, to break the tradition and strive for innovation ‘J12’ series, and luxury high-end jewelry limited watches.
    Since the introduction of the first “Première” watch in 1987, Chanel has gradually established its own watch kingdom and has become a force that cannot be ignored in the high-end watch market. In 1993, Chanel officially acquired G & F Châtelain, one of the most well-known watch assembly factories in the region. The watch factory is known for its expertise in case, bracelet and gem setting. In an area of ​​8,000 square meters, Chanel is here to combine its innovative ideas, high-tech materials and traditional Swiss technology to create a unique wrist watch. Cutting-edge technology combined with traditional watchmaking technology, from the making of the watch case strap to the installation of the Swiss advanced movement, thus turning every creative spark of Chanel into reality. The combination of human hands, precise machinery, the mysterious watchmaking process in the laboratory, and the art of precious gemstones are combined here to create a technique that displays delicate watchmaking.

Certina Waterproof Watch Entered Water Two Times The Mall Refuses To Present Documents

Consumer Mr. Lin bought a Certina waterproof watch imported from Switzerland, but the watch has been flooded twice recently. As of press time, the distributor Sheng Shi Piao Xing did not comment on the matter.
Mr. Lin introduced that on June 22, he spent 3375 yuan in a shopping mall in Dongjiekou and purchased a Certina waterproof watch that he claimed was imported from Switzerland. For the first time in July, water had entered the watch. After several negotiations between the two parties, the dealer agreed to change the accessories for this watch, but he also paid 300 yuan for this.
Mr. Lin told reporters that on September 6, when he was washing his hands, the inside of the waterproof watch was filled with water again. He found the Shengshi watch company, and the dealer replied that the watch in question had to be sent back to the manufacturer for evaluation.
At 3:30 pm on the 25th, the reporter and Mr. Lin came to the mall together. There is mist and water drops on the inside of the Certina watch worn by Mr. Lin on his wrist, making it difficult to see the numbers on the dial. On the back of the invoice, ‘The guest changed the head of the meter’ on August 3, 2010, and stamped it.
At around 4: 5 pm, the sales guide of Sheng Shi Piao Xing called a staff member named Lin. When a reporter asked for an interview, the staff member of the surname Lin said that she did not understand the matter.
The reporter was informed last night that Mr. Lin had lodged a complaint with the industry and commerce department yesterday afternoon.
The reporter also interviewed Mr. Pu, the head of the operation department of this mall. When the reporter proposed to read the entry ticket of this Certina watch, Mr. Pu said that only the Consumers Association can read the relevant information of this watch.
The reporter did not see relevant certificates during the interview with Sheng Shi Piao Xing. Mr Pu said that there was a contract between the mall and the dealer. The mall will definitely ask the dealer to show the relevant licenses when attracting investment. However, Mr. Pu did not show the reporter the relevant licenses of Sheng Shi’s watch and bank.
As of press time, the reporter has not received a call from the person in charge of Shengshi Watch Co., or any feedback from Shengshi Watch Co. on the matter.

Iwc Releases The New ‘ocean Racer’ Watch

The Volvo Ocean Race, known as the ‘Mt. Everest’, set sail in Spain on October 11, starting with Alicante in Spain and ending in Gothenburg, Sweden, from October 2014 to June 2015 Seven teams will fight for the final victory under the worst conditions. Schaffhausen IWC will be the official designated timekeeper for the second time, and will compete alongside the participating teams in the world’s most difficult offshore races. To celebrate the opening of the Volvo Ocean Race, IWC has also launched a limited edition of 1,000 Portuguese marine elite ‘Ocean Racer’ watch. In addition, IWC is also a sponsor and partner of the Abu Dhabi Racing Team. Coincidentally, the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team is also participating in the Volvo Ocean Race for the second time.

   The 2014-2015 Volvo Ocean Race will witness the debut of the Volvo Ocean 65, a high-performance sailing vessel up to 20 meters long. For the first time in more than 10 years, a team of women from all over the world will participate in this Volvo Ocean Race. During the nine-month endurance race, the fleet docked 9 times and replenished and repaired for a total range of 38,739 nautical miles (approximately 71,745 kilometers).

   To meet the challenges of a unique sports environment, the new Portuguese marine elite ‘Ocean Racer’ (Ref. IW390216) is a men’s watch with a distinct sporting character. ‘This watch is specially created for the sportsmanship and passion for extreme sports,’ said Georges Kern.

   Marine instrument-like precision is part of the genes of the IWC Portuguese watch. With a watch diameter of 45.4 millimeters, IWC specifically designed the production of the 89361 movement, with a flyback timing function. The 12-hour timekeeping record is displayed on the small dial with hands, and a black rubber strap inlaid with crocodile leather. With extraordinary quality and marine performance. The water-resistant depth of this watch is 6 bar (approximately 60 meters). In addition, it is the only watch in Portugal’s nautical elite series with crown protection and luminous hands and graduations. The 360 ​​° rotor, modeled after a sailing rudder, reveals the theme of extreme sailing.

Abu Dhabi sailing team continues its journey

   Schaffhausen has once again become the official partner and sponsor of the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team. Since becoming the first Arab member at the last Volvo Ocean Race, the Abu Dhabi Sailing Team has participated for the second time this year. Continuing the journey, two-time Olympic silver medalist Ian Walker will be in charge of the fleet.

Deserved Classic Zenith Flagship Happy Series 18.2080.4021/01.C494 Watch Brief Review

Zenith watches have always been known for the perfect combination of bold creative design styles and mechanical watch watches. In recent years, some very powerful watch products have been introduced, such as the ones we mentioned in the previous issue. ‘A Wonderful Work! Appreciation of Zenith Christopher Columbus Tourbillon Watch ‘is a personal tourbillon watch with very collectible value. Today I bring to you another Zenith new watch,’ The flagship Zenith wrist watch Watch series 18.2080.4021 / 01.C494 ‘Next, let’s take a look at this very delicate watch with me.

  The design style of this watch still continues the avant-garde design concept of Zenith. It uses the more popular rose gold material as the case, the silver sun dial, the time scale with the luminous function, and the movement uses Zenith. El Primero 4021 automatic mechanical movement, this movement can reach 100 meters water resistance. In addition, it also has timing, power reserve display and flyback timing functions, which can be called a classic watch in terms of materials and design.

  According to the convention, let’s take a look at the overall function analysis chart of this watch. The reason why this watch is called ‘classic’ is mainly because it has most of the functions of the watch, and the Zenith Happy Series The classic design style will surely win the favor of most men, and the popularity of the happy series before also fully illustrates this problem.

  At three o’clock is a small 30-minute chronograph dial with blue hands. The hands on the dial are carefully hand-hemmed. It is very beautiful with the silver sun dial in white and blue.

  At 6 o’clock is the small dial of the power reserve indicator. The power reserve indicator has also been blued. The power reserve indicator dial is divided into four areas. When the power reserve is less than or equal to six hours, the display area is done. A red reminder prompts you to wind up the chain in time to add power.

  At nine o’clock, Zenith’s iconic ‘happy’ design has to be said. The happy dial displays the legendary movement with a frequency of 36,000 times per hour. Happy design not only lies in the mysterious charm it radiates, but also the curiosity it inspires. What is certain is that the flagship happy watch is a wonderful workmanship, a timepiece with 100% technology and 100% passion.

  Next, let’s take a look at the real shot of this watch. Since this watch is less affected by time and venue in China, the shooting effect has declined, I hope everyone can understand.

  The time scale, hour and minute hands are faceted with rhodium metal and hand-set diamonds. And it has a luminous time reading function, which can provide accurate time reading even in relatively dark environments.

  The most powerful design of this watch is that the design of the heart dial can be described as a great idea of ​​Zenith, which shows the perfectly synchronized movement of the movement, and is regarded as ‘the world’s most ‘The mass production movement’ has a charming gear structure.

  This watch uses sapphire crystal glass to penetrate the case back. In addition to the movement of the movement inside the dial, we can also see the movement of the movement inside the case at any time, rhodium plated; the bridge is decorated with perlage And chamfer decoration; pendulum, shifter and transmission rods are decorated with lines; heavy metal pendulums are decorated with ‘Côtes de Genève’; the Zenith star logo; and other classic designs are fully displayed.

  Finally, take a hands-on picture of this watch. This flagship happy series equipped with El Primero chronograph movement is unified from the previous 40.5 mm and 45 mm diameters to the current 42 mm diameter. A modest diameter, suitable for most men.
Summary: Zenith Happy Series watches have won the favor of many men with their bold design styles, and today this watch for everyone to enjoy is available in four styles at the same time, stainless steel case with silver sun dial or black dial ; 18K rose gold case or rose gold and stainless steel case with silver sun dial. The classic shape of the happy series, with the legendary movement of 36,000 times per hour in Zenith, every detail of this watch can be said to be a legend, a classic.
For more watch details, please refer to: Zenith flagship happy watch series 18.2080.4021 / 01.C494 watch