Ulysse Nardin’s Independent New Movement Un-118 Launch Conference

On November 6, 2012, Ulysse Nardin, a Swiss high-end watch, held its nationwide launching ceremony of the independent new movement UN-118 at The Group on Hengshan Road.

From right to left: Mr. Hoffmann, CEO of Athens Watch; Mr. Yan Tingpeng, General Manager of Greater China of Athens Watch; Mr. Dong Mingliang, Sales Director of Athens Watch China, toasting the original nautical observatory equipped with the new self-centered movement UN118 Watch Release

 Swiss high-end watch Athens watch, with its rigorous scientific research attitude and outstanding innovative ideas, has been tirelessly pioneering the development of high-end mechanical watches. The UN-118 Questyle movement is 100% independently developed by the Athen Watch, and it is another breakthrough movement that belongs to the Athen Watch alone.

Swiss luxury watch Athens watch holds independent UN-118 launch conference at Hengshan Road The-Group

 At the press conference, Mr. Patrik P. Hoffmann, the global chief executive of Athenian Switzerland, and Mr. Yan Tingpeng, the general manager of Greater China, introduced all attendees to the UN-118 movement of the Athenian watch and the new marine astronomical watch with this movement. Write a landmark for the Athens logbook.

The launch of the UN-118 independent movement of the Swiss Athens watch

A true watchmaker forged in a century and a half
 The Athenian Watch was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland in 1846 and is world-renowned for its nautical astronomical clock. For 166 years, the watch of Athens has always implemented the law of victory in which challenges lead opportunities and persistent research. Whether it is the dazzling and complicated astronomical trilogy in 1985, the first Freak seven-day tourbillon watch in 2001, or another outstanding independent new movement in 2012, UN-118, the past glory and today The strength of all proves that the Athens watch is the leader on the road to the renaissance of mechanical watches.

CEO of Athens Watch-Patrik-P & mdash; Mr. Hoffmann unveils original nautical astronomical watch equipped with Athens watch’s new self-centered movement UN118

 The curved wall on the first floor of the event site displays the historical events of the Athens Watch since its birth. The clear timeline and colorful pictures are accompanied by detailed explanations in the voice guide. Everyone seems to be in the history of the Athens Watch. In the museum, physically and mentally experience the growth and transformation of the Athenian watch in the 166 years.

CEO of Athens Watch-Patrik-P & mdash; Mr. Hoffmann unveils original nautical astronomical watch equipped with Athens watch’s new self-centered movement UN118

Industry leaders on the road to exploring innovative materials
 With regard to the innovative application of avant-garde materials, Athens Watch once again declared its pioneer position in the watch altar with the UN-118 movement. The movement UN-118 follows the pace of the first independently-developed Sonata watch movement UN-66 / 67 and the anniversary movement UN-160 developed by Athens Watch, a major step forward in the innovation of movement technology. . And the new material used in the escapement of the heart of the mechanical watch is an unprecedented pioneering work.

The exhibition area on the first floor shows guests the history of Athens watches and the way of independent watchmaking

 This movement is the first to use a silicon balance spring and a patented DIAMonSIL escapement (patented DIAMonSIL anchor escapement and patented DIAMonSIL escapement wheel), with a homemade oscillator that can be tuned with 4 screws. , And silicon 1.1.1 hairspring. This oscillator was patented in 2007 and first launched on the market in March 2008. It is used in Sonata silicon crystal limited watches.
 DIAMonSIL is the perfect combination of silicon and synthetic diamond. It is a very lightweight but hard material that reduces friction and eliminates the need to add lubricant to the escapement. The escapement of the movement UN-118 was developed by the cooperation between the Athenian watch factory and the Swiss Sigatec company. Sigatec is the only company in the world that can produce high-precision parts from silicon and DiamonSil, and it possesses very important nanotechnology.
 The second floor of the event site displays the materials used in the movement parts and the decomposed parts of the escapement. You can see the magical silicon crystal and diamond silicon through a magnifying glass at a close distance, and appreciate each UN-118 more deeply. A detail. The video of assembling the UN-118 movement was played in a loop next to the booth. At the same time, detailed introductions were also written on the static display board, so that everyone present could understand the arduous course of the movement from the beginning to the final completion of the movement.

Diamond silicon crystal movement viewing

The great artist who created the original watch
 The new Nautical Observatory watch is amazing not only for its perfect and precise movement inside, but also for its dial, the exquisite enamel dial handmade by the globally recognized enamel dial expert Donzé Cadrans. In September 2011, Athenian Switzerland announced the successful acquisition of Donzé Cadrans SA, an expert in high-quality enamel painted dials, so that this century-old craftsmanship can be perfectly presented on Athenian products. The dial of the Nautical Observatory watch is beautiful and dazzling. The black Roman numerals and rough cherry red intersect with the white background color, showing an intuitive and interesting picture.
 The third floor of the event site is the home of the press conference. As the curved display panel slowly slides out, the nautical observatory’s wrist is in front of everyone. Mr. Patrik P. Hoffmann, the global CEO of Athenian Switzerland, and Mr. Yan Tingpeng, the general manager of Greater China, raised the wine glass in the hands of the guests and celebrated the official launch of the UN-118 movement and the Marine Observatory Watch.
 The Swiss Athenian watch perfectly demonstrated the watchmaking art and excellent precision through the UN-118 movement and the Marine Observatory Watch, and led the brand to sail in a maverick way and esteemed the heroes.