How About Seiko Junyu Series? How About Junyu Series?

Introduction to Tudor Junyu Series
  Speaking of TUDOR, I have to mention the old thing again. The original TUDOR Junyu series of 2005 has ignited the industry with its luxurious design and advanced design. It also caused this young watch factory to prove to the world with its own actions. The value of the watch has nothing to do with the history of the watch factory. ‘It also consolidated the brand’s unique personality in front of the’ predecessors ‘: traditional craftsmanship and avant-garde modern design. As a result, the Tudor Junyu series has naturally become the logo of the Tudor brand. Over the years, this series has been improved and innovated several times by watchmakers, gradually establishing its flagship position in the Tudor family.
  The Tudor Junyu series has distinctive logos: generous sizes, three-piece lugs unique to the brand, exquisite crown protection and a concave bezel. The appearance characteristics are clear at a glance; the different models are equipped with the most complicated top The movement is a manifestation of its advanced technology and unique personality. In the following years, the brand has always used this as a basis to carefully improve the line design of the Excalibur case and introduce new ones to show that it contains the brand’s own sense of innovation.
  The improved appearance of the Tudor Junyu series, the pitted bezel lines are more refined, the crown protection is integrated with the case at the same time, and it is more comfortable to wear on the wrist. It is clearer and the overall design is more natural. All of the above shows the strong style of the Tudor Junyu series. Classics and innovation continue. Its 2010 works are even more powerful, continuing this series of mavericks, equipped with top-of-the-line Tudor top movements, making its overall style more contemporary. Exquisite and unrivaled appearance, with platinum or other rare metal shells, hollowed-out dial, showing the beauty of ‘bone feel’, coupled with the changing style of Roman numerals, showing elegant style, shaped outside, refined inside, beautiful ‘core ‘It’s amazing.
  The most prominent piece in the work is the Tudor Junyu series hollow double flying tourbillon watch. This watch is wrapped in charcoal RD01 in a rose gold case
SQ hand-wound movement, the top movement is engraved with the Geneva mark. The extremely complex and dazzling twin flying tourbillons go hand in hand and are widely acclaimed among its fans and collectors. While expanding the Tudor product lineup, it once again proved the brand’s reinterpretation of the superb skills and amazing creativity of traditional watchmaking. The watch comes with a black handmade alligator strap and a rose gold buckle. The production of this masterpiece is limited to 28 pieces, highlighting its preciousness and collection value.
  In fact, for a long time, men’s long-awaited boutique products must not only have complex functions to provide convenience in life, but also become their status symbol and talk. And the mechanical watch that represents the mature charm of men, especially the tourbillon that exerts the mechanical watch to the extreme, has more appeal to it. It combines all the advantages in a Tudor Junyu series hollow double flying tourbillon men’s watch. The ultimate choice for any attractive man.
How about Tudor Junyu series, netizens comment
  Comment one: I have always been optimistic about this Junxuan series watch. It has been worn for two days, and the travel time is quite accurate. There is not much error. The dial is atmospheric and cute. Recommend …
  Comment 2: Personally, the Tudor’s Junyu series is much more cost-effective than the Prince series. The straps of the Junyu series, like Rolex, are solid straps. The Prince series are all hollow. . .
Jun Yu series sells for
  The price of the Junyu series ranges from 10,000 to 50,000. The most popular Junyu series models are around 20,000 yuan. For more information about Tudor Junyu series, please enter: