Beard Month Open – Men: I Wish You A Better Life Oris Beard Month Special Edition Watch

At present, men’s health issues are often overlooked by the public. As a world-renowned male health charity, the Movember Beard Month Foundation was established in Australia in 2003 and is committed to making men’s lives healthier and happier. This year, Oris joined hands with the Beard Month Foundation to launch the Oris Movember Beard Month Special Edition Watch to raise money for the Beard Month Fund to fund men’s health projects. At the same time, Oris also invited three men who are committed to improving men’s health in different fields to form a beard month team and encourage more people to participate in the activities of the Foundation. At Thanksgiving, Oris calls on men around the world to care for themselves while thanking family and friends.

Oris Beard Month Special Edition
   ‘Movember’ is a combination of ‘Moustache’ and ‘November’. The Movember campaign is held in November each year. Men participating in the sport draw attention to men’s health issues through intensely masculine activities such as shaving and shaving. In 2017, Oris cooperated with the Beard Moon Foundation for the first time and launched the Beard Moon Special Edition watch, and raised 45,000 Swiss francs for the foundation. Continuing the spirit of the previous generation, Oris set a fundraising target of 100,000 Swiss francs this year. In addition to the funds raised during the beard month event, Oris also invested part of the product’s sales profits into the fund.

Brown cowhide leather strap with ‘Mo’ logo

   As a special edition of the Beard Month, this series has an ingenious ‘beard’ element: a screw-in stainless steel caseback. In addition to the classic vintage coat of arms of Oris, it is also printed with the Beard Month logo; brown leather The strap is embossed with the ‘Mo’ logo of the beard month in tribute to the spirit of the ‘beard month’. The classic sapphire ‘bubble mirror’ is also a classic element of the big crown watch. The convex arc shows the retro charm of half a century ago. The performance and texture of sapphire also give people a new touch.

From left to right: Johannes Wimmer, PTSD doctor in Berlin, Miguel Gutierrez, British web drama producer, and Scott Poynton, Australian forest protector

   In addition to launching new products, Oris will also work with three men who are committed to improving men’s health in different areas at this year’s Beard Month event, forming the Oris “Beard Moon Team” and inviting them to be the Beard Month of November 2018 Image ambassador for the event.

Mr. Johannes Wimmer, PTSD Doctor, Berlin

   Mr. Johannes Wimmer in Berlin is a doctor specializing in mental health and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) in a hospital. He found that when doctors communicate with patients, they often stand in the perspective of professional medical staff to communicate with them, rather than the perspective of potential patients. Therefore, he founded the Dr. Wimmer section on Youtube, hoping to discuss male health in an easy-to-understand manner; Miguel Gutierrez is the producer of the Internet series ‘Nomad Barber’, and he likes travel, haircuts and photography. , Trying to use this web drama to record haircut customs around the world. During the recording, he had the opportunity to communicate with men around the world, listen to their voices, and give them suggestions. He believes: ‘Sometimes people just want to talk, not necessarily have to answer.’ Scott Poynton is a forest protector in Australia. His close contact with nature throughout the year has made him deeply aware of the process of walking and talking in nature. Benefits gained. He has been associated with the Beard Moon Foundation for a long time, and began to raise funds in 2014. As a walker close to nature, he will encourage and invite more people to join him. During this beard month event, the three ambassadors will communicate with male friends to discuss the impact of active lifestyles and attitudes on physical and mental health, so that more men can see the rewards of health care.

   “You do n’t have to be rich, you do n’t have to be famous, you do n’t have to have a huge social impact,” said Ulrich Herzog, global president of Oris. Action by one person. ” Go Your Own Way ‘is a brand new idea of ​​Oris. This time, in cooperation with the Beard Moon Fund and the Beard Moon Team, different individuals in various fields can speak together and encourage men in healthy There is no need to modify taboos in terms of issues, and the courage to publish individuality claims explains the sense of social responsibility shouldered by the brand.

Oris Bearded Month Special Edition
Product Numbers: 01 754 7741 4037 (including leather suit)
Table diameter: 40.00 mm
Oris754 self-winding mechanical movement, hands-on instant jump calendar, stop seconds function
Stainless steel case and screw-down crown, 50 meters water resistant
Screw-down stainless steel caseback with beard moon logo and Oris vintage coat of arms
Sapphire ‘bubble mirror’ with anti-glare coating on the inside
Black dial, rose gold hands, hands and scales coated with Super-LumiNova® C3
With brown leather strap, hot-moustache ‘Mo’ logo, and fabric strap (stainless steel pin buckle)
Suggested retail price: RMB 12,800