A Brief Review Of The Athens Nautical Series Great Fire Enamel Tourbillon

In the past, wearing the tourbillon, one of the ‘three complicated functions’, was full of strong gold coins. As the technology matures, more and more brands can design tourbillons, and the competition is fierce. The market price of this feature watch has begun to fall. Compared with the other two complicated functions, the tourbillon is a bit out of touch. The domestic tourbillon takes the seagull as an example, the threshold is not high, and it can be played up to 10,000 yuan. Among the Swiss tourbillons, Tag Heuer currently claims to have the cheapest tourbillon, which costs more than 100,000 yuan. After comparison, the span is larger, so here is a question: In which price range do you think the tourbillon is positioned? Or, how much tourbillon would you buy? Well, the problem is left to you to think slowly. The main content of today is to introduce a tourbillon with a good value: the Athens sailing series Great Fire Enamel Tourbillon. In fact, this tourbillon was launched in SIHH in 2017. It is not a new thing, but it is a relatively cost-effective style among the Swiss tourbillons. It is more expensive than Tag Heuer. The keywords also include: homemade Large fire enamel plate, homemade tourbillon movement. A long time ago, I said something like this. Athens enamel is one of the best enamels in the world. The effect of this watch is still so. At the same time, it is also one of the few workshops that fully master the complex technology of the large fire enamel. The lustrous texture of the plate can resist almost all the adverse conditions and stay for decades. The time scale is designed with long Roman numerals, which is balanced on the left and right. The brand name and the place of origin are displayed symmetrically in the middle of the dial. The 60-hour power reserve indicator is on the top, and the 60-second tourbillon is on the bottom. Swiss Made and Grand Feu ( Daming fire). Retro-looking hands with luminous material on the tail. The diameter of the 43mm steel shell is slightly larger, and the upper outer ring is decorated with copper coin patterns. The internal movement model is UN-128, 4Hz vibration frequency, 36 gems, 100 meters water resistance, COSC certification. It is a completely self-produced movement in Athens. Its silicon escapement and silicon spring are self-made and antimagnetic Temperature-resistant, Athens was also the only brand in SIHH that could make its own silicon hairspring. I suddenly thought of Girard Perregaux’s flexible silicon hairspring constant power structure. In this way, Kering Group’s technology application of silicon material has reached the top level. The movement of UN-128 is also sincere. The splint is decorated with Geneva round patterns and hand polished chamfers. The anchor-type rotor has a variety of different modifications. The domestic price of the watch is about 220,000. Back to the original question, how much tourbillon would you buy? Do not ask for powder, just talk about the public number of the watch

Bauper Basel’s New Premier Watches Debut In Shanghai

From August 6th to August 26th, Blancpain, the world’s oldest timepiece brand, unveiled a new and exquisite watch that shocked the Baselworld 2012, at the Shanghai Peace Hotel. The exhibition at the Peace Hotel in Shanghai is the final stop of Blancpain’s 2012 China Basel Tour, following Beijing, Taiyuan, Shenyang and Hangzhou stations. Blancpain Villeret World’s First Chinese Almanac Red and Gold Edition
     More than four months of tour exhibitions have enabled the majority of Chinese watch enthusiasts to experience the extraordinary watchmaking craftsmanship of this Swiss classic timepiece creator. It is believed that at the 21-day exhibition in Shanghai, the Chinese calendar and a number of classic models will once again conquer the vast number of Chinese consumers, and complete the perfect stop for Blancpain’s 2012 China Basel Exhibition.
     As the ending point of the 2012 Basel China Watch Tour, Blancpain not only brought the Chinese annual calendar that caused a world sensation at the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show in 2012, but also this time The Villeret ultra-thin retrograde small seconds watch, the Super Trofeo flyback chronograph watch and Blancpain Villeret classic 8-day power reserve watch are presented to the Chinese audience at the exhibition. Watches.
     At the exhibition, after five years of hardening, the combined wisdom of the Sino-Swedish team, the creation of a new 3638 complex mechanical movement and the world’s first Chinese calendar with this movement, became the well-deserved focus of the audience. Marc Junod, Blancpain’s vice president of global sales, shared the birth story of the Chinese calendar. ‘Five years ago, Blancpain decided to make history and start developing a Chinese calendar watch. Because we saw Blancpain and China The commonalities of civilizations-Chinese civilization is constantly updated and improved based on traditional wisdom, and the essence of Blancpain’s brand is exactly ‘tradition and innovation’. Blancpain runs China’s ancient age and calendar perfectly before others On the watch-This transcends the concept of simple use of image totems or Chinese characters, and expresses a pure watch manufacturer’s high respect for oriental cultural traditions and the origins of Swiss watchmaking. ‘
     Blancpain Chinese calendar is the world’s first wristwatch that perfectly displays the traditional Chinese ‘yin and yang stem’ year and calendar on the dial. It successfully implements Swiss watchmaking technology and Chinese traditional calendar on a 45 mm diameter dial. The collision of Eastern and Western cultures conveys the understanding and appreciation of Western traditional timekeeping crafts to Chinese traditional culture. During the research and development process, the team of Blancpain watchmakers has solved the problem of irregular Chinese calendar, solved the problem of displaying the solar calendar and the Chinese lunar calendar, and integrated the moon phase profit and loss function that is closely related to the Chinese calendar. Extraordinary masterpiece.
Watchmaking innovation
     The Blancpain Chinese Calendar is the world’s first wristwatch that perfectly displays the traditional Chinese ‘yin and yang stems’ chronology and calendar on the dial. It took five years of research and development. During the research and development process, the team of Blancpain watchmakers has solved the problem of irregular Chinese calendar, solved the problem of displaying the solar calendar and the Chinese lunar calendar, and integrated the moon phase profit and loss function that is closely related to the Chinese calendar. Extraordinary masterpiece.
     The lunar calendar selects the yin and yang as the time reference, which is different from the current Gregorian calendar that only uses the sun as a time reference, which determines the complexity and richness of its content. How to present the complex and rich traditional Chinese calendar on the dial is the biggest technical challenge faced by the team of Blancpain watchmakers in the research and development process. The lunar calendar is a traditional calendar adopted by China for a long time. It belongs to the Yin and Yang calendar. The average calendar month is equal to a lunar month. Set the leap month so that the average calendar year is a return year. Set the twenty-four solar terms to reflect the change of the season (anniversary movement of the direct solar point). Features, and therefore also contains the components of the solar calendar. The positions of the large and small lunar months, the leap year, and the leap month are calculated according to the formula. The Gregorian calendar used in Western countries belongs to the flat calendar defined by the flat time period. The number of days is basically fixed and the rules are set. It has no strong astronomical significance.
     After unremitting efforts, Blancpain has developed a new 3638 automatic winding complex mechanical movement set with 39 gems and 434 parts to configure this Chinese calendar. The power reserve can reach 7 days. More than 200 parts such as Carrousel and Tourbillon. This movement breaks through many technical difficulties in combining the traditional Western solar calendar (Gregory calendar, the Gregorian calendar now widely used) with the traditional Chinese calendar and the lunar calendar, making the traditional Chinese ‘yin and yang branch’ calendar and calendar perfectly present in Watch with dial. The small dial at 12 o’clock displays hour numbers and characters (24-hour cycle); the five-line element and ten-day stem at 10 o’clock (10-year cycle); the lunar month at 12 o’clock (12-month cycle) , Lunar calendar (30-day cycle) and leap month; the year window at 12 o’clock shows the zodiac sign of the year (12-year cycle), highlighting the mysterious beauty of traditional Chinese timepieces. What’s more worth mentioning is that this watch integrated with the Chinese calendar and the dial’s 6 o’clock position correspond to the profit and loss of the moon phase, which adds to the viewing pleasure and practical value.
Cultural collision meets Chinese and Western wisdom
     The Blancpain Chinese Almanac breaks through the chronograph function of traditional watches and successfully demonstrates the traditional Chinese ancient timekeeping method-Swiss watchmaking technology and Chinese traditional calendar have been realized on the 45mm diameter dial of the Chinese Almanac. The collision of Eastern and Western cultures conveys the understanding and appreciation of Western traditional timekeeping crafts to Chinese traditional culture.
     For the team of Blancpain watchmakers, the development of this Chinese calendar is not only facing the differences in the two timing methods, but also the differences between the eastern and western cultures behind the two timing cultures. The Blancpain watchmaker team has consulted a large amount of Chinese calendar documents, and has invited Chinese professors from the University of Geneva and the Blancpain Chinese team to participate in the research and development process. In the process of studying and researching, the Blancpain watchmaking team gradually understood the Chinese calendar, and deeply lamented the profoundness of Chinese culture. Lunar calendar was originally established in the Xia Dynasty and perfected in the Han Dynasty. It has undergone evolution for four to five thousand years, and it conforms to both the moon (the new moon) and the year (return year). It can be said that it is one of the most scientific calendars in human history. Chinese culture and civilization have had a major impact. The contained solar terms are also conducive to the division of the four seasons. The included moon phases also reflect the influence of astronomical phenomena such as tides, eclipses and the moon on the climate. At the same time, it also contains twelve solar calendars and seventy-two special solar calendars. A dual-track calendar embodies the traditional culture of the integration of heaven and man in the Chinese nation. Therefore, Blancpain’s Chinese calendar is not only a timing tool. It condenses the basic dimensions of understanding time and life, reflects the connection and independence of human beings and the nature of the universe, and represents the Blancpain watchmaking team’s commitment to China. Cultural respect.
     As special guest Mr. Liang Wendao said at a previous Beijing event, the astronomical calendar is an important cornerstone of Chinese culture. A series of mysteries of cultural origin must be explored from the calendar. Blancpain will make the glorious wealth of the Chinese ancestors, the Chinese era and calendar, displayed on the watch face of today’s daily wear items. We can watch it so easily, appreciate it, feel it, and find the foundation and culture of the Chinese people in daily use.
Blancpain DNA: the founder of classic timekeeping
     In the past 7 years, Blancpain has continued to strengthen its leading position in the field of top-level mechanical watchmaking with 26 new movements. In 2012, five new movements, including 3638, 1333SQ, 69F9, 2660RL and 152B, were dazzlingly unveiled and carried in a number of extraordinary timepieces, the most amazing of which is the world’s first China with 3638 movement Almanac.
     Blancpain’s courage and cultural accumulation during the development of the Chinese calendar has highlighted his style as a leader in the traditional fine watchmaking industry. As a leader in the traditional Swiss watchmaking industry, Blancpain has been relentlessly pursuing precision and sophisticated craftsmanship. The Chinese calendar is a lineage and development of traditional Chinese culture, and it is also a bold innovation in Blancpain’s watchmaking process.
     The Chinese calendar indicates that Blancpain (Balpain) for the first time combines ancient Chinese traditional culture functionally and culturally with Swiss traditional watchmaking technology. It is also a breakthrough in Blancpain’s challenge to tradition and innovative functions. Another outstanding contribution made by development. Its ingenious craftsmanship and long-lasting elegance will surely be loved, and it will still be highly respected after the lead. The classic fusion of Swiss watchmaking skills and oriental traditional wisdom makes this watch extremely precious and highly collectible. It is believed that this rare and rare work that integrates extensive and profound oriental wisdom will surely become a true masterpiece.