Tailored Two High-quality Watches For Women Who Are New To The Workplace

Women who are new to the workplace need to experience a change in status from student to staff, and also need to adapt to workplace requirements in terms of clothing. Today, with the help of ‘Durala Promotion’, I will introduce two women’s watches that are tailor-made and cost-effective for women who are new to the workplace.

 Xu Jinglei played the step-by-step heroine Dura La in the movie ‘Dura La Promoted’. Multinational companies, workplace battles, office romances, etc., intertwined with such wonderful elements, made this movie box office hot, and also made the young white-collar workers entering the workplace see the goals and hope. If you have just become a rookie in the workplace, you will definitely worry that you look too immature and can not give others the mature and reliable impression. It doesn’t matter, learning Xu Jinglei’s clothes and accessories in the movie will definitely make you a mature office lady instantly from the young students.
Recommended watch: Citizen Eco-Drive Series EW9241-51A watch

 As one of the world’s most famous horological multinational companies, Citizen has a history of more than 70 years of watchmaking. One of its biggest highlights is the light kinetic energy watch, which can make more watch lovers feel different timepieces Bring fun. The square dial has simple lines, and the hour markers without extra clutter are only marked with Arabic numerals at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock. The silver stainless steel strap and sapphire crystal are both common and easy to match.
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 The silver silk professional dress seemed like hard armor, all indestructible. The same shiny stainless steel watch adds a touch of style. The crystal long round pearl necklace makes people feel mature women. Pointed stiletto heels bring sharp style to the workplace. If you’re still worried that you’re not mature enough, this outfit will surely work best.

 When entering a new field, there must be new methods of work. How to avoid mistakes that should not be made is a problem that every newcomer in the workplace thinks hard about. In the TV drama version of ‘Dura Lala’s Promotion’, Wang Luodan played a ‘living Dura La’ that began to make mistakes repeatedly. In this TV series with high ratings, how does Wang Luodan interpret the cautiousness of the rookie in the workplace? Black and white gray is a match that can never go wrong.
Recommended watch: Mido Berencelli M7600.4.26.1 watch

 Mido is a familiar watch brand for players who like to get started with mechanical watches, and the Belem Celli series is an integral part of it. This watch has a diameter of 29 mm and a case thickness of 6 mm. The entire body of the watch is made of stainless steel. The round white dial is the most common watch style and can definitely be called a versatile model. The sapphire crystal glass is anti-glare, so you can avoid timing errors.
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 The matching of the white shirt on the upper body and the gray sweater coat is natural and natural, and the black professional skirt on the lower body outlines a serious working female line with only a few simple folds. Black commuter low-heeled shoes will allow you to be generous in work and meetings without overloading your legs. Coupled with a gray-black handbag and a delicate small necklace, this security card was successfully played.
 I hope that these two watches introduced by you today will help you all the women who are new to the workplace to have a smooth and successful career.