Two Blancpain Women’s Watches Recommended

Blancpain Ultrathin Series Painted Watch

This Blancpain watch collection has an extremely bold and avant-garde edge design. A mother-of-pearl dial with guilloche trim, a combination of diamonds and silk straps make it striking, natural and gorgeous. The hand-painted flowers and petals vividly rendered in ruby ​​make the dial three-dimensional. Diamond embellished size dewdrops make the entire watch smart and playful. Two rows of delicately set diamonds make the classic double-layer bezel more vibrant. Like a lotus flower, she is a symbol of purity and perfect eternity. These distinctive features of Blancpain watches have earned them a position in the women’s watchmaking industry, which strongly proves their strong personality and characteristics, creating a perfect Blancpain watch with high reputation and feminine characteristics.
Blancpain Collection

After the Second World War, the world gradually returned to peace and returned to normal track, and Blancpain watch focused on the development of women’s watches. The small size was the mainstream of fashion at that time. Blancpain used its incomparable creativity and professional talents to minimize the parts of the mechanical movement and put them into the extremely limited female watch’s compact case space, while taking into account the functionality of reading time And its aesthetic appearance. Finally, the watchmakers of Blancpain did it, and in 1956 created the world’s smallest mechanical movement, ‘mdash; Ladybird,’ which immediately caused a warm response.
This pink watch, in addition to matching the world’s smallest mechanical movement & mdash; & mdash; Ladybird, has the same design as the 3300 women’s watch. The difference is that the 21.5 mm diameter ultra-small dial interprets painting and jewelry inlay The perfect carving is even more precious.

1956: The Birth Of A Legend

Sixty years ago, the avant-garde and boldly designed Ladybird watch became the smallest circular mechanical watch in the world at the time. Time flies for decades, and with her elegance and modernity, with bold and novel designs, noble birds come out stunningly.

    “The first circular mechanical watch in the world to be launched”-this is the advertising publicity of the gorgeous birth of the noble bird watch in 1956. At that time, jewellery watches were all the rage, and the gorgeous decoration occupied almost the entire face of the watch. Blancpain was born with genius and launched the world’s smallest circular movement Cal.R550, achieving a great technical feat. The size of this movement was only 11.85 mm, but it had a power reserve of more than 40 hours, which was amazing at the time. In order to pursue the ultimate beauty, the winding function of the crown is made into a rotating bezel, hidden on the back of the watch-in fact, this ‘make the head disappear’ magic is a replica of Blancpain’s pioneering classic design in 1926 Engraving and salute. The diameter of the shaft tip on the escape wheel is only 0.07 mm, which is smaller than a hair strand.

    Once launched, the Lady Bird watch has achieved great success, becoming the new favorite of many elegant ladies. Over the years, the Lady Bird watch has developed several times, and has continuously met the most demanding taste requirements. From full-jewel models to avant-garde models with replaceable bracelets, a series of beautiful works have been interpreted. The elegant ladybird unfolds its exquisite wings and captures the hearts of women year after year.
Yesterday and today
    Sixty years later, the Lady Bird watch is still popular, and Blancpain has also launched the new Cal. 6150 automatic winding movement in order to pay tribute to this classic watch that has played an important role in the history of women’s watches. With a diameter of only 15.7 mm, this movement is still one of the smallest self-winding movements in the world.

    For Blancpain, who has always been concerned about women, what better way to embody this festival than to create a Valentine’s Day watch for women? The 2016 Valentine’s Day watch is limited to 99 pieces and the watch is embroidered With a heart-shaped ruby ​​and a pointed diamond-set arrow, this removable charm adds extraordinary charm to the watch. In order to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Lady Bird watch and participate in this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair, Blancpain also designed another Lady Bird watch. The dial of this watch is decorated with contrasting mother-of-pearl, shaped like layers of delicate leaves.
    The strap is specially made of Louisiana crocodile leather, creating the most exquisite shape. The bezel is set with 32 brilliant diamonds, which complement the eight diamond-set hour markers on the dial. The hands are shaped like a drop of water, showing a light and agile feel. The case is made of white gold. Through the crystal on the case back, you can see the dynamic beauty of the automatic rotor with diamonds.

    In addition to these two masterpieces, Blancpain also launched two other Lady Bird watches at this year’s Basel Watch & Jewellery Fair. One of them features a mother-of-pearl dial with 4 heart-shaped rubies. In addition, the watch is adorned with a detachable inverted heart-shaped charm, which brings extraordinary elegance to the watch. The other model has a red gold case with a creamy dial and diamond-set bezel. Match a seven-star ladybug with 7 rubies and 11 diamonds. With the continuous enrichment of this series of works, the Lady Bird watch continues to lead the development of women’s watches with the ultimate beauty.

Betty Fiechter: female leader

    Fre ́de ́ric-Emile Blancpain, a descendant of Jules-Emile, was responsible for managing the Blancpain family business from 1889 to 1932. During this period, a talented young woman Betty Fichte worked with him. Betty began working at Blancpain at the age of 16 and completed training with Frederick. Her innate courage, dedication and wisdom have become a valuable asset for Blancpain’s development. Frederick-Emil started using her for production and sales. She planned modern and insightful development prospects for Blancpain, which played a valuable role in guiding the development of the brand, and also made her become the backbone of Blancpain in the future. After the death of Frederick-Emil, Betty Fichte and colleague Andre ́ Leal took out their savings, acquired Blancpain, and used Villeret’s voiced order word ‘Rayville’ Renamed Blancpain Manufacture to ‘Rayville SA, successor de Blancpain’. On July 7, 1933, Betty Fichte became the first female partner to own a famous watch factory. After the death of Andre Leyer in 1939, Betty took full control of the company and devoted herself to expanding the company’s business. Among them, she brought nephew Jean-Jacques Fiechter into the company team, and he injected huge creativity into the company’s modern development. Betty and Jean-Jacques Fichte began to develop a series of movements specially designed for jewelry accessories since 1952.This pioneering work provided new ways and potential for the development of jewelry watches, and since then has laid a treasure Perth’s international leadership in this field. As a pioneering woman, Betty Fichte laid an important foundation for the development of the Blancpain plant.
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