Djokovic Wears Seiko Astron Gps Solar Watch And Wins Fourth Wimbledon Trophy

In the just-concluded 2018 Wimbledon final, Serbia tennis player and Seiko image ambassador Novak Djokovic defeated South African star Kay 6-2 / 6-2 / 7-6 Win Anderson. This is the fourth time Novak Djokovic has won Wimbledon after 2011, 2014 and 2015. Today, he has 13 Grand Slam trophies, occupying the fourth place in history.

 Before the start of Wimbledon in 2018, Novak Djokovic had his 800th career victory on the ATP Tour and broke into another grass court event, the final of the Queen’s Club Tennis Championships.
 Novak Djokovic proved to the world that he had recovered his best form. Seiko is honored and happy to witness Novak Djokovic wearing the AstronGPSSolar watch, holding the famous Wimbledon Challenger Cup. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Six Top Tourbillons At Sotheby’s Auction

The tourbillon is taken from French Tourbillon and is a clock speed regulating device invented by Swiss watchmaker Mr. Louis Breguet in 1795. ‘Swirl’ means a mechanical watch equipped with a ‘rotary escapement speed regulation mechanism’. The tourbillon watch represents a very high level in the manufacturing process of the mechanical watch. The entire escapement speed regulating mechanism is combined and can rotate, and continuously rotates at a certain speed, which makes the gravitational force to The effect of ‘system’ is minimized to improve the accuracy of travel time. This technology has brought the beauty of dynamic art to the extreme of Dengfeng in the manufacture of watches and clocks, and has always been known as the ‘king of watches’. Today, let’s take a look at the six tourbillon watches auctioned at the Sotheby’s New York auction on June 7th, what magical experience can bring us.

Lot.59 Constance Tourbillon
Basic information: 18k rose gold dial, 42mm, enamel dial, tourbillon function, automatic cal.FC980 / cal.FC985 movement, 33 jewel bearings.
Estimate: USD 15,000-25,000, approximately RMB 100,000-170000.

Watch Reviews: Frederique Constant positions itself as ‘accessible luxury’, hoping to share high-quality Swiss watches with the public. This watch uses cal.FC980 / cal.FC985 self-winding movement, 33 jewel bearings, the perfect combination of white enamel and 18k rose gold, black Roman numerals embellish it. The tourbillon cage of this watch is composed of 80 separate parts, showing the fineness.

Lot.71 Audemars Piguet
Basic information: A single metal dial, 49 mm long, with a one-minute tourbillon, using a cal.2881 manual winding movement, 19 gem bearings. Estimate: USD 30,000-50,000, approximately RMB 200,000-340,000.
Watch Reviews: In addition to the Royal Oak series, which is widely known to the public, of course, Audemars Piguet, the world’s three major watchmaking companies, will not stop researching and developing technology. Audemars Piguet has begun to produce complex clock devices. For the first time in the world, it was Audemars Piguet that shifted the flywheel device from a pocket watch to a watch.

Lot.209 Jaeger-LeCoultre 600.2.89S tourbillon
Basic information: 18k rose gold dial with 43 mm diameter. With tourbillon function, manual winding movement cal.382, 55 jewel bearings.
Estimate: USD 120,000-180,000, approximately RMB 815,000-122 million.

Watch review: This watch has a visually stunning rocker adjuster system with a cylindrical balance spring. The tourbillon performs a stable rotational movement on two axes and is located in a 20-degree tilted titanium frame.

Lot.323 Breguet 5377 Tourbillon
Basic information: Platinum dial, 42 mm in diameter, with tourbillon function, using cal.
581DR movement, 42 jewel bearings.
Estimate: USD 60,000-90000, approximately RMB 400,000-610,000.
Watch Reviews: The Breguet 5377 Tourbillon is one of the thinnest automatic tourbillon watches in the world, which accurately corrects errors. The power reserve is shown as a fan-shaped pointer, with an opening to show the tourbillon, and a sapphire mirror to show the back.

Lot.333 Greubel Forsey Tilt Tourbillon
Basic information: 18k white gold dial with 44mm diameter. With tourbillon function, manual winding movement cal.GF01, 36 jewel bearings.
Estimate: USD 125,000-175,000, approximately RMB 850,000-1190000 yuan.
Watch comment: The 24 second tourbillon is the third invention of Greubel Forsey. Compared with the traditional one-minute tourbillon, it is an extraordinary feat. The 24-second tourbillon tilts to minimize the impact of gravity on the watch. The use of extremely low-density alloys used in aviation enables the tourbillon to overcome the pressure imposed by high speeds. The separate tourbillon frame consists of 87 parts but weighs only 0.39 grams.

Lot.334 Greubel Forsey Rare Gold Dial Tourbillon
Basic information: Rare gold dial, 45 mm in diameter. 72-hour power reserve, tourbillon function, cal.GF02E manual winding movement, 39 jewel bearings.
Estimate: USD 100,000-150,000, approximately RMB 680,000-1,200,000.
Watch Comments: The 30 ° inclined double tourbillon is the first invention of Greubel Forsey. This visual innovation won the Grand Prize of the International Chronograph Watch Competition in 2011 for Greubel Forsey. It is characterized by the design that the inner frame rotates once in 60 seconds and the outer frame rotates once in 4 minutes. Based on this tradition, this watch has only produced 11 rose gold models, which is enough to see the preciousness of this watch Sex.