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Former Rolex Award winners Frenchman Bernard Francou, Chilean Cristian Donoso, and American Lonnie Dupre, the three of them are exploring the summits and poles of the earth to study the global impact of climate change. Each of them has an unusual story to share with you.
Glacier Guardian

For those living at the foot of the Andes, such as women living at the foot of Qolquepunco in Peru, who go to Qoyllur Ritt’i to worship each year, the glacier is sacred. © Bernard Francou – IRD
For 20 years, Bernard Francou has been searching for clues about the future of our planet on glaciers at the summit of the Andes. Awarded in 2000 for extracting ice cores from Ecuador’s Chimborazo volcano, he now wants to make the public aware of a growing threat that will threaten icebergs and millions of people living at the foot of the Andes.
Historic Kayak Tour

Picture taken from Cristian Donoso
Chilean explorer Cristian Donoso ends a two-month kayak trip along the undulating coast of Antarctica, and documents the impact of global climate change on the terrain and animal life on this isolated continent.
Footsteps of the Arctic Pioneers

© Peary Centennial North Pole Expedition
In honor of Peary Centennial, one of the most famous-and most controversial-early polar expeditions, Rolex Award winner Lonnie Dupre and two other explorers completed a 54-day awesome Arctic ice trek.
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