Festival Of Time, Grateful Love Glashütte’s Original Selection Of Heaven And Earth Tourbillon Father’s Day

Father’s love, deep and generous, intangible but loud, always expressing a convergent love in every detail. Father’s Day is approaching, and Glashütte’s original will be full of expressions, expressing his father’s love with the classic world tourbillon. Father’s love is not good at expressing, just like the tourbillon will change imperceptibly at every swing of the balance wheel, hairspring and escapement, but it will ensure the accurate timing of the watch. The effect of gravity on the balance spring, etc., to improve the accuracy of travel time. This modern tourbillon is full of modernity, showing the ultimate craftsmanship, condensing a bit of heart between the square inches, and paying tribute to every deep fatherly love.

Glashütte Original World Tourbillon (PanoTourbillon XL)

Resilience and softness, the ultimate expression of fatherly love

Glashütte Original is a gift for Father’s Day, and this collection of PanoTourbillon XL is selected to praise father’s love. It is not only a masterpiece, but also the best metaphor for the supremacy of fatherly love. In addition to the large table diameter, the modern disc configuration is its outstanding feature. The platinum dial has a generous design style. The dial is composed of contrasting black and silver, and is divided into two areas. The flying tourbillon is located above the surface of the disk, and the hours and minutes are displayed below. The silver Arabic numerals are set off by the galvanized black bottom. The appearance is tough, but the fusion also adds a touch of tenderness, like a father who watches our growth with tenderness and love although he is not good at words.

Glashütte Original World Tourbillon (PanoTourbillon XL) Back

Irreplaceable, every fatherly love is paramount

The world tourbillon (PanoTourbillon XL) is not only modern in style, but also the superb craftsmanship has given it more meaning. Equipped with 41-02 manual-winding movement, this hand-winding movement, in addition to the floating tourbillon, also has the functions of power storage display and dial-back calendar display. Therefore, in Glashütte’s top German craftsmanship models, the PanoTourbillon XL has a representative status, as profound as his father’s love, tall and irreplaceable.

Glashütte Original World Tourbillon (PanoTourbillon XL) Series

New collections allow precious feelings to be sublimated

In 1920, Mr. Alfred Helwig, a mentor to the German watchmaking school in the town of Glashütte, invented the amazing work-the flying tourbillon. It has been sublimated on the PanoTourbillon XL product. The collection is new and cherished. On Father’s Day, we bring a gift of condensed gratitude to all the profound shores, and always give our father who is solid companionship, to every father’s love that has been quietly passed by time. pay tribute.