Iwc Celebrates ‘the Longest Flight Of The Silver Wing Spitfire’ Glory Departure

August 5, 2019, Schaffhausen / Goodwood-Swiss watchmaker Schaffhausen IWC joins Boultbee Flight Academy and Air Travel Aviation Adventures Ltd celebrated the ‘Silver Spitfire-The Longest Flight’ expedition in Goodwood, UK. In the warm cheers of more than 400 guests, the carefully repaired Spitfire embarked on an unprecedented journey around the world. IWC honors as the official timepiece and main partner of this flight.

‘The Longest Flight of the Silver Wing Spitfire’ Celebration Ceremony
From left to right: British actor Finn Cole, IWC brand ambassador and former F1 star driver David Coulthard, well-known British TV broadcaster Dermont O’Leary , IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr, Duke Richmond, British actor Taron Egerton, pilots Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones, IWC brand Ambassador and British actress Rosamund Pike

   Over a period of two years, more than a dozen experts worked together on the restoration of the prototype Spitfire MK.IX, which was built in 1943 at Castle Bromwich. The repaired ‘Silverwing Spitfire’ successfully tested in July this year, and today it is finally able to set sail from Goodwood Aerodrome to begin this high-profile worldwide journey. Matt Jones, co-founder of the Bottby Flight Academy, will be responsible for the first leg of the British iconic aircraft.
   IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr said: ‘I am very happy to witness the beginning of this expedition. No Spitfire in aviation history has experienced such a long and difficult period. Journey. I sincerely hope that Steve and Matt and all back office staff will be a complete success. ‘

IWC CEO Christoph Grainger-Herr wears IWC Spitfire Pilot World Time Zone Watch ‘Longest Flight’ Limited Edition (Model: IW395501)

   Steve Boultbee Brooks said before departure: ‘We have been nervous in recent months and countless things to do. We are very excited to finally start this great adventure and share the glory of the Silver Wing Spitfire with the world. This is a daunting task, but it is an honor to be part of it. Now is the time to make history. ‘

Matt Jones enters ‘Silver Wing Spitfire’ cockpit ready to sail

   Gala Dinner and Air Show
   On the eve of the plane’s departure, IWC hosted a private dinner for two pilots and crew at Goodwood Manor. Today, more than 400 guests gathered here to celebrate this grand celebration party. On-site carnival is continuous, there are various kinds of special activities such as band performances, air shows and so on. IWC brand ambassador, British actress Rosamund Pike, IWC brand ambassador, former F1 star driver David Coulthard and celebrities from all walks of life also attended, including the host of famous British TV broadcasts Dermot O’Leary, British actors Finn Cole and Taron Egerton.

IWC IWC brand ambassador Pei Chunhua wears IWC pilot series TOP GUN navy air combat watch (model: IW326901) to attend the celebration ceremony

IWC celebrates ‘longest flight of Silver Wing Spitfire’ at Goodwood Manor, UK

   During this round-the-world flight, two British pilots will visit 30 countries and fly over 43,000 kilometers. According to the route, they will first arrive in Iceland, then Canada, and then enter the United States. The flight will go through about 100 flight segments. The entire journey will travel through different time zones. Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones will wear the IWC Spitfire Pilot World Time Zone Watch ‘Longest Flight’ Limited Edition (model: IW395501), which is the official watch for this trip around the world With a watch, you can quickly adjust the time to any time zone simply by rotating the bezel.

IWC Spitfire Pilot World Time Zone Watch ‘Longest Flight’ Limited Edition (Model: IW395501)
   Boulderby Flying Academy

‘The Longest Flight of the Silver Wing Spitfire’ Pilots Steve Brooks and Matt Jones wear the official timepiece of the mission IWC Spitfire pilot world time zone watch ‘Longest Flight’ limited edition (model: IW395501 )

   The Burtby Flying Academy is the world’s first Spitfire professional training organization and a licensed Spitfire flight supplier. Its owners are British pilots Matt Jones and Steve Boultbee Brooks. The Burntby Flying Academy offers Spitfire experience flights, provides non-professional pilots with an innovative Spitfire flight simulator driving experience, and provides Spitfire fighter driving training to licensed professional pilots. The Bottby Flight Academy offers flight and flight driving experiences in more and more parts of the UK. The college is headquartered at Goodwood Airport, West Sussex, England, next to the white cliffs of Beachy Head and the Needles on the Isle of Wight-which means The fire fighter flight experience can be built around one of the most iconic sights on the UK’s South Coast. Through the cooperation with IWC, Matt Jones and Steve Boultbee Brooks’ dream of flying around the world with the original Spitfire became a reality.
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