Breguet Classique 7787 Moon Phase Watch

Also in the Classique series, Breguet launched a new product: the Classique 7787 moon phase watch. The watch is available in two sizes (39 mm and 36 mm in diameter) for both men and women. This model will be produced in two different material dials, also using a hand-engraved (rose engine) dial, one of which appears in white gold, the other in 18K rose gold. The 18K rose gold model will also be available with a large fire-fired enamel dial, one of which is set with diamonds. This new set of watches will only be sold in pairs in the Breguet boutique, which will also include a pair of cufflinks and a matching necklace pendant.

   The Classique Moon Phase watch has a central hour, minute and second hand, and also has two complex designs: a moon phase at 12 o’clock and a power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock. The power reserve is indicated by a slender pointer, which is easy to read and elegant. From a technical point of view, this watch contains the Breguet Calibre 591 DRL movement, a self-winding mechanical movement with a thickness of only 3.02 mm, making it the thinnest in its series. This watch has a dual barrel, giving it a 38-hour power reserve, as well as a silicon escapement and balance spring. Silicon is a material with many advantages: Silicon is extremely lightweight, improves shock resistance, is non-magnetic, and requires no lubrication.

   From a technical perspective, Breguet insists on being at the forefront of technological progress. Conversely, design aesthetics is as faithful as possible to the aesthetics of Abraham-Louis Breguet, the founder of Breguet. The Arabic numerals on the enamel section use the typeface created by this distinguished watchmaker for his first watch. These figures are slender, clear and elegant, perfectly conveying the founder’s style, and are named after him now: Breguet numbers. In another tributary to the royal family dating back to before 1790, the watch has minute scales made of tiny stars, and every five minutes scale is decorated with stylish iris flowers. The power reserve scale is decorated with small arrows, inspired by the dial decoration of the 92nd pocket watch dating back to 1785. According to the requirements of the style, all dials are made of solid gold, and are decorated by hand engraving (rose engine) or enamel. All hand-made engravings (guilloché) are made by hand following the ancient techniques passed down from Mr. Breguet more than 200 years ago. Just like the work at the time, the two were sold in pairs in expensive Burr elm boxes. Out of respect for tradition, both models feature enamel dials made with fire-fired technology, using Breguet numerals. The box-set diamond version is set with a total of 96 full-cut diamonds weighing a total of 0.72 carats.

   In addition to two pairs of watches, a pair of cufflinks for men and pendants for women are provided in the set. The cufflinks are made of 18K rose gold and are embellished with a coin pattern just like the front side. The decoration consists of a 14-mm-diameter micro-dial, which is hand-made and fired with enamel from a large fire. The dial embodies details of some enamel watches, such as numbers, moon phases or Breguet’s secret signature. Both the moon phases and the stars are made of pure gold after the blue glaze.
   The pendant is a double-sided moon in rose gold. Its ‘night’ side is set with snowflakes, which is an original process of setting diamonds of different sizes together to cover the largest surface area. The snowflake setting uses 93 full-cut diamonds weighing a total of 0.71 carats. 84 single-cut diamonds, cut out 17 sides, used to outline the gentle curve of the moon. The pendant ‘Day’ is pierced with 3 stars and reveals the hand-engraved Breguet signature.
Watch description
Ref. 7787BR / 29 / 9V6
The case is round, cast in 18k rose gold and has a delicate coin pattern on the side of the case. Sapphire crystal case back. 39 mm in diameter. The curved ears are welded to the case and reinforced with bolt pins. Water-resistant to 3 Pa (30 meters).
Dial Large flame fired Enamel. Individually numbered and Breguet signature. Dial with Arabic numerals. At 12 o’clock, the moon phase is shown. 3 o’clock is the power reserve indication. Breguet blued-steel hands with needle-pointed strands.
The movement is self-winding with an independent number and a Breguet signature. Cal. 591 DRL. 11½ minutes, 25 jewel bearings. 38-hour power reserve. Hand-engraved 18K gold oscillating weight. Silicone straight fork escapement. Silicon balance with hairspring. On the balance wheel, there are 4 adjusting screws. 4 Hz frequency. Adjusted in 6 positions.
Strap White alligator leather strap.
Also available in bezel and lugs with 92 diamonds (total 0.92 carats) (Ref: 7788BR / 29 / 9V6 DD00)