Rado Swiss True Series Face Mirror Watch Brand Together With Polish Designer Oskar Zieta To Create A New Exclusive Watch

(Switzerland Linnow – 2017) Swiss pioneer watch brand RADO has launched a new co-creation design. This time, Rado and the pioneering Polish architect Oscar Zieta presented a limited edition masterpiece of timepieces. This watch combines the classic design and high-tech structure of the RADO True series with the iconic reflective surface of Zieta.

 The case of the RADO True Series Face mirror uses grey matte high-tech ceramics. This lightweight material gives the watch all-round beauty and high wear resistance. The neutral-toned case and bracelet are satin-finished, in harmony with the watch’s most striking high-gloss dial. The dial is made of thin stainless steel, slightly recessed and polished to have a mirror-like fascinating effect of light and shadow. By adding unexpected details, the dial’s reflectivity is maximized: the bottom of the matte gray hands is decorated with rose gold to present a different multi-colored luster.

 The True Halo watch is another natural continuation of Zietta’s polished stainless steel works, which include a series of perfectly polished mirrors and furniture called Plopp. Creative experimental design methods make the watch look like a blown up balloon. ‘My work spans many fields: science, architecture, furniture design, and art,’ explains Zietta. ‘I need to take time to create works with unique and timeless qualities, but at the same time I always feel the urgency of time.’

 As a material pioneer, Rado Swiss Rado uses hard metal and high-tech ceramic materials for the watchmaking industry, and Zietta’s enthusiasm for material research has made him a logical partner for Rado Swiss Rado. ‘I started with materials, and adopted a design method that goes from details to the whole, so that my work can fully show their material characteristics,’ Zieta said. ‘True True Face mirrors not only have an eye-catching appearance, but also have a high respect for precious materials. These values ​​give deep connotations to the wrist.’

 Mr. Matthias Breschan, RADO Global President, commented, “I first learned about Mr. Oscar’s work at last year’s“ Light Design ”theme exhibition. The work is really amazing. I am very honored that we can have the opportunity to work together and integrate his design ideas into the RADO product range. True True Face mirror is not only beautiful, but also a great Design achievement. ‘
 RADO Swiss Rado True True Series Face mirror is part of the brand’s limited edition watch series launched this year. Many well-known designers will cooperate with the brand in depth and focus their personal design vision on RADO Swiss Rado True. Among the real series.

Simple And Classic Tasting Baume & Mercier Clemais Series Steel Watch

Baishi adheres to the founder’s motto “Aestheticism, only manufactures high-quality watches”, and is committed to creating watches of outstanding quality and restrained luxury. As the iconic series of Baume & Mercier watches, the delicate and durable look of the Chrysmak series is one of the most popular timepieces. In 2017, SIHH, Baume & Mercier launched a number of new Chrysler watches. In order to meet the desire of watch lovers to wear brand-name luxury watches with affordable prices, the Chrysler watches also keep pace with the times and constantly introduce new ones. This one introduced to you today is also among the new timepieces, let’s take a look at it below. (Watch model: M0A10374)

Always so smelly

Watch display

   I don’t know when it started, I like this elegant and beautiful watch, which has a lot of charm and classics, and integrates the simplicity and exquisiteness admired by modern people. Shows the strong brand charm, although it will not show its characteristics so intuitively at first glance, but the longer you pay attention to it, the more you will realize its intriguing unique charm.

Watch case display
   A traditional stainless steel case with a diameter of 40 mm. After polishing, the case exhibits a round and smooth sensory enjoyment. Extremely timeless, very beautiful, giving the wearer a low-key luxury style. The exquisite stainless steel crown, engraved with a celebrity logo on the upper part, brings a unique charm to the watch. The polished crown feels very comfortable and is not slippery, ensuring smooth and accurate debugging of the watch.

Watch dial display
   The classic silver dial is embellished with linear ornamentation, which is especially elegant and solemn under the warm light. Roman numerals, bar hour markers and gold-plated hands are intuitive and eye-catching, which improves the time reading efficiency of the watch, which is convenient and practical.

Watch movement display
   The new watch uses a back-through process, the back cover is round and compact, and it is highly ornamental through natural light. Through the sapphire glass back cover, the movement’s operation is unobstructed at a glance. Equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement, it guarantees the accurate movement of the watch and is very reliable.

Watch bracelet display

Watch buckle display
   The stainless steel bracelet with triple folding clasp is comfortable and convenient. The buckle protects the watch from the wrist and prevents it from slipping off easily. It looks good and stylish, classic and atmospheric, with a humble accompaniment to the beautiful years of mastery and fame.

Watch overall display

Summary: The combination of advanced materials and exquisite craftsmanship shows simplicity and elegance. Lay on a white tablecloth, it looks like a humble gentleman. When lying sideways, it can show its simple and connotative men’s charm, showing elegance and toughness. This steel model of the Chrysler series is also one of the better models this year. Like cousin, just look forward to its listing. Watch reference price: RMB 21,800