Rolex Daytona 2018 Exhibition Appreciate The Watch Destined To Compete With Speed

Shanghai, April 3, Rolex invites you to visit the Oyster Perpetual Cosmograph Daytona Watch Exhibition to unveil the story behind this legendary watch. This special exhibition aims to celebrate the design inspiration that inspired this classic watch: a love for speed and motorsport.

Rolex Daytona 2018 Exhibition_ © Rolex

   The Rolex Daytona series exhibition will be presented exclusively in the ‘Rolex World’ in Shanghai from April 3, 2018 to April 15, 2018.

   This exhibition features a series of interactive displays that trace the origin and evolution of the cosmological Daytona. The Cosmograph Daytona watch is named after the speed capital of Florida, USA, and is loved by racing masters, racing enthusiasts and watch fans in the world.

One place, one watch, one legend

Rolex Daytona 2018 Exhibition_ © Rolex

   The Cosmograph Daytona was born in 1963. It was specially designed for racing cars and soon lays great achievements in the racing world with its reliable and outstanding performance. In the name of ‘DAYTONA’, this watch is now among the classic watches, becoming a world-renowned and popular chronograph watch.

   ‘Dittona’ is an evocative name that has created its own legend before it has inextricably linked with Rolex’s classic models. This legend is made possible by countless land speed records, super-powered engines, dune racing and bold racing feats.

Daytona-the speed capital of the world
   It all started in Daytona Beach, Florida, USA in the early twentieth century. This vast, hard and sandy area, with straight and flat terrain and a length of more than 35 kilometers (22 miles), has become a legendary land for conquering speed and the rise of motorsport. From 1903 to 1935, 14 world land speed records were created there. The natural track of Daytona Beach is extraordinary, attracting car pioneers from Europe and the United States to meet here, driving the most powerful car at that time.

   Motorsport made Daytona Beach famous all over the world, and soon won the reputation of ‘the world’s speed capital’. In March 1935, British driver Malcolm Campbell drove the famous Bluebird, setting an average speed record of 445 kilometers per hour (276 miles per hour) at Daytona Beach. Just a few months later, he broke the limit of 300 miles per hour in Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah, setting a new world land speed record. The famous ‘king of speed’ has been wearing Rolex Oyster since the early 1930s.

Racer’s watch

   The racing tradition continued at Daytona Beach until the late 1950s, and continued at the specially built Daytona International Circuit. The circuit opened in 1959 and is one of the first super-tracks in the world. Every year, this huge three-ellipse track hosts racing events, just like the Daytona 500 and Rolex Daytona 24 Hours. The track is 4 kilometers in length, with corners of 31 degrees. Experienced drivers consider the latter to be one of the world’s toughest races. The Rolex Daytona 24 Hours is equivalent to the Le Mans 24 Hours in the United States.

   The Daytona International Circuit has a glorious history. The Rolex Chronograph Cosmograph Daytona, born in 1963, is named after it. This chronograph is extremely innovative, and its functions are extremely easy to identify because of the contrast between the chronograph and the speedometer. The speedometer is moved from the surface to the periphery of the outer ring. The sporty appearance is due to careful consideration of functionality, intended to meet the needs of the wearer, making this watch the best tool for timing and speed measurement on the track.

Continue the legend
   For half a century, the cosmograph Daytona has created its own legend. By the mid-1960s, it had become Daytona’s 24-hour endurance championship prize. The event began in 1962 and was renamed the Rolex Daytona 24 Hours in 1992. Every January, drivers flock to this race. Many of the world’s best endurance racers believe that Rolex Dayton is still the highest honor.

   In 2013, driver Scott Pruett and his team won for the fifth time. A few days before winning the bid, he said, ‘Everything is for this watch.’ Today, the race that kicks off the American racing season is often referred to simply as the ‘Rolex Race’, thanks to this prestigious prize.

   The cosmograph Daytona is also a timepiece for the Le Mans 24-hour endurance race and a watch worn by Rolex spokesperson Tom Kristensen. Chris Fujimori is the only driver to win the Le Mans 24 Hours for the ninth time. In 2013, Rolex became the main partner of Formula One, demonstrating the common pursuit of performance, innovation, precision and excellence, thus strengthening the connection with motorsport again.

   The Cosmograph Daytona watch, like all other legends, retains a mystery for its success. Since the introduction of the newly designed self-winding style in 1988, the appeal of this Rolex chronograph watch has doubled, and its charm has continued unabated ever since. In 2000, Rolex equipped this watch with a new high-performance automatic movement. This movement is entirely designed and manufactured by Rolex. Its innovation is a symbol of Rolex’s watchmaking knowledge and professional craftsmanship, setting a new standard for chronographs in terms of ruggedness, reliability and precision.

   Fifty years after the cosmograph Daytona was introduced, it continued to evolve. Rolex has never changed its approach: it strives to design and manufacture the ideal chronograph watch to meet the brand’s philosophy of perfection. In addition, legends often surpass their creators and continue.

Oris New Watch Launched To Create ‘deep Sea Legend’

World-renowned watch brand ORIS of Switzerland held today the launch of the ‘Deep Sea Legend’-the new Oris Divers diving watch in Beijing. At this conference, ORIS brought a number of new ‘Oris Divers diving watch’ series products. The 100m freestyle champion of the 1996 Olympic Games Le Jingyi also participated in the conference as a loyal supporter of ORIS. She and the guests witnessed the ‘freehand diving’, jointly explored the ‘deep sea legend’, and also felt the representative of Oris Divers diving watch Courage and persistence, wisdom and agility.
New Oris Divers Dive Watch
In the ‘underwater world’ created by the illusion of audiovisual system, the organizer specially designed the ‘deep diving experience link’. With the continuous changes of the sound of water, heartbeat and underwater scenes, all guests gradually ‘dive’ to ‘below the sea level 1000 meters. ‘ In the darkness where no fingers were reached, a blue ice hockey ball appeared in front of the guests. The orange smoke rose from the bottom. The new Oris Divers diving watch, which was placed in the ice hockey, rose slowly. With the light music, the atmosphere reached a climax. Models in diving suits walked into the crowd and presented the new ‘Oris Divers Diving Watch’ to the guests, allowing everyone to experience the infinite charm of the ‘Deep Sea Legend’ up close. In the end, Mr. Roland Ackermann, President of ORIS Greater China presented Oris Divers to Le Jingyi, and the whole show ended perfectly.
According to Mr. Yan Minhui, general manager of ORIS Watch China, the new Oris Divers diving watch launched by ORIS has a large surface of 49mm, a case thickness of 15.25mm and a volume of 565.2mm3. In addition to the oversized case for easy reading of the dial, the special orange fluorescent hands make the dial clearly visible even in the dark underwater world. In addition, the minute hand, hour hand, and small second hand placed in different positions can be clearly identified at a glance. Lightweight titanium alloy case with black water ripple structure dial, screw-in crown, and helium exhaust valve specially designed for diving watches. Coupled with a mechanical movement with a thickness of only 0.035mm, every detail shows the designer’s originality.
New Oris Divers Dive Watch
RISORIS has a long history of partners worldwide, including motorsports, diving, flying, culture and Hollywood. Among them, ORIS has a long and wonderful history in F1 sponsorship and celebrity endorsements. This season, ORIS will continue to cooperate perfectly with F1 star Nico Rosberg: Nico will continue to serve as ORIS brand ambassador for the next 2 years. In the meantime, he will wear an Oris watch and embroidered the ORIS brand logo on work clothes and gloves. At the press conference held by the AT & T Williams team at the beginning of the year, Nico said, ‘I am very happy to continue to cooperate with the team and sponsors in the next two years. I believe that I will succeed in the Williams team soon.’ *

The World Is In Your Hand Tasting The Breitling Bentley B04 World Time Chronograph Watch

At the just-concluded 2013 Baselworld Watch Fair, Breitling (Breitling), although it can be said that the number of new products can be counted by five fingers, but no matter which watch They are all ‘super weapons’ that can stand on their own. We have previously introduced Breitling’s Emergency II watch for you. Today, the watch home brings you the brand’s flagship series Bentley B04 world time chronograph watch.

 In 2003, it was not only the year when Bentley returned to the Le Mans 24-hour race track and won the championship and runner-up, but also the beginning of the brilliant Breitling for Bentley watch. Today, ten years later, this watch collection that combines British luxury car art and Swiss top watchmaking tradition has already possessed numerous timepieces, completely conquering the world.

 Breitling demonstrates the mastery of its chronograph and technical watch experts. It equips the brand’s three Bentley watches with three mechanical chronograph movements that have been completely designed and developed in the Breitling Precision Timepiece Center. Bentley B04 GMT is the world time chronograph watch introduced today.

Appearance articles:

 The Breitling Bentley collection embodies countless glory and glory. 2013 was an extraordinary year for this former star series. In addition to retaining the classic Bentley series elements, the design has a lot of wild avant-garde sense to make the watch full. Manly. The watch uses a large diameter of 49 mm, the material is stainless steel, two kinds of 18K red gold, the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.

 The most distinctive feature of the Bentley series is its highly recognizable bezel. Personally, in addition to the claw design of the Omega Constellation series, the bezel design of the Breitling Bentley series is also a very recognizable style. Two-way gear structure rotating bezel (with variable speedometer, ring slide).

 The dial of the watch is divided into two materials: royal ebony black and storm silver. Black is like a lightning in the night sky, and white is a gentleman from the inside out. So no matter which one is unique.

 Under the meticulously carved, black or silver imitated Bentley car radiator grille, under the hollow dial, a Breitling self-made 04 movement designed according to the most precise engine scientific design, full of dynamic.

 Through the transparent sapphire case back, the finely crafted wheel shape rotor is clear at a glance. This is not only a cross-border integration, but also the best courtesy for car lovers.


 Breitling’s self-explanatory chronograph function is still evident in the new Bentley series. The 30-minute chronograph dial at three o’clock, the 12-hour chronograph dial at six o’clock, and the small seconds dial at nine o’clock use Storm Silver and The combination of rose gold seems perfectly natural to the watch itself.

 Of course, accurate timing is still relying on Breitling’s traditional timing button to complete. Although this traditional design is not innovative, it ensures the accuracy of the timing.

 More than just timekeeping, the most useful use of this watch is in the application of two places. The wearer only needs to pull out the crown and rotate forward or backward in hours to adjust the main hour hand to the local time without affecting the accuracy of the minute hand. The date can also be adjusted automatically forward or backward simultaneously. At the same time, the second hour hand with a red tip continues to indicate the home time in a 24-hour format and can easily distinguish between day and night.

Movement articles:

 This watch is equipped with Breitling’s own 04 automatic winding movement, certified by the Swiss official observatory (COSC), high swing frequency of 28,800 per hour, 47 gemstone bearings inside the movement, power reserve of more than 70 hours. The dial provides a 24-hour second time zone display with 1/4 second accuracy and a 30-minute and 12-hour cumulative timer. It can really be said that it is a Ferrari in the movement!

Summary: This watch is equipped with a variety of straps, leather strap, crocodile strap, rubber strap, Speed ​​race metal bracelet, it can be said that the range of choice is very large. In fact, we are no stranger to the Bentley series, but this time Breitling chose to launch this glorious series at such a grand Basel watch exhibition. This shows the importance it attaches to, and it is also full of confidence. From this feedback, the watch itself has received a lot of recognition, I believe it will be a good sales watch.