Wrist Watches Are “Talking About Tiger Color”?

After about 20 years of development and maturity, China’s e-commerce has entered a comprehensive and in-depth development stage. With the development of e-commerce supporting industry logistics and online payment, the rapid popularization of e-commerce websites and applications, the more More and more integrated and vertical e-commerce companies have begun to appear.

   Let’s take a look at some data: as of the end of 2016, the number of online shopping users in China has reached 467 million, and the annual transaction size has also reached 4.7 trillion yuan, with a penetration rate of 14.3% in the total retail sales of consumer goods. The e-commerce model, typified by online shopping, has had a huge impact on consumers and businesses. The main group of online shopping is the ‘Gen Y group’. The ‘Gen Y group’ refers generally to people born between 1980 and 2000. This group is currently between the ages of 18 and 37. ‘Generation Y’ groups account for more than 36% of China’s total population, with a total of more than 500 million people. They are in this age of rapid information dissemination, and have received high-quality education and new consumption concepts. They have become China’s main consumer groups, which directly affect the development of our consumer industry model.
   My online shopping experience started with some small items, such as notebooks and signature refills. I didn’t bother to buy them at the stationery counter in the mall. And I have an adaptation period for online shopping, from small things such as pens and books to large items. Now, if there is a safe after-sale guarantee, I can accept anything to buy online.

Oris Tmall Flagship Store

   Having said all this, in fact, I want to talk about buying watches online. Since last year, many watch brands have either settled in or opened online shopping platforms. For example, Oris entered Tmall, Henry Moser also entered Jingdong this year, and Panerai and Cartier opened their official websites shop online. And in order to reassure buyers, these online shopping watches provide two services, first, a person responsible for watch delivery, and the second is to provide non-destructive full return within a period of days. These two conditions have really solved the concerns of many buyers about transportation safety and after-sales.

Audemars Piguet partners with JD.com

   This year, Audemars Piguet, the top Swiss watchmaking brand, also cooperated with JD.com to launch its online watch purchase system. Relying on the small program of WeChat can be purchased at its official WeChat store, and in terms of distribution, it is entrusted to JD.com’s “white gloves” for distribution, and each watch is delivered by a special person to ensure its transportation safety. And every watch sold online is guaranteed for seven days without reason. Of course, every watch sold enjoys all the after-sales guarantees that should be purchased offline.
   Audemars Piguet has also done online shopping, which is not a big deal in itself. Under the premise that China’s online shopping consumption environment is profitable, not only Audemars Piguet, any watch brand wants to get a share. After each brand has started online shopping, one of the most common words I hear is, ‘So and so, opening an online store is really a mental disability that drives down the brand.’

Cartier’s official website offers online shopping

   In my opinion, this sentence makes no sense. When does the consumption model have to be divided into high and low? E-commerce is already a global trend, and more watch brands are bound to join it in the near future. People with this idea simply give too much personal affection to this watch brand, and take the watch brand too seriously. First of all, he feels that this brand is a very good brand, so its business model should not be too popular, it must be compelling. Secondly, he may have bought a watch of this brand, so he ca n’t even agree with its network. Anyone on the Internet can see how to do it. The threshold is too low. How can I brag about it when I wear it!

Jaeger-LeCoultre exclusive selection of flip series through official app

   Okubo Changan in Japan during the Warring States Period, with a name of thirty thousand stones. He once said, ‘I don’t care about inferiority and inferiority. The so-called upper and lower, the first door, the expensive and the like, all are obstacles that hinder development. Only interests are the truth of everything.’ It finally established the financial foundation of the Tokugawa Shogunate at that time. For watch brands, if one day the high-end hats they create affect their own development, it will not hesitate to remove this hat. After all, for a commercial brand to maximize the benefits Is its ultimate goal. Therefore, the trend of online shopping for watches is overwhelming.
   I personally think that the biggest problem when buying watches online is the issue of prices. We buy watches in specialty stores or authorized dealers. We can negotiate more or less discounts for many high-priced brand watches. Can’t talk about it, this limits the full popularity of online shopping watches. Of course, some brands have introduced related measures such as extending the free after-sales service for watches purchased online, but they are also trying to explore the stage and explore a benign online and offline cooperation business model that takes some time.

Chanel High Jewellery Watches Become Classic

Chanel’s fine jewelry watches have never been restricted in any way, as Coco Chanel said: ‘Although you don’t have wings, it doesn’t prevent you from spreading your wings and flying high.’

 The Fil de Diamants watch is the best proof. It combines the diamond design of different cutting methods. 18K white gold is set with 16 marquise-cut diamonds totaling 2.71 carats, 24 princess-cut diamonds totaling 2.31 carats and 411 A round brilliant diamond with a total weight of 19.40 carats is enough to dazzle your eyes. Once, Coco Chanel said quietly: ‘I hope my jewelry is like a ribbon wrapped around a woman’s fiber finger.’ Maybe she had thought of decorating the beautiful dial with camellia. Later, the Chanel Camelia Ruban fine jewelry watch made a perfect combination of the two symbolic symbols of Coco Chanel, camellia and bow. The multi-wrapped bow looks extremely soft, which defines the Ruban series, which is very feminine. 18K white gold is set with 608 white diamonds totaling 6.13 carats and 1014 black diamonds totaling 6.18 carats. . Interpreting softness with hardness, expressing the ultimate with winding, indulge in the beauty of women.

 Coco Chanel and her own CHANEL are full of legends that upend all beings. They can be shot directly into the heart of the people through the promenade of time, dare to be the first, liberate women, and boldly innovate … Everything reflects directly on that In the era of women seeking newness, they have easily won the support and love of everyone and become an insurmountable classic.