Gentle And Beautiful Beauty Of The Magnificent Heroes Female Watch

The beauty of women’s watches has its own splendor and magnificence, and it is in the square inch. The rise of modern women, from spirit to economy, has made the women’s market an economic growth point for many industries, and watches are no exception. Modern women’s discerning vision of taste and aesthetics is by no means the casual vassal of the past. They are a new part of the world and push the design of modern women’s watches to constantly break new heights. Haodu ladies watches, colorful, colorful, beautiful, moving, different styles of multiple series, there is always a suitable for you beauty.

   Modern women’s watches are not only small but also exquisite in appearance. The classic ladies’ watches are rich and charming. The center of the dial is textured with sunrays, and there is a large window on it to indicate the moon phase display. The moon phase display dial not only indicates the moon phase function, but also adds an aesthetic poetry to the watch. The linear lugs of the watch originated from the famous period of history of the watch, especially the transition period from the pocket watch to the watch. The linear lugs became a very fashionable design. Today, this design has become the inspiration for the design of the Haodu watch, which reproduces the heritage of the classic watch.

   In addition to luxurious embellishments and classic designs, the elegance of the Haute Kapell series ladies’ watches is also baby-inspired. The dial of the watch is made of mother-of-pearl, showing different colors and halos at different angles . Several time scales are decorated with light diamonds, like dragonflies, but they have extraordinary charm and beauty. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement and has a 38-hour power reserve.

   The more advanced identity series also has outstanding women’s watches, not only made of precious metals, but also set with a large number of diamonds, shining and luxurious. Unique design sense, processed by Swiss fine watchmaking process, presents a unique texture. Identity series, born for taste.

Inexplicable Luxury Entering The High-profile Hall Of Jewelry Watches

The birth of jewellery watches has a century-long history. In the early days of mechanical enthusiasm, jewelry just played the role of icing on the cake. But after hundreds of years of changes, jewelry has become an indispensable element in watch design. Jewelry setting and movement technology can be said to be the same standard for testing watch quality. Among many watch brands, there are some that have an inextricable relationship with jewelry, such as Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Chopin, Graf, etc. Today, the Watch House will talk with you about those inseparable from jewelry. Watch.
   The Piaget brand, born in 1874, always adheres to the spirit of ‘Always do better than required’, and integrates exquisite craftsmanship and unlimited creativity into every piece of work. When the brand was created, the craftsmanship of watches and jewelry was fully integrated Together. Piaget captures the charm of time, and every watch and jewellery piece is an unremitting search for superb craftsmanship. Every year Piaget launches many innovative jewelry watches. These luxury products have occupied half of Piaget’s watches and become the brand’s unique logo.
Inspired by leaves-Piaget Limelight mysterious hidden watch

  Inspired by the mystery of leaves in nature, this Limelight mysterious watch hides the time display under two leaves. Part of the strap mimics the stems of plants, forming an extraordinary platinum jewellery set with various cut white diamonds. All kinds of beautiful curves, different volume components and bright colors are intertwined into a masterpiece with complex structure and rich content. Setting diamonds on a watch that showcases the brand’s top craftsmanship is like a coronation ceremony. Each diamond is a sign of affirmation of the craftsmanship and value of the watch. The dense array of diamonds best reflects the high level of brand watchmaking. When you use your fingers to lightly scratch the surface or bezel of a diamond, the touch is very smooth and does not produce unpleasant sharpness at all.

   This leaf-inspired luxury jewelry watch is 54 mm in diameter. The case is made of 18K white gold to highlight the charm of precious metals. The case is set with two marquise diamonds (about 3.5 carats) and 33 pears. Beautiful diamonds (about 16.1 carats), 32 square diamonds (about 1.9 carats) and 122 round diamonds (about 6.5 carats); elegant mother-of-pearl dial set with 76 round diamonds (0.4 carat) 18K white gold bracelet set with 109 pear-shaped diamonds (about 31.7 carats), 34 square diamonds (about 2.3 carats) and 98 round diamonds (about 13.8 carats). Diamonds make a rigid watch instantly condensed with femininity and brilliance. Such a large-scale use of diamond setting technology is indeed very rare in watch design.
Symbol of luck-Van Cleef & Arpels Clover Jewellery Watch

   Van Cleef & Arpels is also a watch brand that is good at integrating natural things into watch design. It is also a very creative watchmaker. In many years of watchmaking history, Van Cleef & Arpels has never copied, and each wrist watch is the unique wisdom of watch designers. Van Cleef & Arpels’s most famous ‘Alhambra Clover’ series was born 30 years ago. It is a brand high-recognition watch, which tells the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship and skills with elegant shapes.
   The Alhambra four-leaf lucky series continues the iconic pattern of Van Cleef & Arpels, exuding a long-lasting elegance. This timepiece features a diamond-inlaid dial in a snowflake setting, sparkling with each movement of the wrist. The diameter of the watch is 40 millimeters. The larger size can better highlight the shape of the watch. The elegant clovers form a beautiful landscape on the wrist. The dial is set with a total of 496 beautiful diamonds, crystal clear and perfect cut. The excellent inlaying process also shows the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship. It is equipped with a quartz movement inside, which relieves the watch full of diamonds. weight. The black satin strap further shows the smart beauty of the watch, and the white gold Alhambra clover pattern buckle is also surrounded by 60 round diamonds, each detail exudes the diamond’s exquisiteness and luxury.
Superb inlaying technique-Vacheron Constantin’s master diamond watch

   The long-established Vacheron Constantin has outstanding watchmaking experience and timeless classics. Luxury and noble diamond watches are a unique landscape of the brand, highlighting Vacheron Constantin’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, and also an art treasure of Swiss high-end watches. Behind every luxury watch is a watchmaker’s day-to-day craftsmanship, with exquisite watchmaking craftsmanship.

   Vacheron Constantin’s extraordinary jewellery inlay technology has made this eye-catching masterpiece diamond watch. The smooth lines and elegant contours, while releasing the brilliant light of the diamond, present precise timing. The irregular rectangular case is made of 18K white gold, the unique shape is more elegant and gentle, and the texture of precious metal is spontaneous. The dial and bezel are exquisitely inlaid with 14.2 carats of fine diamonds similar in shape to the case. The diamonds between the dials are arranged closely and neatly. The bezels are arranged in a radial pattern of petals, which makes people feel that The entire watch is magnified, and the sparkling light of diamonds makes time eternal, so why isn’t this glamorous and charming? Two short silver hands beating slowly in the center of the dial, as if two feminine women were dancing in time. Vacheron Constantin has not only made achievements in gem setting, but also made it in watchmaking. The 1005 hand-wound mechanical movement is placed in the center of this ‘castle’ constructed of diamonds and precious metals. The movement is completely hand-decorated according to the tradition from 1755, and fully meets the stringent requirements of the top-quality clocks for craftsmanship. . The surface of all the movement parts is decorated with traditional Geneva ripples. Each acute angle must be chamfered and polished. Even the tiny screw caps and screw slots are no exception. It is the ultimate expression of the essence of watchmaking art.
Snowflake mosaic-Jaeger-LeCoultre Montre extraordinaire La Rose watch

   In Jaeger-LeCoultre workshops, gem setting is an art in itself. Jaeger-LeCoultre not only fully grasps the essence of this traditional technique, but its gem setting experts have also developed special techniques to meet specific aesthetic requirements. Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original snowflake mosaic method makes art perfect, and requires gemmologists to exert their best efforts to complete the exquisite snowflake effect. The Montre extraordinaire La Rose jewellery watch is a masterpiece of the Jaeger-LeCoultre fine jewellery watch series, creating a unique boutique with extraordinary craftsmanship and exclusive snowflake mosaic technology. Snowflake mosaic technology allows diamonds to completely cover the metal surface according to how each gem is cut and placed, creating a snow and ice effect.

   This exquisite watch is the best interpretation of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s peak diamond-setting technology. The watch borrows the design style of the 19th century to create a delicate and delicate moving curve. The embossed dynamic petals, white gold carved corolla, and flowers full of precious stones all highlight the delicate work of this watch, making the petals come alive. 1420 beautiful diamonds are sprinkled on the roses without leaving any blanks. The petals are like a huge gemstone plate. The gem inlayer cuts and adjusts all the stones one by one, arranges the stones of different sizes closely, and gradually puts platinum. The case and dial are completely covered. A pair of hands adorned with pink sapphire leap above the dial, which not only accurately indicates the time, but also highlights the long-term precious value. Under the glorious flower core, the watch is equipped with a Jaeger-LeCoultre 846 manual winding mechanical movement. Although the charm of the movement under the gorgeous appearance of the diamond seems to be masked a lot, but this may also explain this from another aspect The theme and pertinence of watch design.
Summary: Each jewelry watch that touches the vision is created by the designer and the mosaic craftsman. The crystal diamonds and jewellery are condensed into an elegant wrist watch. When traveling in the invisible time, these wonderful and luxurious wisdom crystals have kept us instantly moved. They are no longer a simple timing tool, but have evolved into the most precious time commemoration and beautiful memories.