What Should I Pay Attention To When Buying Iwc?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Let me explain to my brothers why I start with these 8 words every time. Because I have worked in two magazines of the Fashion Group for many and many years before. Fashion magazines are all about writing false things, such as soft text, which was useless nonsense in the beginning. Later, I was afraid that I would habitually say nonsense as soon as I wrote an article, so remind myself to write dry goods at the beginning. Now let’s talk about business.
   It’s winter, so I should wear a watch that can be retracted into my sleeve. I thought so at first. However, to be honest, I do n’t want to wear an ultra-thin watch for a few days, because a small and thin watch is very light and has no weight. I am used to wearing a large watch and then wearing an ultra-thin watch. I simply switched back to the big watch, and directly wore Dafei. It was big and thick, full of weight, pressing hands, and felt. So I decided to tell my brothers Dafei.

Although Da Fei is large, it can actually be worn with small hands.
   Dafei and Portuguese 7 are the most representative watches of IWC. Both watches use 7-day chain movements. The IWC 7-day chain movement focuses on 7 days of long-term power and Pillerton winding, these unique technologies of IWC. So it is different from Mark, Bai Taohong 60 and other countries that use universal movements. I like long-powered watches, because they are convenient, put them down for a few days and pick them up. Unlike most watches that have 40 hours of power, they stop when they are not worn for two days, and they need to be adjusted again. So I like watches like Blancpain and IWC (long power). Dafei and Portuguese 7 are actually ‘much like’. If you use a car as an analogy, Portuguese 7 and Dafei are very similar to Magotan and CC. One is more formal and the other is more sports. In fact, many things are the same. Before that, I was tangled, and I was entangled to buy Dafei or Portugal 7. Later, when I thought about it, Dafei had a good crown with a lock and was water-resistant to 60 meters. I usually do n’t care about washing my hands. The Portuguese 7 crown is unlocked, water-resistant to 30 meters, and hand washing water is too scary to open.

IWC Portugal 7 and Dafei are actually ‘the same watch’. Portugal 7 is more formal and Dafei moves more.
The first thing to note when buying Dafei is the movement.

   Although I know that some brothers don’t care about this issue, but I know in my heart that I want everyone to know. Because, the different movements are different. (Excluding manual flying).

IWC manual flying, the manual flying is a small three-pin, which is obviously different from the conventional automatic flying.
   There are several types of Dafei currently on the market (automatic Dafei on the 7th). The first type is a steel shell fly (regular version and Little Prince); the second type is a ceramic shell fly (Navy Air Force version); the third is a titanium shell fly (legacy version). The case materials are different, the colors are different, and the others are the same, but the movements are different. (Of course there is also a gold shell).
   Frankly speaking, the steel case fly, the gold case fly and the ceramic case fly, use the old model 51111 movement; the titanium case fly, use the 52110 new movement. There are some differences between them.

IWC old model 51000 series movement (above) and IWC new model 52000 series movement (below). Please note that the winding pawl of the old model is brass, and the winding pawl of the new model is black ceramic. .
1. The old model 51111 is the winding pawl of brass or white ceramic, and the new 52110 is the new generation of winding mechanism of the black ceramic pawl. Brothers who are familiar with IWC know the expressions of ‘yellow chicken’ and ‘black chicken’ on Portuguese 7. The old model 51111 is ‘yellow chicken’ (the winding pawl is brass-colored), and the new 52110 is the ‘black chicken’ (winding spine Claws and automatic wheels are black ceramic). Note that 51111 later used white ceramic pawls and steel automatic wheels.

2. The old model 51111 is a single spring and the new 52110 is a double spring. Although it is all 7-day power, the single spring of the old model has less stable power output than the new dual spring. My watch is an old model movement. I measured it. The full-string watch head is up and swings above 330. At a certain moment, it shows 357. The swing is super high. This is how long the power of a single spring is. So The new 52110 was changed to a double spring.

3. The old model 51111 has a wobble frequency of 21600, and the new 52110 has a wobble frequency of 28800. The high wobble frequency is more accurate and not easily affected by external factors.

The titanium case Dafei (top) and the bronze Dafei (bottom) use the new 52000 series movement (52110), and the other Dafei is the old model 51000 series movement (51111).
   Of course, this thing depends on whether you care about it or not. I don’t care much about the movement, the old model is also very good, the winding efficiency is very high, and there is no problem. If a brother cares, if you want a new movement, then buy a titanium case and fly. In addition, I would like to say one more thing. The Portuguese 7 currently sold in IWC stores are all new-type movements. There is no difference in the movement of Portuguese 7 in the specialty store (Portuguese 7 in the secondary market. Please pay attention to the difference. See Check the color of the winding pawl on the movement to distinguish the old and new models).
The second thing to note when buying Dafei is the style.

   Just like Jaeger-LeCoultre I wrote a while ago, because these watches are updated, although the new and old models are basically the same, the differences are in the details. The difference between Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new and old models is on an automatic top You can see no difference when you look at the surface.

The new Dafei (above) and the old Dafei (below), we can see that the difference is mainly in a number ‘9’.
   IWC has updated it two years ago, so new and old models now appear. Now IWC stores sell all new models, but in the secondary market, new and old models coexist. So let me talk about the difference between old and new. In case some brothers bought the wrong money because they didn’t understand.
   The first thing I want to explain is that the movement is the same whether it is the new Dafei or the old Dafei. Please refer to the content of the movement above. Except for the titanium case Dafei, the new 52110 movement is used, the other Dafei uses the old model 51111 movement. The difference between the old and new bosses is in the surface and size. The new Dafei mainly fine-tuned its appearance.

The new ceramic flying (top) and the old ceramic flying (bottom), the new model is 46, the old model is 48, the appearance is also slightly different.
1. The new Dafei dial is at 9 o’clock and has the number 9; the old Dafei dial does not have the number 9. This is the most direct way to identify old and new.

2. The new Dafei has a vertical scale at 12 o’clock; the old Dafei has a vertical scale at 12 o’clock, and the old big fly’s triangle is directly placed at 12 o’clock (this is a difference in details, everyone knows it).

3. The size of the new ceramic fly (TOP GUN navy air force version) is 46 mm; the size of the old ceramic fly (TOP GUN navy air force version) is 48 mm. Therefore, the size of the new ceramic fly is the same as that of the steel shell. The previous ceramic fly was 2 mm larger than the steel shell.

4. Please note that the former military green ceramic flying has now been discontinued. At present, the ceramic fly (TOP GUN Navy Air Combat Force version) is only available in black. Army green ceramic flying is out of production.

Army green ceramic flying has been discontinued.
   Because the new Dafei and the old large aircraft core are the same (except for the titanium case version), such as the new steel case and the old steel case, the difference is on the dial with a ‘9’, one with ‘9’ and one ‘9’, so it depends if you care. As for the discontinued military green ceramics, many brothers also know that there are many circulations on the market, including new ones. Some brothers think that the discontinued version is unique and bought me, which is not the same as others, this is good; some brothers think that the discontinued version is not the latest, this is not good. So it depends on what you think.

   Finally, I forgot that Da Fei also produced a bronze one. The Bronze Da Fei is the same as the new 52110 movement, and it is also 46 mm. Please pay attention.
PS. Before this article was sent to the Watch House, a forum international moderator saw the article here, and left a message in my WeChat circle of friends, and wrote a long reply. I will correct him directly below, The supplementary content is posted for your reference.
   The old model 51011 of the Portuguese 7 was changed to a white ceramic woodpecker in 2012, and the model of the movement was not changed. The official information still uses C.51011. This is because the use of white ceramic pawls and stainless steel ratchets has not changed the original mechanical mechanism of the movement, but only the manufacturing materials of the parts are different. The white ceramic pawls and stainless steel ratchets have no difference in their structure and structure from before.
   In other words, it means that in the 51011 movement, the white ceramic woodpecker and the previous brass woodpecker are compatible with each other. If you take a step back, if you are in the future manufacturing or maintenance, you will replace the white ceramic pawl with brass pawl. The claws are not bad. After all, this is the first generation of ceramic woodpecker, so it is reasonable to leave room for it. IWC is indeed a very strict brand on the label of the movement model. Most of the different models are used to distinguish the differences between the mechanical structure of the movement.
   A classic example is the difference between 51011, 51111, and 51113-51011 is an old Portuguese 7 movement with a small second hand. The difference from the latter two is obvious, but the 51111 (big fly) and 51113 (big work) machines The cores are all central seconds, so why use two models? This is because: First, the 51111 and 51113 automatic tops are different. The 51111 big fly is a dense bottom. The automatic top is made of stainless steel and is not inlaid with 18K gold badges. The automatic rotor of the core also has an 18K gold badge on it.
   Although the automatic placement of the gold is not affected by the compatibility of the mechanical structure, if the installation is wrong, the manufacturing cost is wrong first, and the consumer will not agree. In addition, the digital fonts on the calendar plate in Dafei and Dagong’s movements are also different, and this will not work if they are installed incorrectly. For these two reasons, one of the movement models of Dafei and Dagong is 51111 and the other is 51113. In my impression, there are only a few movement models of IWC that involve differences in manufacturing materials. For example, several high-magnetic-proof movements of Engineer SL in the past. The differences in manufacturing materials will be directly reflected in the anti-magnetic parameters. There is no difference in structure, and different movement models are also used. The white ceramic woodpecker does not directly affect the performance parameters of the movement, so it is not necessary to change the movement model accordingly.