Men Always Have A Timeless Watch Classic Watch Recommendations

Watches, unlike clothes and shoes, can be changed casually if you do n’t like them. Every man should have a decent watch, and a decent watch must stand the test of time. We call them classics. Good watches are often expensive and can be used for a long time, and the trend is changing rapidly. If the player watch is like a tide selection, it can be changed every year or several months. If you want to choose a really good watch and the price is not too high, then here are a few models that I think are good, you can try it.
Longines Pioneer Series L2.821.4.11.6

Product model: L2.821.4.11.6
Domestic public price: 16500
Watch diameter: 40 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: L888.4
Case material: Stainless steel
Watch details:
Model: M0A10276
Domestic public price: 21600
Watch diameter: 41 mm
Case thickness: 11.54 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Sellita SW260-1
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: baume / 54230 /
Watch reviews: Baume & Mercier watches have always been very business-oriented, just like famous people, pay attention to taste, quality and character. This watch is made of stainless steel, but the interesting thing is that the dial hands and scales are complemented by gold plating, and a diamond is designed at 9 o’clock. It should be said that this is a low-key but A dull business and leisure watch. Compared to the Longines, it has a higher price and the scales are three-dimensional. Of course, from the sense of luxury, it is certainly more upscale.
Montblanc 1858 series U0115074

Product model: U0115074
Domestic public price: 24700
Watch diameter: 44-47 mm
Case thickness: 12.20 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: MB24.16
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: montblanc / 44849 /
Watch reviews: If you like classic and fashionable models, then choose the Montblanc 1858 series. This series was launched last year. It aims to pay tribute to Montblanc’s advanced movement factory in Villers. It is the serpentine hands on the dial and the rounded scales. These elements are classic elements in early professional watches, such as railway watches, air force watches, artillery watches, and so on. The purpose is to make time display clear. Today, these elements have also become very classic ‘fashionable’ styles.

In summary: these watches are equipped with automatic movements, and metal bracelets are more suitable for daily wear. These watches, individually picked out, are classic and have their own personality, the prices are also more reasonable, if there is a discount then the price comparison is cost-effective. At present, these models are relatively tight models on the market, we may wish to pay more attention.

Athens ‘santa Maria’ 鎏 Gold Limited Watch

The Santa Maria is the most heroic sailing merchant ship of the navigator Christopher Columbus. The crew called her ‘Brave Maria’. The magnificent and adventurous Santa Maria was the flagship of Columbus’s first voyage in 1492. In contrast to the other two ships of the fleet, La Nia La Pinta and Pinta, Santa Maria is known for its fearlessness, and is one of the most important ships in history. Athens Classico “ Santa Maria ” gilt limited edition watch
Combining extraordinary craftsmanship and unparalleled accuracy, Ulysse Nardin’s Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gold limited edition watch is based on this noble ship and its adventure story. Using the traditional and precious filigree enamel craftsmanship, combined with the detailed enamel art, this table celebrates the heroism of the ‘Santa Maria’. The Athenian craftsmen used vivid colors to carefully craft every detail according to strict specifications. Against the deep blue sky, the ‘Santa Maria’ erected masts and sails, and the flag on the top of the mast fluttered in the wind. .
Classico Santa Maria 圣 Gold Limited Edition White Gold
Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch is as fearless as its name. The watch needs to be carefully crafted. The entire production process takes more than 50 hours and 26 processes to complete a dial manually. Each dial is made by an experienced enamel master using a detailed enamel painting technique to accurately produce a unique artwork. The production process is one of the most complex artistic trainings, combining sophisticated skills with a stable pair of skilled hands. Athenaeum revivals this once-lost decorative art, only a few artists can master the tricks.
Classico ‘Santa Maria’ 限量 Gold limited edition watch has a stunning appearance, of course, it also needs to be equipped with a precise movement. Equipped with UN-815 self-winding movement, Swiss official observatory certified COSC, power reserve of 42 hours. The Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gilt limited edition watch is as original and exquisite as other watches in the Athens Enamel Painted Series. Available in 18K white or rose gold, each limited edition is limited to 30 pieces. The ‘Santa Maria’ crosses the Atlantic Ocean, proudly witnessing ocean adventures, and writing an important page of world history. The Athens Classico ‘Santa Maria’ gilt limited edition watch also contributed to the exquisite enamel craftsmanship. Classico “ Santa Maria ” 鎏 Gold limited edition watch technical information
Limit: 30
Model: 8150-111-2 / SM 18k white gold
Model: 8156-111-2 / SM 18K rose gold material
Movement: UN-815 movement, Swiss Official Observatory Certification (COSC)
Power reserve: 42 hours
Winding method: automatic winding movement
Function: hour, minute, second
Diameter: 40 mm
Dial: painted enamel dial, Santa Maria totem
Crown: Waterproof crown
Water resistance: 50 meters
Surface: Wear-resistant sapphire crystal
Case back: Perspective case back design, sapphire crystal glass, fixed by screws
Band: Alligator leather strap

Jian Dongna Cantona Top Clash Hautlence- News Hautlence

HAUTLENCE and Jantona Eric Cantona, a dynamic brand partner, undoubtedly subvert the conventions of traditional watchmaking. This enthusiastic artist perfectly represents HAUTLENCE’s independence, independence, eclecticism, and courage to express the original spirit. There is no doubt that Jian Dongna’s free and inspirational soul is always the core of the team.

Legendary footballer Jane Dongna and exclusive collaboration with HAUTLENCE, show the chic spirit of the football emperor

‘We are proud to welcome Jian Dongna, a dynamic brand partner, to join us,’ said Guillaume Tetu, CEO and co-founder of HAUTLENCE. Combining a football player, actor, and artist, Jane Dongna is frank and creative, and the firm-willed all-rounder sometimes makes unexpected moves, but what remains unchanged is his unique personality and strong appeal. . This time HAUTLENCE works with this artist who always follows his own inspiration and intuition. It seems like a crossover, but it is also a natural occurrence. He easily walks in various pioneering fields, but always promotes his self-spirit. Even if he does not conform to the current trend or people’s views, he remains confident and actively listens to his inner voice. ‘He is a passionate, bold and free thinker, and Jane Dongna perfectly spoke HAUTLENCE,’ explained Guillaume Tetu. ‘Different’ is the main focus of HAUTLENCE, a rising watch brand. HAUTLENCE demonstrates the superb skills of mechanical architecture to watch connoisseurs by using groundbreaking time reading methods throughout the timepiece. As corporate leaders, Guillaume Tetu and Georges-Henri Meylan are both loyal to the faith and have bold, unhindered, and prejudiced entrepreneurial vision and spirit. HAUTLENCE gives thought and desire to a concrete form, which has become the cornerstone and backbone of the brand It also earned it the respect of its peers and customers.
JD Dongna and HAUTLENCE’s promising partnership
Jonathan has been keen on writing, photography, film, painting and various arts for many years. His creativity in all fields gave birth to his strong curiosity and wide interest. Jian Dongna is passionate about design. For HAUTLENCE, he can’t miss this unique limited watch series named after him. Therefore, Jian Dongna joined the design team of this limited series. As Tetu Guillaume Tetu pointed out: ‘Jane Dongna will share his avant-garde unique perspective with the brand.’ As a successful man who shows his true self and is not limited to the mainstream success paradigm, Jada Dongna represents the rare ‘rebellion’ Gentleman ‘spirit. The ‘Rebellious Gentleman’ club was formed by HAUTLENCE cousins, representing the humanistic value that HAUTLENCE cherishes. The cousins ​​in the club are passionate, pursuing excellence, and uncompromising. They are always ready to challenge themselves to achieve their goals in life and career. They continue to make bold decisions and succeed again and again. As the exclusive partner of HAUTLENCE, Jane Donna will actively participate in the 10th anniversary celebration of the brand and appear in global advertising.
HAUTLENCE modern watchmaking design
Founded in 2004, HAUTLENCE is a brand name that reorganizes the words of Neuchâtel in order to pay tribute to this cradle that gave birth to HAUTLENCE and other watch brands. HAUTLENCE has infused new and dynamic design styles into the entire production of watches, and has been unanimously recognized by watch collectors and lovers around the world. Taking inspiration from past watchmaking and incorporating creative technologies from other industrial fields, while infiltrating the concepts of architecture and design, HAUTLENCE subverts the tradition of watchmaking in the past. The brand used this legendary color to create a new way to read time, leaving its name in the history of watchmaking. Keenly aware of the important two-dimensional elements of ‘time’ and ‘space’, HAUTLENCE has also invented the unprecedented form and depth of timepieces in creating the beauty of agility. All along, the desire to create and full of imagination has led HAUTLENCE. HAUTLENCE also pays tribute to ‘CROSS THE LINE’ at each stage and each unique individual in the watchmaking process.