Montblanc’s ‘starry Art Bright Night’ Shines In Shanghai

On May 29, 2013, Shanghai Montblanc, a top international luxury brand, opened its new boutique in Shangjia Center, Hongqiao, a new landmark of Chinese fashion. In the opening ceremony on the night of ‘Starry Art and Bright Night’, Montblanc’s brand spokesperson, Hollywood superstar Nicholas Cage and well-known Hollywood actress Maggie Q, as well as popular Asian actress Wu Qilong and famous Chinese actress Ma Su Shuangshuang Unveiled at the event, gathered with collectors who love Montblanc, and enjoyed a full range of Montblanc star classic automatic watches and the Montblanc ‘Cutting Edge’ avant-garde art project, which received the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo. Themed artwork.

Sustainability · Permanent——The Art Star World of Montblanc

 This brand-new boutique called the Montblanc Art Museum is full of contemporary art. With an area of ​​nearly 700 square meters, the brand-new Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique has enough space to display Montblanc’s highly collectible classic products and the creative fruits of its unique artistic projects-as the world’s most active art sponsorship brand Montblanc is one of the works of young artists supported by Cutting Edge’s avant-garde art project. Unlike the past, which can only appreciate printed reproductions, this time the artwork featuring the Montblanc brand’s Mont Blanc hexagonal white star logo is presented in its original version. Twelve original authentic works by young artists from Italy, Germany, South Korea, Britain, Norway, Russia, and China have transformed Montblanc Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique into an art hall.

 Corresponding to it is the equally precious and rare Montblanc classic. The first-floor boutique area displays all handmade products in a blank style, showing Montblanc’s sophisticated and extraordinary value leather products; the first-floor collection area is jewelry, writing instruments and Montblanc Villeret watch series. Among them, Collector’s Wall is the most eye-catching-according to the time and series of production, Montblanc’s outstanding writing tools are placed, from the well-known art patron series, Dawenhao series to the giant series, all kinds of works in the collection industry have received hugely sought-after works. You can find it here; in this exhibition area, which is the collection of the classic works of Montblanc so far, there is the Montblanc Viller 1858 series from the Montblanc Villeret watch factory, which represents the pinnacle of high-end Swiss handmade watches Watches, the Nicholas Kies collection with Montblanc’s own movements; and the Montblanc Princess Grace collection from Montblanc in the high jewelry display area. With all these amazing timing tools, high jewelry and writing instruments, they proclaim the Montblanc brand’s ingenious craftsmanship and top-notch taste, which makes people willing to submit to the charm of Mont Blanc’s hexagonal white stars.

 Authenticity · Natural——Full range of Montblanc Star Classic Automatic watches

 Along with this event was the Montblanc Star Classic automatic watch, which received a lot of praise from the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Fair last year. The appearance of this watch has brought a fresh feeling to the contemporary watchmaking world’s blind pursuit of complexity and high-tech: roundness and elegance, size fit, and simple functional layout, outlined by extremely simple lines The wearer’s all-inclusive chest mounds, while extremely low-key, also have an unquestionable demeanor. Its return to classic elegance, it has become an outstanding representative of elegant watches in recent years. Surprisingly, this year Montblanc has added a companion to this classic men’s watch, forming a Montblanc star classic series pairing watch, so that delicate women who insist on reading and learning about aesthetics can also appreciate the simplicity of this classic watch beauty of.

 In the elegant star series, every watch in rose gold, white gold or stainless steel is like a star shining. Watch connoisseurs can appreciate the MB4810 / 408 self-winding movement through the sapphire crystal case back. The beautifully decorated rotor and gold balance wheel are clearly visible. Men’s and women’s watches are available in stainless steel, intergold, gold, rose gold or diamonds, and are equipped with quartz or automatic movements. The various combinations of different materials and movements make the choice of watches richer, which not only makes the connoisseurs who appreciate the quaint classics deeply appreciate the inherent technical value of the watch, but also conveys the intimate and timeless affection to their partners.

Streamer • Bright Color——The Montblanc Stars Gather

 The Montblanc brand, which has always been committed to creating exciting events, spared no effort to create surprises at the opening ceremony of the Hongqiao Shangjia Center boutique. Montblanc brand spokesperson, Hollywood superstar Nicholas Cage and Hollywood actress Maggie Q wear a Montblanc Viller 1858 series special edition pair watch, showing classic elegance; while the popular Asian actress Wu Qilong and the famous Chinese actor Ma Su, will The simple beauty of Montblanc’s star classic series is perfectly combined with fashion. Along with this star-studded arrival, there is also an ingenious shadow dance as the focal point to unveil the event. During the artist’s performance through light and shadow and body language, all guests present appreciated the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo. Deep meaning; the cultural and artistic conception of Montblanc; and the selfless love of Montblanc for art.

A Brief Comment On Rolex Skydweller Series Dual Time Zone Travel Watch

Rolex launched the completely revolutionary Rolex family SKY-DWELLER series watches at the Baselworld 2012. SKY-DWELLER series watches are available in eternal rose gold, white gold and gold. Each watch also With the signature feature of the Rolex brand-triangular pit pattern outer ring. SKY-DWELLER series watches are the masterpiece of horological art and the result of Rolex’s superb technology. With 14 patented technologies (5 of which are brand new patents), we provide the time information required by global travellers. Analysis of this Rolex Sky Dweller series 326939-72418 watch.

 The 42 mm diameter Oyster case is graceful and elegant. The layout of the entire watch can be called a textbook example of the perfect combination of appearance and function, which fully reflects the aesthetic and technical innovation spirit of Rolex.

 This series of watches has 12 small windows around the dial to display the month. This is Rolex’s new annual calendar device, named SAROS, inspired by an astronomical phenomenon. The calendar only needs to be adjusted once a year between February and March.

 The biggest feature of this watch function is the dual time zone display, that is, the central hand of the dial indicates the local time, and an eccentric 24-hour dial shows the time in the reference time zone:

 A new RING COMMAND rotating outer ring is installed between the watch case and the movement. The purpose is to quickly adjust the local time, reference time and calendar display. Just rotate the outer ring to select the function to be adjusted. Then the related functions can be adjusted quickly and bidirectionally through the winding crown, while the crown itself has only one adjustment position.

 Dual time zone display function: The central hand of the dial indicates the local time, and an eccentric 24-hour dial displays the time in the reference time zone. This function is the most creative design of the Rolex Sky Dweller watch.

 参考 Reference time on the eccentric disc: During travel, the time of the original place of residence or resident work place can be read on the eccentric rotating disc of the dial, that is, the reference time, indicated by a fixed red inverted triangle. This 24-hour display can clearly distinguish day and night in the reference time zone (for example, a sharp distinction is made between 10 pm and 10 am).

 The central hand shows the time at the travel destination: the time at the travel destination is indicated by the traditional hour, minute and second hands located in the center, and it is easily and quickly adjusted in an hour-jumping manner through an independent quick hour hand adjustment system. The adjustment does not affect the hours, minutes and seconds of the reference time.

 The date changes according to the time of travel and is completed in a few milliseconds at midnight. Therefore, the date displayed in the small window is always the location of the watch wearer.

 SKY-DWELLER series watches use the new 9001 movement, completely developed and manufactured by Rolex, and have been officially recognized by the timepiece certification;

 Summary: The role of Rolex watches, which are precise, sturdy and reliable, fully demonstrates the brand’s passion for innovation and determination to meet the needs of watch wearers.
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Rolex Sky Dweller 326938-72418 Gold
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