Bao Di Held A Grand 7727 Watch Exhibition In Indonesia

Breguet’s creations are always a subtle blend of avant-garde technology and traditional watchmaking. The Classique Chronométrie 7727 watch launched this year is no exception.

 Breguet’s latest masterpiece uses a rose or white gold case and is equipped with a 574DR movement. It is a hand-wound time-lapse movement with the latest research and development achievements. Its excellent travel time is derived from the ultra-high frequency of 10 Hz. Its first appearance was loaded in the Chronographe Type XXII chronograph, and it proved the improvement of the chronograph balance spring.

  Thanks to the brand’s expertise in silicon technology, the new Classique Chronométrie watch is equipped with a specially designed silicon double balance with hairspring, silicon pallet, silicon escape wheel, making this watch not only ultra-high Vibration frequency and excellent precision. In other words, it improves the best timepiece adjustment power, which is generally between 300-400 microwatts, to 830 microwatts. With outstanding kinetic energy storage barrel technology and the use of high-quality lightweight silicon, Breguet has a high-frequency 7727 watch with a power reserve of up to 60 hours.

   According to the watch house, Breguet also achieved unprecedented success at a special dinner celebrated by Classique Chronométrie 7727 in Jakarta, Indonesia. Not only did the famous local jazz band bring wonderful backing vocals, but Breguet also specially designed the watch showroom and everyone appreciated the traditional watchmaking craftsmanship from the brand.

Oris Launched New Artelier Artist Alarm Clock

In 2010, Swiss century-old watchmaking brand Oris collaborated with Chinese contemporary artist Liu Bolin to launch a plan to explore the concept of time, and created two wonderful fantasy and stunning works of art, and officially launched a brand new Concept: ‘Real Watches for Real People’.

 Liu Bolin is one of the most well-known contemporary artists in China. He uses the venue and familiar scenes every day as a creative space. In most of his works, he transformed himself into a canvas, and the color blocks of his body painting were fused with the background color, which then became ‘Invisible Man’, which almost turned into a part of the background, which was hard to distinguish. And although the work is called contemporary art, it also conveys eternal emotions. It is also of special significance, so that each piece of work retains artistic depth and is guaranteed to be worthy of further meticulous appreciation.

Oris and Liu Bolin: ‘Hiding in the city’ series.

In order to celebrate the innovative combination with the artist Liu Bolin, ORIS specially released the new Oris Artelier artist alarm clock. This watch cleverly combines alarm performance with a lightweight watch, demonstrating the power and beauty of modern watchmaking. The easy-to-use stainless steel crown is located at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock. The former can adjust the red alarm hand to set the time, and the latter can be used to adjust the hours, minutes and seconds. The date display window is located at 6 o’clock.

Oris Artelier artist alarm watch, case diameter 42.5mm, mechanical automatic movement, central hours and minutes and seconds, alarm display, date window is located at 6 o’clock. Silver-gray guilloche brass face plate with rose gold-plated indexes and rose gold nickel-plated fluorescent hands. The multi-piece stainless steel case is fixed with 8 screws. Mineral glass case back, stainless steel crown, anti-reflective sapphire crystal glass, waterproof to 30 meters. Dark brown Louisiana alligator leather strap with stainless steel folding safety buckle.

And the artist’s unique multi-piece stainless steel case, with a silver-gray guilloche-shaped faceplate, shows a classic expression. The delicate rose-gold-plated fluorescent hands and rose-gold-plated scales are commendable for the honorable and magnificent. The new Oris Artelier artist alarm watch is full of restraint, but it is a blockbuster. Dedicated to tasters travelling through the city.

Sports Choice Mido Helmsman Series Seeker Multifunctional Chronograph Watch Appreciation

Based on the pioneering and innovative design concept, Mido’s new products this year are looking forward to, in addition to the ultra-thin and elegant design of the Berenceli 40th Anniversary Collection series In addition, Mido has tried a new color scheme to bring the Pioneer series of pioneering seeker multi-function chronograph watches. The Mido helmsman series seeker multi-function chronograph watch not only uses sports style as the distinctive feature of the watch, but also gives the watch a fine and durable texture in polishing, decoration and performance. This time, let’s enjoy the new watch from the Mido Basel show, model: M025.627.36.061.10.

    Architectural art is the source of inspiration for Mido watches. The Helmsman series was born in 1934. Its inspiration comes from the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Just like this famous bridge design, it perfectly integrates functionality and aesthetics. The new Seeker Multifunction Chronograph of the helmsman series uses bold color schemes. The all-black case is matched with a brown strap and time scales, giving the watch the freedom of youthful vitality and avant-garde sports style.

    Practical functions are one of the main reasons why watches are enthralling. As a sports watch, the Mido helm series seeker multifunction chronograph watch is equipped with a striking cumulative timer and speed bezel. On the dial with a wide field of view, the central large second of the watch is used for the chronograph function at the beginning of the time, and the 3 o’clock position is used for the 30-minute cumulative time. At the same time, the speed bezel combined with the central large second hand can achieve independent measurements Average speed within 1km. In addition, the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters, making it ideal for outdoor activities, including swimming.

Mido Helmsman Seeker Multifunction Chronograph

    The fashion design of Mido watches has attracted many watch enthusiasts, and the strong design and functionality of the Helmsman series have made many mechanical watch fans willing to pay for it. This year’s new Mido Helmet series Seeker Multifunction Chronograph brings beautiful color schemes. The brown perforated strap is matched with an all-black case design, free and easy, free and fearless challenges.

Rich watch side

    Through the side of the watch, we can always see the more three-dimensional and multi-layered beauty of the watch. The rich elements and stacked hands on the dial are another landscape of watch art. At this angle, we will find that the dial treated by the modification process reflects different beauty under the change of light, and looks more clearly. To different parts of the dial.

PVD-treated watch case

    The case of the watch is made of stainless steel and the surface is treated with black PVD coating. This case design not only further improves the aesthetics, but also improves the wear resistance.

Brown leather strap

    The new Mido helmsman series seeker multi-function chronograph is equipped with Mido’s carefully selected brown leather perforated strap. The perforated design is widely used in sports equipment. Good play. Mido applies this concept to the watch strap, emphasizing the sporty style of the watch.

Slightly thicker watch case

    As a sports timepiece, it is often difficult to make it thin, because it needs to carry more functions, and functionality is very important. The thickness of the Mido helmsman series seeker multi-function chronograph watch is thicker than that of ordinary watches. This is because it not only has the function of automatic winding, but also functions of chronograph, 60 hours of power, 100 meters water resistance, etc., which will increase the wrist The thickness of the table has an effect. As a large watch with a diameter of 44 mm, such a thickness is actually very suitable. In fact, the coordination of the watch is very important in the balance between the diameter and the thickness.

Three-dimensional luminous scale

    By squinting the watch, you can admire the three-dimensional time scales of the watch. These brown time scales are filled with Super-LumiNova® which can emit light at night. It absorbs and stores energy when there is light. It releases energy when it is irrelevant, which ensures that the watch can still be read clearly in a dim environment.


    At such an angle, you can clearly see the dial’s sparkling texture. This texture is a very representative stripe of Swiss watches. At the same time, the vertical stripe of Mido also comes from The sling of the Sydney Harbour Bridge, the source of inspiration for the Helmsman series.

Folding buckle

    A brown leather strap, stitched with yarn, and a stainless steel folding buckle with PVD coating. What is interesting is that this kind of buckle not only has the unique strap length adjustable function of the pin buckle, but also the ease of operation and safety unique to the folding buckle, thereby helping to improve the watch’s sports performance.

Summary: In 2016, there were many wonderful works of Mido. Although the Helmsman series is not the protagonist of Mido’s new products, it has brought us a stylish, sporty, personalized and exquisite multifunctional watch. In order to allow mechanical fans to appreciate the beauty of mechanical art, the watch also has a transparent bottom cover, which fully exposes the movement of the movement. In general, this watch is a sports fashion watch, adhering to the consistent quality and design philosophy of Mido, which is another enviable new work this year.