Breitling Launches Deep Diving Sea Wolf Watch Black Steel Yellow Needle Limited Edition

Since the day of its birth, the Breitling Avenger series (Avenger) has been favored by watch lovers with its four watchmaking concepts: solid, reliable, functionally superior, precise and accurate, and aesthetic perception. Today, the brand has once again added a new member to the collection: the Avenger Seawolf Blacsteel Code Yellow. The new limited edition watch is designed to challenge the most extreme environments. It has outstanding performance and eye-catching appearance. It is made of high-strength carbonized black stainless steel case with a diameter of 45 mm. It has a unidirectional rotating bezel and anti-glare treatment on both sides. The curved sapphire crystal and large screw-in non-slip crown are equipped with reinforced protection on both sides. The crown is waterproof to 3,000 meters (10,000 feet / 300 atmospheres), hence the name ‘Sea Wolf’. The volcano black dial is equipped with large hands and large luminous hour markers, which are clear and easy to read. The second hand, bezel inner ring and Automatic lettering show a unique dynamic yellow color, and a date window at 3 o’clock. It is equipped with a Breitling 17-type automatic movement certified by the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC) and has a high swing frequency of 28,800 per hour. Comes with Ocean Racer rubber strap (with holes) or Diver Pro deep rubber strap (embossed pattern at the center). Limited edition of 1,000 pieces.

Simplicity And Perfection Lange Saxonia Thin White Gold Edition Is Available

Saxonia Thin is the thinnest wristwatch ever made by Lange. Its elegance and elegance have established a modern classic with an extraordinary attitude immediately after the first push. Today, the new white gold version is available across the board.朗 Saxonia Thin white gold version shows Lange’s character everywhere
The author of ‘The Little Prince’ Saint Thurbury said: ‘The so-called perfection does not mean that when you can no longer add anything, you can’t reduce the situation by one cent.’ Horsepower is concentrated in the essence, which can create unexpected art. Historically, Saint Thurbury is not the only one who understands this truth. Many architects and designers have always adhered to the motto of ‘simple is beautiful’ and created works with pleasing composition. Back in modern times, the new white gold Saxonia Thin watch strongly proves the relationship between simplicity and perfection, and provides straightforward answers to the question of what is a Lange watch.
This answer also shows that the slim elegance does not affect the stability and performance of the watch in any way. With a thickness of only 5.9 mm, this watch is the thinnest watch ever made by Saxony. The case with a diameter of only 40 mm and the bezel with grooves make the balanced dial look extra spacious and the watch is more prominent on the wrist. The slender hour and minute hands and twelve exquisite rod-shaped hour markers display the time clearly and accurately. 09L093.1 movement: 2.9 mm high, 72 hours power reserve.
On the one hand, this piece is unique, and on the other hand, Lange’s characteristics and details are revealed, including the uniquely shaped lugs and the three-part case decorated with straight lines in the center, which can be recognized at a glance Produced by Lange. The L093.1 hand-wound calibre, specially developed for a slim case, is only 2.9 mm high. With its compact size, it still stands out with its 72-hour power reserve and implements Lange’s outstanding tradition.

Within 100,000 Yuan, Which Female Watches Can I Buy?

After finishing writing the men’s watch last month, I thought I could rest for a while, but the girls were chased today: ‘Sister Rabbit doesn’t care about us?’ The male compatriots also echoed: ‘Yes, yes, we Just look at the woman’s vision and go back to deal with my wife and adult. ‘I couldn’t hide from it, so I had to fight. Today, Rabbit chose roughly 8 well-known brands. Naturally it is impossible to cover all of them, but it basically combines the market and my personal opinions. This recommendation is not very personal, but it can meet the needs of most girls. After all, in front of market data, we still have a little awe. The price is within 100,000 of China’s public price, and with the mentality of rather lacking, it can be regressed and retreat, and it is a rational person. Finding personality in the hot first, what are the three best-selling series in the women’s watch market? Cartier Blue Balloon, Jaeger-LeCoultre Dating, Omega Constellation, Three Great Kings (in no particular order). But many people often use the reason of ‘too many people to wear’ as an instinct to reject these three big brothers or be forced to ‘don’t buy such a popular one’ by the hard-core men around them. Let’s take a look at Rolex and give partiality It’s … But the contradiction is that girls may like it from the bottom of their hearts. At this time, what we need is to change our ideas and find out how to find a special and suitable style from the popular series. First, let’s look at Cartier. The popularity of the blue balloon is not an accident. As Cartier’s very new watch series, the blue balloon design is completely flattering to girls. It is round enough. The round watch itself is the most popular shape regardless of the bezel or crown. Secondly, the round crown is very recognizable. If there is no budget pressure, it is natural to buy a blue balloon with gold and diamonds, but we often have to compromise on the wallet. What kind of girls are suitable to buy blue balloons within 100,000? I like it but I have n’t reached the level of love in my life. According to China’s public price, there are several pieces that I personally think appropriate, such as pure stainless steel, more than 50,000 yuan; pink dial with pink belt, 40,000; and stainless steel case, but the bezel is rose gold with diamond , 105,000 yuan. The blue balloon is the first choice to bring diamonds. I would rather give up the precious metal. In fact, the blue balloon has a lot of gold designs, but I have rejected it. The reason is everyone understands. Similarly Cartier, another option is a tank, the most beautiful tank is a luxury model similar to the American tank. For girls who want to get it within 100,000, it is recommended to choose two ends, one is purely like the shape of the tank, choose a low-priced quartz model (left below, the public price is more than 20,000). The second is to abandon the metal band and ensure that the bezel has a diamond, similar to this Tank Louis Cartier, 119,000 yuan. Second, let’s look at Jaeger-LeCoultre. When the red fried chicken date series, no matter how silent you are, there are always types that girls will ask about. I was also very curious about the dating series, why girls would like to put it down, and later saw the high-end version of the starry sky, and suddenly got its face. As Jaeger-LeCoultre’s most successful women’s watch, the dating series is completely developed for girls, instead of reducing the size of the men’s watch or making some improvements, it understands women’s hearts. Compared to blue balloons and tanks that can advance and retreat, Rabbit suggests that since you like dating, you should spend your budget to avoid entry models. Optional features within 100,000 public price include moon phase and day and night display. Some girls asked me before, about the price, which feature and precious metal are more inclined, the rabbit’s suggestion is function. For example, this 112,000 yuan quartz watch (left below), rose gold case, and 119,000 yuan moon phase (right below), stainless steel case, I will choose the latter. For newcomers, the price of 100,000 is mainly mechanical movement. In addition, the watch is displayed day and night like this, and the small-steel diamond-studded model is priced at 94,500 yuan. Speaking of Jaeger-LeCoultre, I will definitely not miss the flip, no matter how many times the girl refuses. With a budget of 100,000, if you can make a little effort, you can buy a rose gold two-time watch similar to a rabbit, but I bought a male model without a diamond to be able to click into this price. For some girls, it may be slightly indifferent. . Without considering the increase in budget, rabbits also give you two directions. The first is pure decoration, quartz movement, special models, such as REVERSO ONE CORDONNET women’s silk chain watch, the public price of 37,000 yuan, of course. Choose a special panel color, such as blue. The other direction is to abandon precious metals, choose a good-looking disk, and add features, such as the No. 1 moon phase double-sided flip watch, the public price of 89,500 yuan. In fact, flipping is because the two sides have their own characteristics and changes. Compared to dating, the embellishment effect on diamonds is not so urgent. As for discounts, you know, if you work hard to find a way and sell a package, it will definitely save some money. Third Omega, I still push the most classic constellation series. The constellation series has a long history, and it is often misunderstood as ‘old-fashioned’. At present, Omega’s most topical focus is on male watch-based series, such as the hippocampus and Supermaster. Constellations belong to a number of models but lack of discussion. Since its birth in 1952, the constellation has evolved a lot. In 1982, Omega released the constellation ‘Manhattan’ watch, the first introduction of four ‘claw’ design. The claw was originally used to fix the sapphire crystal to ensure water resistance, but today it has become a sign of the constellation. This is a special constellation of this year. More than 300,000 yuan is within 100,000. Natural metal constellations can’t be bought. It is still the old method to give up precious metals and ensure the characteristics of the disk. For example, for the 29mm version of the Co-Axial Observatory, the price difference between precious metals and stainless steel is more than double. The price of precious metal is 195,600 yuan, and the steel model is 84,900 yuan. In addition, the gold design of the constellation is relatively good. I will give you two choices, 28 mm quartz and 29 mm mechanical models. These two pieces are 58200 yuan (quartz) and 88900 yuan (mechanical). The main feature of the watch that distinguishes Omega is that there are many styles. This year, there are more than 100 new constellations in Manhattan. You can think about it. Choose my favorite and most suitable one under my suggestion. When it comes to style, when it comes to style, the first thing that comes to mind is Panerai. In fact, Panerai has never said that it has a female model, but since the 38mm thinner Luminor Due appeared, girls have swarmed. The 38 mm size is not a small watch for ordinary brands, but it is already cute in Panerai. In addition, it has a face value, and there is no comparable style in the market. These two pieces are 903 and 755 respectively. At present, Panerai is the most popular among girls. Of course, one of the ways that men will choose to buy watches is to find the target and wait. For example, a 38mm Panerai can be used. Included in the purchase list, even if there is no favorite style at present, you can wait and wait for it to appear. Another series that can be started, but may need to wait is Chanel’s J12. Rabbit has written before that the biggest highlight of this year’s J12 is the use of a new self-produced movement-12.1 caliber automatic mechanical movement. This movement was specially built for Chanel by the Swiss fine watch factory KENISSI, which was acquired by Chanel earlier this year. Chanel’s design capabilities were originally first-class in the industry, and they have already embarked on a strong line after replacing the new movement. At present, the new movement is replaced by a 38mm model. Other sizes will be gradually updated in the future, so everyone can wait according to their own needs. Rabbit photographed the discontinued mirror J12 from a friend yesterday to give everyone a feel. Buying the J12 is the same as buying the Chanel bag, the same series, as long as you wait patiently, you will one day come across the right one. There are many brands that you may overlook. It is precisely because men’s watches are too strong that women’s watches are ignored by the gorgeous. For example, IWC, the Da Vinci series has already existed very early, but the design has been changed several times in history, the shell shape is different, the latest Da Vinci women’s watch is still pretty, but it may not be as well known as other strong men’s watches series. Within 100,000, Rabbit’s favorite is this automatic watch at 36,80,500 yuan. Blancpain’s women’s watches are not recommended to be forced to start at less than 100,000, because most of the good-looking, gold, diamonds and functions are beyond this price. But if you really like it and want to increase your budget as little as possible, you must choose at least a special disk design. Rabbit chose 3 pieces for your reference. Relatively small in size, more refined and more accessories, although it also exceeds the budget, this is also a very characteristic of Blancpain women’s watch, rare in the same positioning of the brand. In addition, the Fifty Fathoms Series Bathyscaphe has a set of 38mm women’s models very distinctive. White dial with stainless steel case and various bright NATO military Nato straps. The characteristics of this group of watches is the strap, but the wearing of the strap may not feel as good as a belt or other metal chain straps (I personally tried it, it feels very good), it is recommended that you try it yourself, the price is more than 70,000. Followed by the Athens watch, the Whimsical series occupied this year’s topic list, coupled with the practicality of the nautical series, as well as the high-end strength of the enamel crafts and Spring Palace watches, many girls may have forgotten that there is a jade and exquisite series. This is a limited edition of this year with a total of 99 pieces and a diameter of 34 mm (replaces the previous 37 mm, which is more suitable for girls to wear). The price is in the early 60s, and it is quietly pushed in China. The characteristic is that the three time scales of 6, 7, and 8 have become ‘520’, and the meaning is obvious. Let me show you my hands-on photos. I believe everyone has basically figured out my selection criteria. Within 100,000, we must make choices. For girls, I think we first give up gold (except for some beautiful ones), then give up metal chains, and then give up precious metals, to ensure that diamonds and steel diamonds are also pretty. paragraph. Women’s watches at this price have nothing to do with preserving value, so there is no need to calculate the price of a few broken diamonds, which are good-looking (the preserving values ​​have exceeded the official price, and they are all men’s watches). In addition, considering everyone’s confusion about the quartz movement, my suggestion is that quartz watches with very iconic styles within 50,000 can be considered. Once it reaches 100,000, new people or buying watches are still mainly mechanical models. Finally, I want to respond to everyone. I personally think that there is no pushable Rolex female watch within 100,000 (the girl who buys a gold log type is estimated to not look at the gossip rabbit), so you don’t have to force it. After all, my goal is a pearl lady, this is a Rolex graduation for girls. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!