Omega As The Official Timekeeper Of The 2014 Fina World Cup Short Pool Swimming Tournament To Witness The World’s Outstanding Swimming Events

On October 24th, Beijing time, the 2014 FINA Short-pool Swimming World Cup Beijing competition kicked off in Yingdong Swimming Hall. The famous Swiss watch brand Omega (Omega), as the official timekeeper of the 2014 FINA World Cup short-pool swimming competition, specially invited media friends in Beijing to watch the game together and witnessed the world’s outstanding swimming competition.

  The FINA Short Pool World Cup Beijing will be held in Yingdong Swimming Hall from October 24th to 25th. This time the national team sent the strongest lineup to play, Sun Yang, Ning Zetao and Ye Shiwen are all listed. But all three of them will participate in only one contest. Sun Yang will play the men’s 400-meter freestyle today; Ning Zetao will play the men’s 50-meter freestyle on Saturday; Ye Shiwen will also debut tomorrow to participate in the 100-meter medley. This morning is a preliminary contest.

  The FINA Swimming World Cup is an international series of short pool (25 meters) swimming competitions, organized by the International Swimming Federation, and participating members are FINA members. The series began in 1979, and it was held every year. Eventually, the top three athletes were awarded prizes. The competition brought together many top swimmers. From August to October, players will compete in a series of two-day events. The event has seven or eight stops divided into three stages and is held in the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

   Omega and FINA maintain the most dynamic partnership in competitive sports. In addition to providing professional timing services for FINA’s world-class water sports, Omega has always promoted the development of core technology in sports timing. Important inventions include touch pads and jump pads at the end of swimming lanes.

   At the same time, Omega pioneered the use of high-speed cameras as a reliable backup system for major swimming events, including the Olympics.

The preliminary round started with the men’s 50m freestyle competition.

Despite the preliminaries, players from all countries still go all out.

During the competition, other players did not forget to hurry to practice in the warm-up pool.

  After the Beijing race, the 2014 World Cup short-pool swimming competition will go to Tokyo, and will end in Singapore to determine the championship. In 2013, the World Cup men’s championship was won by Omega celebrity ambassador and South African star Chad Le Clos, while the women’s championship was from Hungary’s Katinka Hosszu.

The next backstroke competition was also warm.

  The short-pool swimming World Cup series includes five separate events for men and women: freestyle: 50m, 100m, 200m, 400m, 800m (female), 1500m (male); backstroke: 50m (non- Olympics), 100m, 200m; breaststroke: 50m (non-Olympic), 100m, 200m; butterfly stroke: 50m (non-Olympic), 100m, 200m; individual medley: 100m (non- Olympic project), 200 meters, 400 meters.

  Among them, 50 meters, 100 meters, 200 meters and 400 meters are divided into two stages: preliminary and final. The 400-meter individual medley, the 800-meter and 1500-meter freestyle are held at two intervals between the preliminary round and the final. The above is the butterfly stroke.

  At this time, screams were heard in the audience. The Olympic champion, the world swimmer, and the men’s 1,500m freestyle world record holder Sun Yang appeared. His event was the men’s 400m freestyle.

Sun Yang’s perfect figure excited the female audience at the scene.

At the start of the game, Sun Yang’s entry into the fourth lane was perfect.

More than half of the schedule, Sun Yang has opened his opponent’s half position.

In the end, Sun Yang ranked first in the finals tonight with a time of 3:44:19.

Out of the pool, Sun Yang waved his greetings to everyone.

After the match, Sun Yang accepted an exclusive interview with CCTV.

After a short break, Sun Yang began to prepare for the finals tonight.

  Omega chronographs were first used for sporting events a century ago. The origin of Omega and competitive swimming can be traced back to 1932-Omega became the first company to be the designated timekeeper for all Olympic Games events. Since then, Omega has been the official timekeeper for many of the world’s top swimming events.

   The close cooperation between Omega and the International Swimming Federation (FINA) dates back to 1973: At the first World Championships in Belgrade in 1973, Omega was officially timed. Today, Omega has become the official partner of the FINA World Championships, the World Cup Short Swimming, the World Diving Series and the High Diving World Cup, which was opened in 2014, and serves as the official timekeeper. In addition, Omega provides official timing services for the World Youth Swimming Championships, which brings together the world’s most talented young swimmers.

  The cooperation between Omega and the FINA is committed to continuously improving and developing the most advanced timing technology to ensure that each athlete’s performance is accurately measured, accurately recorded, clearly displayed and released to the world. Omega is proud to serve the world’s most talented swimmers. At the same time, it is proud to share their passion for precision.

  After the game, the official staff of Omega introduced us to the use of the timer. Athletes can ‘stop the timing’ by applying a pressure of 1.5-2.5kg to the underwater touch pads, and these touch pads will not be subject to waves at all. Impact of impact force. The final moments of the swimming competition were also recorded by the OMEGA high-speed camera, which provided the judges with more basis for judgment when the results of the competition were in dispute.

  Finally, as a media, we also played a 50-meter friendly match and experienced the charm of Omega swimming timing together. When I pressed the touchpad, the big screen scored 48 seconds 86, although this score was slower than the world record. For half a minute, but I still thank Omega for making me to the championship podium for the first time!