Top Ten Luxury Brands Entry-level Watches Recommended

In the world of boutiques, even the most mediocre one will have a different temperament. Usually only the functions and materials of the models have shrunk, but the essence and soul of the brand are not missing. Whether you choose the ordinary models of luxury brands or the complex models of ordinary brands, after reading the following introductions, you may have new options.
1. Cartier: Santos
Santos watch is one of Cartier’s best-selling series, known as ‘White Collar’s Preferred Watch’ and elegant yet dynamic. The Santos series watches are very distinctive. The stainless steel case has a prominent texture, with silver and white as the dial tone, and the Roman numerals are generous and clear. And this watch can be used not only with formal business suits, but also with sportswear.

Cartier: Santos
2, Rolex: Air King Series
Rolex is currently the cheapest product series, the main reason for the low price is that this model has not been sent to the Swiss official observatory (C.O.S.C.) for certification, saving a considerable certification fee. Although the Air Fighter series does not use this certification, it does not mean that its time is not as good as other watches. In fact, the Air Fighter series is no worse than other certified series. Therefore, this series of watches is popular among Rolex junior players in various countries. Sought after.

Rolex: Air King Series
3. IWC: Portofino series
Portofino is the entry point for IWC’s unique watch art and a classic symbol of elegance. Portofino has an undeniable elegance, and the dial design is extremely simple and unobtrusive. Portofino’s stainless steel model is almost the cheapest top-of-the-range watch in the world. Many people have realized the spirit of the IWC brand and even the entire top-level watch industry.

IWC: Portofino series
4, Earl: 1967 series
Piaget’s watch has two characteristics, one is ultra-thin design, and the other is jewelry setting. The 1967 series white gold formal watch display is its entry-level watch. Its case does not use a gem inlay, but this has not reduced its noble temperament. The elegant and low-key is the best explanation for this watch. It is not only the famous entry model of Piaget, but also a model for men’s precious metal formal watches.

Earl: 1967 series
5. Vacheron Constantin: Vertical and Horizontal Series (OVERSEAS)
Founded in 1755, Oujiang Siddenton is one of the world’s oldest watch manufacturers. It is one of the simple and elegant series in the world. The vertical and horizontal series second-generation stainless steel automatic single calendar is just a stainless steel watch, but the excellent polishing still makes it look very good. Combined with Vacheron Constantin’s top movement, it is a premium entry-level work for top brands.

Vacheron Constantin: Crosswise Series (Overseas)
6. Patek Philippe: Calatrava Series
Another top brand that must be mentioned is Patek Philippe. The Calatrava series Ref.5119 is noble and elegant, and it is an ideal simple function watch. This watch belongs to the ‘ultra-low price’ of Patek Philippe’s models, which is a great choice for minimalists.

Patek Philippe: Calatrava Ref. 5119
7. Lange: Langematik series
Lange’s watches are all expensive, because they are all made of precious metal, even the entry-level models are gold, this Langematik series large calendar is only relatively cheap. The big golden calendar with seconds jump function, it is doomed that it can’t be really cheap.

Lange: big calendar for the Langematik series

8. Panerai: Luminor series
Luminor, launched in 1940, the watch is manufactured in accordance with the Italian Navy’s standards. It is still a solid and reliable watch that is easy to distinguish time in Haidian. Even the most basic Luminor base can still be 300 meters waterproof. The basic Panerai is an excellent sports watch, and the crown crown bridge design is very distinctive.

Panerai: Luminor base
9. Omega: Seamaster
It’s a good idea to choose Omega’s entry-level constellation series, but hippocampus may be better. With the ‘endorsement’ of 007, the awareness of this watch has greatly increased, and this is a very classic diving watch, more practical.

Omega: Seahorse Dive Watch
10. Breguet: Type XX series
The Type XX series is not as royal as other series. It is the lowest price series of the Breguet brand, but Breguet is still meticulous in treating traditional appearance. Not only has a practical chronograph function, you can also enjoy the ‘coin fringing’ case and the attractive spherical sapphire crystal.

Breguet: Type XX series

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