Empty Window Enamel For Art Tasting Jacques Droh Small Dial Series Watch

Enamel is a transliterated word from a foreign language. This ancient craft can be seen in the four famous works ‘Dream of Red Mansions’: ‘This lotus leaf is made of enamel, and living letters can be reversed.’ Take enamel Watches made by craftsmanship are highly prized by collectors for their moist and delicate appearance, as well as their long-lasting and timeless characteristics. This year, at the 280th anniversary of the brand’s founding, Jacques Dro made a new breakthrough in enamel technology and launched the PetiteHeureMinuteSmaltaClara hour and minute dial. This watch uses the rare enamel technology of empty windows, incorporating animal elements, once again stunning the eyes of the world. Let’s enjoy this timeless watch together and appreciate the beauty of art. (Watch model: J005504500)

Empty window enamel for art

   Empty window enamel (‘smaltaclara’ in Latin), French called Plique-à-jour, means to let the sun pass through. The light can penetrate the glazed surface of the enamel, set off every delicate color, like the stained glass windows in the church, gorgeous and colorful, with a dreamy beauty. Generally speaking, the empty window enamel is first made of a complete enamel work with gold on the embryo base, the outline of the tiger pattern is drawn through a detailed process, and then the enamel is filled into the empty window space. With each firing of the enamel in the furnace, the risk of cracks in the glazed surface also increases, and the high failure rate makes the empty window enamel very precious. After a lot of trials, what finally appeared in the eyes of the world was a thin, crystal-clear finished product. This stunning enamel of the empty window is the biggest highlight of the Jacques Dross time and minute dial series, which can be included in the 10,000-year series.

   The watch case is made of 18K white gold, and the bezel is set with 100 brilliant diamonds, exuding a charming luster and extremely luxurious.

   The specially painted tiger pattern on the dial is vivid under the light, and the vivid and smooth lines add a little brilliance to this watch. The dial uses at least 7 colors, making the tiger motif powerful and vivid, three-dimensional. The watch has an eccentric hour and minute display at two o’clock, a design that is relatively rare in watches. The mother-of-pearl dial is equipped with two blue-steel hands. The blue-steel hands and the tiger pattern color match each other. The gentleness and brilliance run side by side, and the softness and toughness go hand in hand.

   The exquisite watch is paired with a hand-rolled woven satin strap, the unique texture of the satin and the window enamel dial are paired to highlight the elegance and grandeur.

   The simple pin buckle is engraved with the brand name, which increases the recognition.

   In order to provide the dial with enough artistic space to exert its value, the watch is equipped with the smallest movement in the brand series, namely-Elegant 8-Lady 8 Flower series movement, through the bottom of the watch, we You can also admire the charming enamel crafts of empty windows.

Summary: The new Jacques de Petite Heure Minute Smalta Clara watch breaks through the original enamel craftsmanship and leaves a strong mark in the glorious history of the brand art workshop. The enamel of an empty window born for art and Jacques de Loire living for art make each other.