Gucci Watch & Jewellery Ceo Wears Bamboo On His Wrist

GUCCI Bamboo Watch

Michele Sofisti: My favorite is a bamboo watch. Because it is GUCCI’s iconic style, with all GUCCI brand definitions. It is specially made for women, just like I said before, it allows women to wear GUCCI classics on their wrists, just like the bamboo handle of the iconic Bamboo handbag, each bamboo section is hand-shaped and carved
GUCCI is pleased to introduce the new Bamboo watch, designed by creative director Frida Giannini, crafted by skilled craftsmen using natural bamboo and stainless steel materials. Each watch is independently created with the handle of the iconic Bamboo Similarly, each bamboo section has been hand-sculpted and carved, initially becoming a key element on this latest Gucci watch.

GUCCI Bamboo watch is specially made for women

GUCCI Bamboo Watch Close-up in the showroom
BThis Bamboo watch is specially made for women, with a round case and three different surface options: black, brown or silver sunburst. In addition to the bamboo inlay around the bezel, it is also used on the bracelet, and the buckle and bracelet link also include the Gucci horsebit pattern. On the surface of the new Bamboo watch, the ‘Gucci’ logo is located at 12 o’clock and the ‘Swiss Made’ (Swiss Made) stamp is embossed at 6 o’clock. The slightly tapered hands are paired with concise time scales composed of Roman numerals and straight segments, revealing a sophisticated elegance.

Watchmaker at the GUCCI booth makes bamboo watches on the spot

Watchmaker at the GUCCI booth makes bamboo watches on the spot

Watchmaker at the GUCCI booth makes bamboo watches on the spot

Watchmaker at the GUCCI booth makes bamboo watches on the spot
At the Basel exhibition site, GUCCI took the watchmaker to create a new bamboo watch as one of the display items. The professional watchmaker sat in the ‘workshop’ outside the booth and carefully polished the bamboo section of his hand. It can be smoothed and polished to become a strap. People stop to watch, or take pictures, or watch up close. But the flashing lights around and the close range of people have not distracted the professional watchmaker. Making the watch in your hand, so that you no longer have to bother to bother. When you look at him quietly, maybe he suddenly looks up and smiles at you.

Introduction To The Fantasy Of Athens Moon

Athens once introduced the astronomical watch ‘Time Trilogy’. 09 Basel, Athens has developed another revolutionary astronomical watch that subverts tradition and has Dr. Ockling’s DNA descent-Moonstruck.

 Dr. Oklin’s design philosophy is to focus on the celestial system between the sun, the earth and the moon, and scientifically describe the tide changes caused by the moon phase profit and loss, and the gravitational attraction between the moon and the sun earth. Dr. Oklin combines the two moon phase rotating disks in the movement into one, and the alternating changes between the new moon and the full moon displayed by the moon phase can still be accurately displayed in the next 100,000 years.

 Moonstruck simulates the moon’s orbit around the earth and the imaginary sun’s orbit around the earth. And Athens ingeniously placed the latter on another turntable, turning it every 24 hours. Such a design is foolproof to ensure that the moon phase profit and loss around the world can be accurately displayed. The global tidal phenomenon caused by the gravitation of the moon and the sun is completely and accurately displayed on Moonstruck. This unprecedented mechanical watch can show the current tide status and trends on any particular coastline or ocean. The spring tide caused by the cumulative effect of the tidal power of the sun and the moon can also be clearly seen on the dial.

 Moonstruck is a very practical travel gear. This watch has a pointer calendar dial and patented quick-adjustment device. The hour hand can be set by lightly pressing the (+) and (-) buttons at the 2 and 4 o’clock positions of the dial. Quickly tune forward or backward to the desired time zone. Moonstruck is powered by Athens’ own self-developed UN106 movement, equipped with a silicon escapement and silicon hairspring made of cutting-edge technology.
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Is Your First Big Lion Also Your Favorite?

This big lion is also my first oriental watch. In order to hand in this homework, it took me almost a year to finish it. I wore a big lion through the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Please take a lot of advice.) Talk about the personal feeling after getting started, the two characteristics of weight and thickness. I know how heavy it is before buying, but I ca n’t live without it (it’s OK to get used to it). If the thickness can be as thin as 35mm, it is simply perfect. I like the original tape to wear this watch in short sleeves in summer. The rookie did not know what brand it was, and did not know its value, so it was low-key. Since I like diving watches, I will pay attention to the diving watches of almost all brands. What attracted me to this big lion are: 1. Super thick sapphire mirror, the mirror surface feels solid with my fingernails. 2. The watch has power to show how many hours can be watched when manually winding. 3. The material and design of the outer ring of the diving chronograph are very personal and seem to be electroplated. 4. It is very convenient to change the strap of this watch. I can get a strap in my bag with a paper clip. I will change the strap immediately when I am in a hurry. I do n’t know anything about the movement of the Big Lion, and I do n’t know if I have the opportunity to look at the movement of the Big Lion. I have no requirements for the movement when I buy the watch. The watch is almost a year away and it is a good time to go. It is the most accurate member in my family. It is also worn by other brands but it runs fast. Forty-something photos of Zhang Yeguang were taken with a camera, and the rest were taken with a mobile phone. Not much to say, friends, please enjoy it slowly, thank you, please advise! !!