Bulgari Continues To Strongly Support The Growth Of The World’s Poor Children

Bulgari announced that its specially designed silver ceramic rings have been sold very successfully, donating more than 11 million euros to the international humanitarian organization Save the Children, and helping to reach over 1,200 worldwide by the end of this year. The goal of 10,000 children has laid a good foundation.

   Available at BULGARI boutiques, selected department stores around the world, and BULGARI online shopping sites (US and Japan only). Each one costs 350 Euros ($ 370), of which 60 Euros ($ 75) will be donated to Save the Children.
   Bulgari donations will be used to improve the lives of poor children in 18 countries around the world, including: Albania, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, China, Colombia, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Haiti, Indonesia, India, India, Projects in Italy, Montenegro, Japan, Kenya, Ivory Coast, South Sudan, Uganda and the United States. There is no development without education. Bulgari is committed to providing opportunities for quality education to change the lives of children. As of December 2010, thanks to Bulgari’s donation, Save the Children has directly assisted 228,472 children, trained more than 5,559 teachers, and rebuilt and repaired 104 schools.