A Liquid Timepiece Art Watch That Fuses Future Technology And Classical Culture. Why A Small Object On The Wrist Can Fascinate Countless People?

HYT answered this question with the new SOONOW watch:
‘Because, it is a rare existence in history that can perfectly integrate traditional art with contemporary technology.’

48.8 mm diameter, stainless steel case with black DLC coating, liquid indication of hours, power reserve display, minute display, water resistance to 50 meters, black rubber strap, limited to 25 pieces each
  SOONOW watch, HYT is another liquid timepiece art created with the iconic human skull of the Aztec civilization. On the titanium dial, 937 holes throughout are announcing the uniqueness of this watch; a total of 313 18K gold needles standing in the central area are once again the first in the watch industry-the flat skull shape shows like Modern sculpture-like three-dimensional sense of hierarchy. Matching it is the brand’s iconic skull-shaped capillary tube: over time, colored liquids such as blue and green slowly fill the entire catheter, as if giving these silent skulls a second life … The meaning of time and even life.

  The combination of innovative technology and traditional art brings not only intriguing philosophy, but also the most essential precision of watches and clocks. On the face of the SOONOW watch, the position of each hole and the position of each gold needle have undergone strict mathematical calculations. What follows is naturally the exact minute indicated by the hour scale-the exact center position of a numeric English word.

  The liquid indicates time; the capillary with a diameter of less than 1 mm is shaped into the shape of a human skull, and even above it must have a precise time scale. The scale itself also needs to create a shocking visual effect suspended above the outline of the capillary … These were once regarded as astronomical night talk designs, but they have become reality one by one in the world of HYT. These successes are due to HYT’s special R & D team: both traditional watch craftsmen and modern science think tanks, thus truly realizing the connection between the past, present and future of timepiece art.

  In addition, HYT also integrates the two practical basic functions of power reserve and second hand display into the vivid facial expressions of SOONOW watches. Among them, the right eye has an indicator dial behind the eye socket to indicate the power reserve through the ‘looking out’ pupil; the left eye focuses on the watch’s minimum timing unit-60 seconds. The words ‘SOON’ (near future) and ‘NOW’ (now) marked on the eyes also remind everyone to cherish time: time is so precious that even precious eyes cannot be clearly seen and accurately measured.

  In the traditional sense, watches are an indicator of time; but in HYT’s eyes, watches should not be just that. Just like SOONOW, it can accurately indicate the time, but more, it is an interpretation of traditional culture, and also a thinking about the infinite possibilities of time …