Aimi Long Invites You To Share The 2015 First Watch & Clock Fair In Western China

The pure Swiss independent watch brand Aimi Long watch and the Swiss Emperor Watch tour show debuted in the mountain city of Chongqing on November 16. This tour is both the Emmy Long Rui tour and the first watch and clock expo in western China. The scale is huge. Switzerland’s Emmy and more than 20 world famous watch brands shine this winter.

 A time and space trip with Swiss Emily Long met you in Yudu, the Swiss Emily brand that inherits the longest spirit of Geneva watchmaking, and brought the world’s most innovative full dial large moonphase watch Moonphase to Chongqing Liberation The monument will show you the elaborate wrist art works.

 Swiss Amyron watch is always known for its unique design and elaborate craftsmanship and heritage of value. Its brand DNA-time wing shape, runs through all series, whether it is men’s watches, women’s watches, quartz watches and mechanical watches. The spirit and vitality of the Geneva watchmaking spirit is not shown at all times.

 Wings of time, contemporary luxury, royal pearls, Jingya and more than ten well-known classic series watches, shining in the light of spotlights. The multi-functional automatic mechanical watch with two hours, power reserve and three calendar months in Laimon showcases the brand’s exquisite craftsmanship.

 At this horological exhibition, there is also this year’s new MAGNOLIA magnolia series watch. The magnolia watch combines the pure traditional elements of Emilion: a beautiful round case, a unique streamlined wings, and a slightly inward convergence. The two-winged lugs look like a pair of folded arms embracing the entire case, and the entire watch looks like a magnolia bud with buds to be placed. The dial’s craftsmanship is extremely delicate, filling the entire dial with delicate water ripples. While marking the Amy Long time-wing DNA, it produces a vertical stripe-like light and shadow effect; twelve split flower round nails are elegantly embellished On the velvet-like soft blue dial, the magnificent magnolia flower is like a star holding the moon; the magnolia flower is finely carved from natural fritillary, and the three-dimensional magnolia branch is fine but vigorous.

Be in close contact with these exquisite timepieces, witness the passing of time, and listen to the jumping of time; Amy Long invites you to enjoy this feast of watches and clocks!