Antiquorum Achievements In Hong Kong Autumn Auctions

The autumn auction of Antiquorum’s ‘Modern and Antique Timepieces from Famous Collectors’ has been successfully completed on October 19 (Friday) at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong, with total auction revenue reaching 23,834,875 Hong Kong dollar, the results are beyond ideal. A total of 75.8% of the lots were sold at the auction, and the transaction price was 24% higher than the estimate, with good results.
Selected items in this auction include Harry Winston’s ‘OPUS V’ 18K rose gold watch, Louis Vuitton’s ‘Tambour Diving II’ 18K black gold square specially made for the 2011 Only Watch Charity Auction Button chronographs and a series of Patek Philippe watches are popular with watch enthusiasts from all over the world.
The most eye-catching lot at the auction must be Harry Winston’s ‘OPUS V’ 18K rose gold watch (Lot 323). This excellent lot is very delicate and very rare, attracting a large number of collectors to participate in the auction, and after a round of telephone, online and live bidding, it was finally sold for up to HK $ 1,160,000 (with commission).

The most eye-catching lot at the auction must be Harry Winston’s ‘OPUS V’ 18K rose gold watch (Lot 323).

Another eye-catching lot at the auction is Louis Vuitton ‘Tambour Diving II’ 18K black gold square button chronograph stopwatch (Lot 118), which is specially made for Only Watch. Because it is unique and highly collectible, it is very popular with buyers. After many enthusiastic biddings, the transaction was completed with a commission of HK $ 400,000.
Patek Philippe has been highly sought after by watch collectors and has performed well. Among them, Patek Philippe model 5101P platinum ten-day tourbillon tourbillon (Lot 322) has become the object of collectors’ competition. The highest-selling lot.
Patek Philippe has achieved excellent results in this auction. Many watches have caused repeated bids, and the atmosphere on the scene is very warm. Reaffirm the desire and love of Patek Philippe watches by watch collectors everywhere. Among them, Patek Philippe model 5131G-001 world time 18K white gold enamel dial watch (Lot 206), this lot is very delicate, perfect combination of precision watchmaking technology and traditional enamel technology, attracting a lot of watch collectors to actively bid, Sold for HK $ 1,040,000. The Patek Philippe model 5050G Roman numeral dial and 18K white gold perpetual calendar watch (Lot 321) were sold for 608,000 Hong Kong dollars. Patek Philippe model 5350R 18K rose gold watch (Lot 315) is also very popular, triggering repeated auctions, with a transaction price of HK $ 475,000.

Patek Philippe model 1146 ‘Piece Unique – Pendulette Dome – Fêtes des Vendanges’ clock (Lot 127).

The Patek Philippe Model 1146 ‘Piece Unique – Pendulette Dome – Fêtes des Vendanges’ clock, which has attracted a lot of attention before the auction, really lived up to expectations and attracted many collectors to compete for it. After a fierce auction, Asian collectors bid at a high price of HK $ 980,000 (with commission), and the results were exhilarating.
This auction attracted watch enthusiasts and collectors from all over the world, including Mainland China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Russia, Singapore, Switzerland and the United States.
Jill Chen, General Manager of Antiquorum Hong Kong Office, said: ‘Today’s auction, Patek Philippe model 1146 and Harry Winston’s’ OPUS V ‘precious watch timepieces caused fierce bidding by buyers, reflecting the market’s response to The demand for collectible watches continues. ‘
Antiquorum’s next auction will be held in Geneva on November 11th, when it will launch extremely gorgeous and precious fan clocks, as well as a series of Patek Philippe watches and select Rolex watches, please pay close attention.
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Source: Antiquorum