Art Dress Up Warmth In Silver Amy Long Christmas And New Year Presents

In addition to the strong festive atmosphere of Christmas, unique gifts and retro art dresses have also become the most important components of this day. On Christmas Eve, Emilion specially launched the Art Deco watch series, which illuminates our vision with its neo-classical art styling style, becoming the most suitable work for Christmas this year.

 While the classical trend has always occupied the forefront of European fashion, the charm of classical art and the characteristics of the times has fascinated more and more people. The Art Deco (Decorative Art) originated in Europe evolved from the Art Nouveaue (Art Nouveau) movement at the end of the nineteenth century. It is between neoclassicism and realism. It is modern and not too radical. It is classical symmetry. The perfect combination of modern simplicity. Art Deco art is eclectic and compatible, and advocates the organic combination of decoration and function, which is in line with the original intention of clock design. As a famous art watch in the industry, Emilion has inherited its long and exquisite watch decoration technology. On the eve of Christmas, the new Art Deco series watches have become another classic.
 Emilon’s Art Deco watch design is exactly integrated into this European Art Deco art concept, regaining the essence of Art Deco (Art Deco) in the 1920s, the dial is decorated with rich lines, with geometric, pure The decorative textures illustrate the blend of modern art and mechanical design aesthetics. Through simple geometric lines, it has become a symmetrical picture with classic charm, giving the watch and the wearer an elegant and noble temperament. The dial is decorated with golden lines to create beautiful lines, and outlines a delicate and simple linear decorative outline. The bright and elegant golden lines complement the simple and elegant dial, which makes the entire watch full of artistic connotation, and is the perfection of watch aesthetics and quality .
 Thermaltake is a precious work of art, with every detail exuding ingenious perfection. The same is true for the Art Deco series of watches, as the dial of an art treasure can be completed after nearly 30 processes. It needs to go through the process of continuous grinding, polishing and repeated spray baking. It takes at least 36 hours to spray and bake only the enamel gold oil on the dial. The linear decorative texture of the dial surface is etched with the dial, which avoids the line falling phenomenon caused by the combination process of inlaying or pasting. The complexity and three-dimensional degree of the pattern lines also place extremely high requirements on the etching process. Every slight bend, corner, and overlap need to be manually supervised under extremely precise instruments. If there is less than one point, the line is broken, and if there is more, it is redundant. Such complicated and demanding craftsmanship can be perfectly presented, thanks to the accumulation and inheritance of Emilon’s long-established watchmaking technology.