Beauty From The Horizon To The Wrist, Find Out?

You said, every Mid-Autumn Festival, raise a glass to invite the moon
I said, the moon is in the cup, and also on my wrist
The full moon and the moon are fleeting, and the wrist is beautiful forever
This Mid-Autumn Festival, you are invited to play together
The world is beautiful, the moon phase of Blancpain

Most classic

Blancpain Villeret Moon Phase Watch
   Willow-shaped hands, round double-layered bezel and uneven Roman time scales, balance and harmony, elegant and light, highlighting Blancpain’s most prominent aesthetic style.
   The moon face on this watch set his eyes to the side, revealing the charm that is still to be said. In addition to the most classic, it may also be the most mysterious moon phase watch.

Most elegant

Blancpain Moon Beauty Women’s Full Moon Phase Women’s Watch
   The classic bezel set with red gold and diamonds, precious metal inlaid with Roman numerals, and the little diamonds complement each other.
   The mother-of-pearl dial is gentle and soft, and the month and the week window are symmetrical in the middle, echoing the six-point smart and slightly mysterious moon beauty, which is unforgettable.

Most romantic

Blancpain ‘Moon Beauty’ Eccentric Date Retrograde Women’s Watch
   This watch has both moon phase and retrograde date display functions, mother-of-pearl, gorgeous diamonds, blue steel snake-shaped retrograde hands with the dazzling star emblem, along the date half arc across the diamond starry sky.
   When Moon Beauty opened her eyes full of smiles, she opened a window to show her feelings.

Most agile

Blancpain ‘Moon Beauty’ Date Indicating Moon Phase Watch
   The red gold case has a bezel set with 48 diamonds. The protein dial features a willow-shaped hand, a pointer-type date display and a sapphire crystal moon phase dial.
   At the full moon, in the face of the love of his sweetheart, the ‘moon beauty’ on his wrist smiled, the touching beauty mole on the corner of his mouth. As if to say, ‘Yes, Ido!’