Bell & Ross New Br03 Commando Brand Watch

The essence of the Bell & Ross watch is to transplant the aircraft cockpit dashboard timer into the watch, taking aviation technology instruments as the reference object to ensure that the timepiece has a clear display , Excellent performance and reliable and durable characteristics are also the background of the BR01 and BR03 space watches.

 Bell & Ross new BR03 COMMANDO brand watch

COMMANDO series are professional timepieces created by Bell & Ross for elite commando units: Commando units function, and they often enter the enemy’s peril and perform infiltration tactics such as tracking trials. Advanced equipment must be difficult to detect to avoid exposure.
The COMMANDO series of watches are specially tinted and coated, which can fully meet the requirements of commandos for military uniforms and equipment: for example, the matte black case with the gray dial to protect the color effect; anti-reflective sapphire crystal , Luminous dial design for easy reading, no error, no matter day or night.

 Bell & Ross new BR03 COMMANDO brand watch

COMMANDO series is unique. Since its launch, it has been sought after by military watch enthusiasts and watch collectors. This year, the BR03 COMMANDO series will be launched with a size of 42 mm, providing more choices for watch fans.

Simple and glamorous, the pure-function winning COMMANDO series is designed for the brave and formidable commanders who are not afraid of challenges. Both the BR01 and BR03 models perform well, the performance is accurate and reliable, regardless of time, the professional performance is consistent.