Breakthrough The Mystery Of The Traditional Subversion Timefrank Mueller Crazy Ten Years

Famouran released Crazy Hours watch for the first time ten years ago. It is like throwing a deep-water bomb on the altar, completely breaking the inherent dial display mode with crazy imagination. , France Mulan specially launched a limited edition of Crazy Hours tenth anniversary edition.

 Crazy Hours has been one of the most successful franchise series since its debut ten years ago, and has become the most innovative and innovative timepiece technology concept of the brand. Looking at the watch industry, there is no timepiece with a similar concept. Comparable. The unique position of Crazy Hours in the history of Franco Mulan and watchmaking technology is self-evident. The 12-hour number sequence is not 1 to 12 clockwise, and the hour hand is flying on the dial with the hour jumping function. It can be confusing. As to whether you can distinguish the mysteries and laws, it depends on whether you break Routine thinking.

 The Crazy Hours 10th Anniversary Edition is unveiled in a Cintrée Curvex 18K gold wine barrel-shaped case. The watch features and 12 Art Deco-style Arabic numerals are the same as the original Crazy Hours, but the design details highlight its tenth anniversary edition.

 The most eye-catching feature is the 10-character hour markers inlaid with sparkling diamonds. A 10-character commemorative logo is emblazoned below the dial, echoing each other and showing their unique identity, dignity and fun.

CRAZY HOURS 10th Anniversary Edition

5850/7880 CH REL

Movement number: FM 2800 HF.

Movement type: Automatic winding.

Movement size: 25.60 mm diameter, 5.20 mm thickness.

Display: non-traditional hour and minute display.

Power reserve: 42 hours.

Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour.

Number of parts: 186.

Number of gems: 23 pieces.

Pendulum: 950 platinum automatic pendulum.

Water resistance: 30 meters.

Function: Two positions of crown 1 Winding 2 Setting time.

Movement modification: Geneva stripes, fish scales and hand chamfering.

Case: Cintrée Curvex 18 K rose gold barrel case (exclusively available in stores), Cintrée Curvex 18 K white gold barrel case.

Case dimensions: 5850 CH REL: 32.10mm wide, 45.10mm long, 9.35mm thick, 7880 CH REL: 36.00mm wide, 50.40mm long, and 11.60 mm thick.

Dial: Lacquered dial with sunray pattern, Arabic numerals, 10-word hour setting with 16 diamonds; 5850 CH REL: 0.05 carats; 7880 CH REL: 0.07 carats.

Strap: Hand-stitched crocodile leather strap.