Casio Launches Gs-1200 Radio-controlled Watch

The pursuit of powerful and high-quality watches has always been the pursuit of Casio G-SHOCK. Inheriting its tenacity and strong brand spirit, G-SHOCK has won the favor of countless people with its strength and has swept the world. Now its new GIZE series GS-1200 evolves more concise and tough. Refined and sturdy features are still the best friends of the watch lovers.

Six rounds of radio waves
 As the latest item in the GIZE series, the GS-1200 is even more powerful and has the function of receiving radio waves from 6 stations around the world. It can receive standard time from many parts of the world, can receive different frequency radio signals of all 6 base stations around the world with high sensitivity, and automatically correct the time. This is good news for G fans who love the GIZE series. Traveling around the world can have the most accurate time.
Tough movement
 In order to pursue the higher performance and durability of the radio-controlled watch and further improve the reliability of the movement, GS1200 also reflects another unique technology of CASIO: the tough movement. Tough movement’s impulse-resistant structure can effectively prevent the watch’s movement from “gear damage”, “deformation of the movement”, “hand misalignment”, etc., due to external impacts such as dropping, which improves strength To ensure the correct display of the pointer model.

Solar drive system
 The GS1200 has a powerful solar drive system, which absorbs sunlight through a built-in solar panel, which can be absorbed by even a small fluorescent light source. The electric board converts the absorbed light source into electrical energy and stores it in a solar battery in the watch to ensure the operation of various functions of the watch. And you do n’t need to worry about the battery life, it can run for two years on a full charge, and there is no need to replace the battery. The environmental protection concept that Casio has always advocated is evident.
Powerful GIZE
 The outer surface of the high-quality metal case is covered with a resin outer ring that acts as a buffer, stainless steel forged keys and soft polyurethane tape, which make the watch have stronger toughness and shock resistance.
In addition to its sturdy features, the GIZE series is designed to focus on a simple and compact design that combines functionality and beauty. GIZE uses the pointer display mode, which greatly improves the visibility of the model. The wide hour and minute hands of the GS1200 are fully matched with the rough personality of G-SHOCK.
 The 9 o’clock fan-shaped time difference logo, painted in red, is not only easy to identify, but also becomes a dial decorative highlight. The G-SHOCK series has now become synonymous with trends. Its powerful functions brought by high technology and the sparks that have collided with the trend culture have been loved by more and more watch lovers. For G-SHOCK, this is its glory, and it is also its quality.