Challenge Breakthrough Hao Xing Yao Shi Rado Swiss Radar Chongqing Golden Eagle Plaza Store Glory Opening

【2013年1月24日– 重庆】 瑞士制表业高科技材质与设计的先锋腕表品牌RADO瑞士雷达表继北京APM新东安直营店开幕后,又于重庆金鹰Place the opening of its second outlets throughout China. Mr. Wan Zhi Fei, vice president of RADO Rado China region, Rado global spokesperson Miss Rene Liu as a guest for the outlets opening ceremony.剪彩仪式上,刘若英小姐展示了瑞士雷达表全新革命性高科技陶瓷材质腕表——HyperChrome皓星系列,并与大家分享了这一全新系列潮流前卫的设计风格与时尚百搭的佩戴体验。 RADO Rado innovation and enterprising spirit of the brand and Chongqing vibrant, thriving city heritage complement each other.

RADO Rado global spokesperson Miss Rene for the new store autograph
 RADO瑞士雷达表重庆金鹰广场直营店位于重庆最繁华的核心商圈——重庆地标性建筑解放碑广场内。它的盛装开幕象征着这一瑞士制表业的先锋腕表品牌以时尚、潮流的全新风格,被更多的消费者拥趸和关注。 The shop design is simple and very contemporary, for technological innovation and unremitting pursuit of creative attempts to material applications is RADO Rado most proud of the brand DNA, and this idea also in material application and design outlets in随处体现。 Fashion, avant-garde store style with RADO Rado uses a revolutionary high-tech elements with shine. In addition, RADO Rado Chongqing Golden Eagle Plaza outlets have the most complete watch series, can bring the most professional advice and buy the table experience for customers.

RADO Rado held a grand opening ceremony in Chongqing landmark Liberation Monument Square
 Mr. Wan Zhi Fei, vice president of RADO Rado China, said at the opening ceremony: ‘Chongqing has always been a battleground in today’s Chinese watch market, Chongqing is also occupies an important position not to be underestimated us.非常欣喜的看到,RADO瑞士雷达表已经受到越来越多重庆消费者的关注和喜爱,这其中也包括许多前卫、时尚的年轻人。随着中国经济的发展和人们对奢侈品认知度的逐渐提高,我们对于RADO瑞士雷达表在中国的发展充满信心。”

Mr. Wan Zhifei, Vice President of RADO China
 Since the advent of the new HyperChrome series of RADO, Rado has set a new benchmark in the field of high-tech ceramics, and has adopted a precision injection molding process to create an integrated (single structure) high-tech ceramic case. The series will be high-tech ceramic with platinum gold, gold or rose gold Ceramos ™ titanium carbide ceramics are combined with stainless steel, diamond and other materials match. With precision, stringent manufacturing processes, once again demonstrated RADO Rado unique design style and watchmaking vividly.

Mr. Wan Zhi Fei, vice president of RADO Rado China region, Rado global spokesperson Miss Rene Liu as a guest for the outlets cut the ribbon
 When the 1958 founding of New China during the early undone it, RADO Rado will be to with amazing insight, business acumen and courage to enter the Chinese spirit of pioneer, becoming the first to enter the Chinese market, the Swiss watch品牌,并自此奠定了在中国腕表市场的领先地位。 2013, RADO Rado will continue to increase the pace of expansion in China, the development of the Chinese market to a new peak!