Dior Limited Edition Automatic Dial Inverted Watch

Inspired by Mr. Dior’s love for prom dresses and tribute to important dances he once attended. This series hopes to present a group of prom dresses that are constantly rotating and swaying. All the details of these gorgeous dresses are reproduced vividly in the surface and automatic plate design of this series through the exquisite and detailed diamond embroidery inlaying method and composition.

Innovative process:
     The concept of rotating is embodied in the design of the watch, which stimulates the great idea of ​​placing the automatic dial on the front dial.
The calibre “Dior Inversé” with the automatic dial on the dial was developed by Dior’s original “Les Ateliers Horlogers” over 18 months, and is the result of a process produced in collaboration with Soprod Manufacture and Frédéric Jouvenot. In order to project the original source of inspiration into each model in the most realistic miniature. Different designs of automatic disks must recalculate the weight of the gem setting to ensure the smooth operation of the automatic disk chain, and at the same time eliminate the inertia generated during operation.
Grand Bal Limited Edition-Haute Couture Inverter (Marketing Date November 2011)
     The innovative and revolutionary design, moving the automatic disk from the back to the front, is like making people reluctant to move their eyes away from the flying skirt. This way they are caught in an intoxicating vortex together. Like the Cinderella attending the prom, each lady’s line of business is definitely as unique and distinctive as a high-end uniform.