Exquisite Blancpain Japanese Elements In Classic Tradition

The Rio Olympic Games has successfully concluded. I believe that this Olympic Games has left a lot of wonderful and memorable moments for you, right? At the closing ceremony of the Olympic Games, the ‘Tokyo 8 minutes’ promotional video Let many friends speak directly, but also full of expectations for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. When it comes to Japan, I have to mention Japanese culture. The waves and cherry blossoms are an important part of Japanese culture. Swiss top watch brand Blancpain took inspiration from them and launched the ‘Julang’ watch and ‘Blooming Sakura’ watch.

Blancpain ‘Julang’ watch

   On the dial of the ‘Kuraku’ watch, the waves carved in white gold are tumbled with patina, and the exterior is carved with the woodblock print ‘Grand Wave de’ created by Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai
Kanagawa). Although Julang is made of white gold, it is not just the platinum wave that is simply placed on the watch dial, but has gone through a variety of special craftsmanship. At present, only Dongba rokusho? Green, which is used by Blancpain. The ash solution was installed after the passivation process. The surging power and dynamic beauty of the waves are in stark contrast to the purity and harmony represented by grey ocher.

   The watch’s power reserve display is located on the bridge of the watch, leaving enough space to appreciate the delicate carvings.
The movement is equipped with three main barrels connected in series, which in turn realize the function of winding or releasing power, thereby achieving a long power reserve of 8 days.
Blancpain ‘Blooming Sakura’ Watch

   Sakura is the most magical part of this watch. It uses the technique of filling enamel + micro-painting enamel. The dial base is gold. After the area is divided on the base, the flower area is cut out from the gold dial base to form an arc groove. The groove is first filled with white enamel and fired at 800 degrees. Then, the flower stamens are micro-painted and then fired. The petals are also carved with curved grooves, and the edges of the gold petals are taken from the base of the gold dial. The other areas of the watch are covered with volcanic stone (agate stone) and laser patterned on it.

   Adhering to the spirit of paying attention to the innovation of the movement, the watchmaker has specially modified the well-known Cal.13R0 manual-winding movement of BLANCPAIN to create a new Cal.13R3A caliber with 8 days power. More design space. The movement is equipped with three main barrels connected in series, and the second barrel acts as the ‘continuing electrical appliance’ of the first barrel, continuously supplying power to the first barrel; at the same time from the third barrel The power is supplemented to achieve stable power output for 8 days. The new 8-day long power Cal.13R3A movement, equipped with three main barrels in series, provides 8 days of stable power output, and is equipped with a power reserve indicator on the back of the movement.