Extraordinary Art Tasting Vacheron Constantin Master Series Hot Air Balloon Watch Versailles 1783

‘Extraordinary artistic masterpiece, witnessing the outstanding creativity and superb craftsmanship of the brand master craftsmanship from generation to generation’ This is the first sentence of the Vacheron Constantin’s official website series of art masters, and indeed, as its introduction says, Vacheron Constantin art masters Each piece of the series is a wonderful timepiece that combines arts and craftsmanship with watchmaking.

   At this year’s SIHH, Vacheron Constantin’s Master of Arts series is inspired by the flying history of human beings, commemorating humanity’s countless challenges of gravitational gravity rushing into the sky, and using miniature technology to restore the five hot air balloon flight feats completed in France from 1783 to 1785.

    The new Vacheron Constantin Master Series hot air balloon watch (model: 7610U / 000G-B210), hand-engraved and micro-engraved hot air balloon suspended and suspended on a translucent hollow enamel background. The watch is equipped with the brand’s own developed and manufactured 2460 G4 / 1 movement, and through a unique display method to combine artistic beauty and superb craftsmanship, the original movement design ensures that the time display is integrated with the aesthetic design of the entire dial.

   The watch uses a 40mm white gold case, which is polished and rounded, and the white gold crown is comfortable and engraved with the Vacheron Constantin Malta cross. The lugs are very classic, and the solitude is integrated with the case.

   A dark blue alligator leather strap with Vacheron Constantin’s signature Maltese cross platinum folding clasp.

   There are five models of Vacheron Constantin’s hot air balloon watches, which recorded five feat of hot air balloon flight in France from 1783 to 1785, so the five watches are also different. This hot air balloon watch records the first flight in 1783. The background uses a hollow blue enamel process. The layout of the hollow enamel is similar to that of the silk enamel. The manufacturing method without the support of the base is the same as the miniature stained glass window. The hand-carved gold hot air balloon presents a ‘relief’ effect. Each hot-air balloon takes at least three weeks to make to fully present the subtle features and decorative details of the prototype.
   Four different digital dials clearly show the hour, minute, day of the week and date. The hours and minutes are displayed as sliding, while the days and days are skipped. And because the dial uses a hollow enamel process, its translucent effect allows us to appreciate the movement of the movement on the front of the watch.

   This Paris in 1783, for the first time on a human ‘sky trip’. This high-altitude hot-air balloon installation is still designed by Etienne Mongolfier, and the dial is a subtle depiction of the two ‘sky travelers’. In the sky blue hollow enamel background, the gorgeous pink gold and white gold balloons are also engraved with the sun, constellation, iris, garland, badge and flying eagle pattern.

   Vacheron Constantin’s self-produced 2460 G4 / 2 self-winding movement uses a K-gold oscillating weight, and the oscillating weight is also engraved with the series’ unique micro-arch hot air balloon pattern, which echoes the hot air balloon theme. Finely polished sand movement with Geneva stamp. The movement provides a power reserve of about 40 hours.

Summary: Vacheron Constantin reproduced the journey of mankind to conquer the blue sky with superb craftsmanship. There are a total of 5 watches in this masterpiece series of hot air balloon watches, each of which is limited to 5 pieces and is individually numbered.