Gphg 2019 Announces The List Of 84 Timepieces Through Pre-selection

On September 2, 2019, local time, the 19th GPHG (Geneva Fine Watch Awards) announced the list of 84 timepieces preselected by the jury. The 84 timepieces are divided into 14 categories, totaling 18 awards aimed at paying tribute to the best timepiece creation of the year, including the prestigious Aiguilled’OrGrandPrix.

   The international jury is composed of 30 industry experts and conducts two rounds of secret balloting in a completely independent manner, supervised by a notary. GPHG pays tribute to fearless creativity, technical genius, sincere enthusiasm and expertise, which have helped the watchmaking industry to stay alive for centuries.

   On Thursday, November 7, 2019, the final winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Léman Theatre in Geneva. Actor and director Edouard Baer will be in charge of the ceremony again, and the event will be broadcast live via and GPHG media partners.

   In addition, 84 pre-selected timepieces will be displayed on four continents around the world, providing international watch fans with a great opportunity to explore and discover the most striking new timepiece creations.

List of 84 pre-selected timepieces (14 categories, 6 in each category)

Ladies’Preselected Timepiece

Ladies’Complication Preselected Timepiece

Best Men’s Watches

Best Complicated Men’s Complication Preselected Timepiece

Best Icon Watch (IconicWatch)

Best Chronometry Preselected Timepiece

Best Calendar and Astronomy Watch

Best mechanical innovation watch (MechanicalException) pre-selected timepiece?

Best Chronograph Preselected Chronograph

Best Diver’s Watch Preselected Timepiece

Best Jewellery Preselected Timepiece

The best craft table (ArtisticCrafts) preselected timepiece?

Small pointer award (PetiteAiguille) preselected timepiece

Best Challenge Table (Challenge) pre-selected timepieces