Hot And Cold Of Panerai

‘The watch brand Panerai can be traced back to the watch shop opened by Giovanni Panerai in Florence, Italy in 1860, and then gradually involved the sales, maintenance, repair and production of watches, and began to serve the Italian military. Service. In 1993, Panerai returned to the civilian market and launched three limited edition watches, but the sales were not satisfactory. In 1997, Richemont Group spent less than 1 million US dollars. The price bought the Panerai brand, including trademarks, drawings, patents, inventory … Panerai has opened up a crazy road for more than 10 years. ” —- Introduction Panerhai fever was a unique phenomenon in the watch industry. It has never been before and it will be difficult to replicate in the future. Several factors that have made the navy water ghost @perezcope equipped with Panerai equipment quickly succeed in just ten years: 1.1993 marketization The mystery that previously only served the military and was not available for sale (including Italy but also other countries), including a special history of battle, currently has a small number of antique watches from Panerai. Many people blame the Italian World War II’s weak and powerful Historical doubts, etc., in fact, military watch value What matters is the brand’s reputation, style characteristics, technical content, number of survivors, and legendary background. The Soviet army can fight again, and their military watches are not valuable. In history, those who have read the Panerai monograph will know more More comprehensive. Because the official information of the brand is missing, many interesting cases need to be explored by folk power. This is a very interesting thing for collectors and watch fans. Panerai equipped with Rolex movement and waterproof Rolex case 2. In the history, it has a cooperative relationship with Rolex. Rolex is the best watch brand in the world, and rarely OEMs for other brands. In the 1930s, Italy was the most important market for Rolex in the European continent. The Italians have a high aesthetic taste. Some special designs in the history of Rolex are aimed at this market, and everyone knows how the Italians later played a role in speculating Rolex. Panerai was an agent of Rolex in Italy, and it became logical after receiving the order of the Italian military diving watch. Find a Rolex Foundry. Climbing up to Rolex is very helpful for raising Pei’s modern brand image, and Rolex today It is difficult to say, I am not willing to care about this distant relative. 3. The design style just meets the trend of big watches and sports models. 1993 was the beginning of the big watch trend. In the same year, IWC re-enacted Portugal in the 1940s. Series, Portugal and Panerai both use large-caliber pocket watch movements. To be fair here for Pei’s movement, although it uses ETA, it uses the top configuration, which was adopted by Richemont after acquisition. The movement has been upgraded to an observatory-grade configuration (except for the second hand model, which cannot be applied for). At that time, few brands did this (only two years later, Breitling declared a 100% observatory). 4. Italian-born Hollywood action star Stallone Everyone knows the publicity effect of this star effect. Limited edition platinum case made of stock Rolex movement Panerai 5. Marketing of Richemont: After the collection under the brand, it started to engage in limited sales. On the one hand, Several batches of antique stock movement production special editions have attracted the high-end market. On the other hand, the ETA movement has been transformed to popularize the intermediate market, and the historical resources of the brand have been vigorously explored. After the initial accumulation of brand building was completed, the company began to turn to its own core R & D, and launched its full range in just a few years. Today, it continues to launch new models. In terms of style, several times lead the trend: new materials such as rugged personality shell, sandwich luminous face plate, antique yellow luminous luster, large leather strap, carved case, ceramic bronze anodized aluminum … even using ETA6497 and The enthusiasm for simplifying the automatic basic core with 7750 was brought by Panerai. I don’t know how many small brands have been inspired and saved. It can be said that Panerai is the only brand that takes the historical antique elements to the extreme. Even today, when the brand is cold, there are still endless ideas and ideas that can make people shine, and many traditional big brands can’t do it. To this point. 6. Social carnival and mass movement: Many people first transferred from Peugeot and other sports watch brands such as Rolex, IWC, Omega, Breitling to Peipei. They are mainly middle-class, have certain strength, have wide interests, and the appearance of Peipei coincides with When the BBS network was busy socializing, Pei fans from all over the world quickly integrated, and there was a global gala. The brand officials also attached great importance to it. They had been closely connected with the watch fans group, and later launched a special commemorative edition for Pei fans. In contrast, other brands are very late. Peipei fans have also exerted infinite wisdom from the masses. DIY designs and manufactures Panerai belts and buckles, which brings a lot of business to a group of handmade leather goods workshops. Today, many personalized leather goods custom handmade artisans are from Peipei. Nahai edge accessories products into the line. The Panerai New York Limited Edition using the rough ETA movement has experienced a cold process in recent years. The reasons are many. The controversy and doubts about Pei in the watch fans have never been broken. Some people are picky about the size and ugly. Some people are abandoning the ETA movement and selling them at a high price. Some people are questioning the way of excessive hype … In fact, it makes sense. For luxury Chinese ‘saviors’, Panerai’s design is too alternative, and its popularity is not high enough; while Europeans and Americans who like this brand very hard to bear the price, Panerai’s price positioning strategy (There is a statement that Rolex is lower than Audemars Piguet.) It is difficult to adjust the turn in the market’s general downturn. It can only be made up by adding some clever limited editions and reducing the price of its own entry movement, but the market is buying up If you don’t buy it, Pei is not labor, after all, the money that can’t get up can’t get up, and the second-hand is getting worse. The pace of its own movement is a bit fast. There is no gradual process. The start is a complex eight-day chain. Failures can damage reputation and prices continue to rise. When the market is not good and forced to launch affordable models, everyone is no longer interested. . There is also the impact of counterfeit watches, China’s counterfeit appearance technology is more and more sophisticated, and those who have publicly used the MARINA MILITARE trademark registered by Panerai, counterfeit movements follow up quickly, and the wholesale price of the watch is a few hundred yuan. Every year, a large number of floods to the world, to a certain extent, fakes hurt Panerai brands more than Rolex. Finally, it is the question of marketing practices, that is, some inside information disclosed in the ‘myth’ article, which hurts the confidence of some high-end customers. It is inevitable that there will be embarrassment after the ebb is overhyped. Panerai is the most unique brand in the watch industry for more than two decades. It has had a huge influence and has been accompanied by many controversies. When talking about this brand, there are mixed flavors. I hope the brand has the wisdom to repair itself, and then present a ‘fat sea’ that surprises watch fans. -END- author: SHEK329 living in Germany, the watch brand two decades of research, ‘ranked the world watches the’ original author since 2011, independent design watches, 2018 set up his own studio clock microblogging: @ SHEK329_ lithographic studio clock