Jacques Dro Presents The Geneva Times Bird Three Questions

Jacques de Roux brings together the talents of its artisans (Ateliersd’Art) to create a new model, TheBirdRepeaterGeneva, which will bring exquisite moving installations and the poetic nature of nature Integrate and pay tribute to Geneva. In 1784, Pierre Jacquestro opened the first local watchmaking workshop in Geneva, and introduced superbly complex watchmaking into Geneva.

The natural scene interweaves with the city of Geneva to form the decorative background of TheBirdRepeaterGeneva. The mother-of-pearl dial condenses all the symbols of this famous Swiss city. Engravers, painters and enamelers have successfully reproduced the outlines of Lacde Genève with its famous fountains, the Pharedes Pâquis and the Salève in a miniature scale. This former Alps is regarded as Geneva ‘Balcony’.

In the center of the dial, a pair of red-fronted goldfinch lives in the middle of Île Rousseau, a bird paradise at the entrance of Lake Geneva. The two golden eagles are hand-carved, and the feathers are as colorful as brutalist paintings. They guard the two young birds underneath, and a bird’s egg lies in the center of the nest. Exquisite details, brilliant colors, realistic and vivid bird eyes and each straw, all show the outstanding skills of LaChaux-de-Fonds craftsmen.

For Jacques Dro, beauty and sophisticated mechanics always go hand in hand. Like the previous models, The BirdRepeaterGeneva in Geneva has 8 exquisite automatic doll scenes, breathtaking-tits feeding chicks, flapping wings, gurgling waterfalls, chicks breaking out of shells, etc. -Pay tribute to the famous automatic puppets created by Father Pierre Jacques de Dr. in the 18th century.

The Geneva RepeaterGeneva is equipped with a JaquetDrozRMA88 self-winding movement, with a 48-hour power reserve, limited to 8 pieces. 8 is a symbolic number in the world of Jaquet Droz. Senior experts will be able to appreciate all its meanings and appreciate the mysteries.

Three Questions for the Geneva Times

18K Red Gold Dial
Hand-carved and painted mother-of-pearl, black onyx pin plate
Hand-carved and painted golden eagle bird
18K Red Gold Case
18K Red Gold Folding Buckle
Manually wound minute repeater mechanical movement
48 hours power reserve
47mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces