Look At The Avengers 3 Before Looking At The Table Of The Richest Superhero

Just yesterday, ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ was released in China. This movie is a historic assembly of the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Movie Universe. All superheroes before this will be Appears in this movie. There should be many cousins ​​going to the cinema to watch this movie this weekend. I also bought today’s tickets to go to the cinema to watch a lively.

   I remember when the ‘Captain America: Civil War’ was released, I once watched what watches the superheroes wear when promoting the film. This time, as usual, we will also take a look at the watches collected by superheroes, and see what Robert Downey Jr., the player of Iron Man, the richest superhero in the Marvel world, has collected.

   GQ Style once asked Robert Downey Jr. to do a collection of famous watch shows, which is still very interesting. In addition to showing his watch collection, Robert Downey Jr. also wrote an interesting story for these watches. However, he also mentioned that a man can be known through watch accessories. Let’s take a look at which watches are available.

   The first watch is a Breitling Avengers series watch. This watch has a special position at 9 o’clock. Some foreign netizens speculated that it might be Breitling specially made for him or a movie prop. don’t know ”to introduce this watch.

   The second watch is a collaboration between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin. The AMVOX3 Tourbillon GMT tourbillon timepiece is priced at $ 92,000. Robert Downey Jr. said that this watch should be his best. A watch, this watch also appeared in ‘Iron Man 2.’

   Launched in 2011, this watch uses an all-ceramic case. Equipped with a tourbillon automatic winding movement, in addition, it also integrates dual time zone display and pointer date retrograde display function, the layout is reasonable in order to better appreciate the continuous rotation of the tourbillon. The hollowed-out dial allows the wearer to clearly see the bridge and the main splint. The surface of the bridge and the splint is plated with titanium, following the highest watchmaking traditions. Limited edition of 300 pieces.

   The third watch is an Omega Speedmaster watch, which is exactly the same as the Omega Speedmaster watch worn by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin in 1969.

   This Speedmaster is Omega’s first Speedmaster with an asymmetrical case. We can see its crown and the case with the chronograph button for extra protection. The dial is also engraved with ‘Professional’. Since this watch, the Omega Speedmaster is also known as the ‘Moon Watch’. But his watch is too new. The luminous coating of the hands and scales has not been oxidized. This is deep …

   The fourth is a Rolex’s Greenwich II modified watch from Bamford. We rarely introduce the modified watch brand, this time I will talk about it. The founder of Bamford, George Bamford, is a well-known British rich three generations. His father is the chairman of JCB, Europe’s first construction machinery manufacturer. George Bamford has always been fond of fashion, art, design and so on. In 2003, he founded the Bamford Watch Department watch workshop, specializing in luxury watch modification. Here I also want to remind everyone who is interested in Rolex modified watches, modified Rolex service does not provide any after-sales service.

   The fifth one, I do n’t need to say more about it, Robert Downey Jr. calls it “Green money”. Green Water Ghost has always been one of the most purchased watches by watch watch forum friends. Although the current price has exceeded the official price, it is still difficult to stop its popularity.

   The sixth piece is an antique watch from Baume & Mercier, a watch passed down to him by Robert Downey Jr.’s grandfather, which he called a priceless treasure.

   The seventh is a Bell & Ross BR 01 series watch, the 46 mm watch diameter is really a bit large, which was given to him by Ben Stiller after the filming of ‘Tropical Thunder’ in 2007. This watch The style still matches the style of war.

   The last watch was called the most gorgeous watch by Robbie Downey Jr., which was given to him by his wife. Indeed, this Patek Philippe’s ‘Nautilus’ 5712 steel model is well deserved. This watch is also a Patek Philippe popular The hottest model in the collection.

   This ‘Nautilus’ (model: 5712 / 1A) with moon phase, calendar and power reserve functions, compared to the single function 5711, 5712 is obviously a more interesting watch. Now the domestic public price: 300,300 RMB, and this price is basically unavailable, and when you line up in a specialty store, you don’t know which year or month you have to wait.
   This video is an early interview video. Now it comes out to reflect a scene. Finally, I wish you all a happy visit to the theater.