Looking Forward To 2015 Zenith And The Spindrift Racing Fleet Are Ready To Go

For the Spindrift racing fleet, the upcoming 2014 is an exciting year. This year, they made a total of three podiums: Ladycat sailed in third place in the Vulcain Cup. At the end of the race, Yann Guichard won the runner-up at the Rum Way Singles Race, and the fleet won a valuable victory in the Bol d’Or Mirabaud race. Today, the Spindrift 2 mega trimaran sails to the Multiplast dock in the port of Vannes for winter renovations.
  As soon as 2014 is full of wonderful memories, a new chapter of 2015 has begun. For the Spindrift racing team, the focus of the new season is on manned sailing. The crew will take part in the honor competition by driving three different sailing boats: D35), the Tour de France à la Voile in July (driving the new D24 trimaran) and the Jules Verne Cup (driving the Spindrift 2) next winter.
  ‘2014 was a very positive year for the Spindrift racing team,’ said Dona Bertarelli. ‘Podium podium at the D35 and Rum Road events is the best reward for our team’s hard work and we have achieved Technical progress and competitive goals. I would like to highlight our partners Mirabaud, Genes-x and Zenith, and thank them from the beginning for their conviction that our fleet project can be successful. It has become one of the most outstanding fleets in the professional group, and our achievements will prompt us to make more efforts and continuously promote team building and improvement.
  The fleet base in Saint-Philibert, France, has also recently been expanded to meet the exciting new challenges of 2015. The focus of the year will be on the Spindrift 2 for the Jules Verne Cup. We not only have to race against time, race against time, but also compete directly with other fleets. This is why I am happy to participate in this D35 level race for the ninth consecutive year Where. At the same time, the fleet will also participate in Tour de France à la Voile, of course it has now become a multi-hull race. ‘