Obama Wears The Same Watch As Romney

The 57th President of the United States, Barack Obama, who has been re-elected, wears the same brand of watch as the lost candidate Mitt Romney? Investigating this matter means that many people who plan to buy watches have a reference, and those who don’t have a plan to buy watches can look at the taste of the two candidates. Obama wears the same watch as Romney? As early as during the campaign speech, professionals already identified the watches worn by the two male candidates. When the dust of the election results on the 7th was settled, TAG Heuer released a message via the official Weibo that confirmed the two Presidential candidates wore TAG Heuer watches during the campaign, but they were different collections. According to netizens, the TAG Heuer submarine series worn by Obama is a cheaper mid-range model, priced at about $ 3,000. People pay less attention to the lost Romney, but the Carrera CARRERA series he wears is slightly more expensive. , About 4,000 US dollars, is TAG Heuer’s most classic chronograph series, belongs to TAG Heuer mid-to-high-end products. Even so, people still criticize Romney for not too expensive but too cheap!
In a campaign lasting more than two months, Obama and Romney have always been regarded as a showdown between ‘civilians’ and ‘Gao Shuaifu’. American politician and business darling Romney was born rich, so it was natural that People who are considered to be born with luxury watches like Patek Philippe choose to wear an accessory that does not match their identity in front of the public. It is no wonder that he was accused of being a show. Obama, who was born in the average middle class in the United States, worked hard during his previous term. Working hard to create a people-friendly route, it is only natural to bring TAG Heuer watches. In addition to TAG Heuer, Obama also wore a similarly friendly Jorg Gray watch during his last term to participate in various general elections. The retail price is about $ 2,165. The watch is said to come from a specialized store under the Federal Economic Intelligence Agency. This store is not open to the public, and the Obama logo is not on the watch, but the public can buy this from other chains of the producer Jorg Gray. table.
多 To what extent does the success of watch selection affect the US election? I am afraid there is no professional agency to count this data. Some netizens commented that the ‘Presidential election TAG Heuer’ may well be a mystery! Most importantly, did you decide which series to buy after reading this article?