Omega Celebrity Ambassador Bastian Baker Adds Huacai To The Omega European Masters

If you drive into the Swiss town of Crans-Montana during the Omega Masters, you will notice a series of colorful giant golf balls on the side of the road . These five-foot-high artistic paintings were created by many celebrities, including Omega celebrity ambassador Bastian Baker.

During this year’s OMEGA European Masters, Omega celebrity ambassador Bastian Baker visited the venue and used his infinite creativity to contribute to meaningful charitable projects.

   This famous singer-songwriter from Switzerland is known for his musical talent. During the golf course design, Bastian Baker and professional model Antonio Vizcaino worked together to give full play to its artistic talent.

   Asked what he thought of the project, Bastian Baker said: ‘I’m excited to be involved in such a meaningful event. The process of making this golf was very interesting and completely different from what I did before Different. I hope that everyone who visits the Omega European Masters can see these artworks. Of course, they are very eye-catching and hard to miss. ‘

   Every giant golf ball will be auctioned online, and the proceeds will be donated to the charity INSIEME, which aims to help people with intellectual disabilities better integrate into society.