On The Way To Play The Watch, How Can I Lose Lange Lange’s Unique Watch Grand Lange 1

Most of the world’s top watchmaking brands, aside from those independent watchmakers who produce very little, most of them are concentrated in Switzerland. However, in history, France, Germany, and the United Kingdom are very powerful Today, the watchmaking industries in these countries are gradually recovering, and Lange is the leader in German high-end watchmaking. Different countries, under the influence of culture, humanistic ideas, and social environment, have created completely different ideas and styles. This is why Lange and Swiss high-end watches are so different, and it is also attractive. Today, we admire Lange’s iconic watch, Grand Lange 1, model 191.039.

   Among the basic Lange watches, the most representative watch must be the Lange 1 series. This product, which accompanied Lange’s return to the fine watchmaking palace in 1994, has never withdrawn from the market for 22 years, and has continued to innovate, Change and keep improving, Lange 1 series is getting richer. The Grand Lange 1 series is a branch of the Lange 1. Currently, it mainly includes the Grand Lange 1, Grand Lange 1 Moonphase and Grand Lange 1 Moonphase ‘Lumen’. This year, Lange Grand Lange 1 updated two watches in total. Grand Lange 1 is one of them.
Lange masterpiece

Lange Grand Lange 1 Series 191.039

Sapphire glass
   The Grand Lange 1 has all the features of the Lange 1. The reason why the name is different is that it is larger than the ordinary Lange 1 watch. The Grand Lange 1 is more than 40 mm in size. For Lange watches, this is relatively large, because the Lange watch itself is thicker, plus Lange has a tradition that all models are made of precious metals Too large a size can cause a heavy load on the wrist, so the Lange watch does not have a model with a large diameter.
Minimalism and perfect proportions

Eccentric dial following geometry
   As the title of this article states, how can Lange be missing on the way to playing watches. The eccentric dial design of the Lange Grand Lange 1 watch has made the Lange watch a blockbuster at the beginning. Prior to this, although there were eccentric dial watches in the world, there had never been such a design. Its core design lies in the center of the hour and minute dial, the center of the small second dial, the center of the large calendar window, and the axis of the power reserve pointer connected into an equilateral triangle. This perfect proportion provides aesthetics for the eccentric design of Lange 1 It’s a great perspective, and although it is completely different from the design of a Swiss high-end watch, it is readily accepted.

Watch side

White gold case

Alligator leather strap

   Switzerland has a wide range of fine watchmaking categories, which has attracted the vast majority of players in the world to buy, because they can always find a watch that suits them. German watchmaking brands are not many, and the categories are simple, but they can match The Swiss watchmaking industry competes because the German watchmaking is streamlined and principled. The Lange Grand Lange 1 watch is very simple, following the concept of design and service, emphasizing the consistent appearance, the Grand Lange 1 watch can be tireless.

Polished and brushed case

Calendar quick button

Pin buckle

   The 191.039 watch is made of 18K white gold, and the bezel and lugs are polished to give it a cool and unique texture unique to white gold. The middle case is brushed and polished to reflect its practicality. At 10 o’clock, Lange designed a square button to quickly adjust large calendars. Thanks to the patented design, this quick adjustment device is much more convenient and efficient than the traditional crown quick adjustment calendar.

Extreme detail

   The delicate dial, even under a high magnification, can still feel Lange’s insistence on details. The hour-marker scale is polished with K gold and embedded into the dial, so as to have a more three-dimensional effect. Behind the hour scale, it is filled with a luminous coating, so that the hands can be clearly read at night. The large calendar window is derived from the 5-minute digital clock of the German Semper Opera House developed by Lange’s founder and his father-in-law. After Lange’s revival, he applied this idea to his calendar design. The launch of the Lange calendar has affected many high-end watchmaking brands, and the double-digit calendar window has since become a classic and is still popular today.

Lange manual movement

Weight balance

Gold sleeve

   Of course, in addition to the unique design, Lange’s movement is also beautiful. I want to like Lange’s friends. I must have very Lange elements such as 3/4 plywood, German silver, gold sleeves, blue steel screws, hand-balanced carvings, gooseneck trimming, mirror-polished escapement wheel clips, etc. . Similarly, these elements are only available in German watchmaking, and the best one is Lange. So, how can we get a Lange without a watch.

Summary: Why the Lange 1 watch is Lange’s masterpiece. Since it is a representative, it must be the most representative of the essence of Lange’s watchmaking. The geometrically symmetrical eccentric dial, all the simplified appearance, and the movement with both quality and aesthetics. Every detail is so Lange, this is Lange.