Introduction To Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Ultra-thin Hollow Watch

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the brand’s Royal Oak Watch, Audemars Piguet has launched the Royal Oak Ultra-thin Hollow, which combines superb watchmaking craftsmanship, contemporary style and sporty atmosphere. The 950 platinum watch (theExtra-ThinOpenworkedRoyalOakWatch) is available in a limited edition of 40.

 This watch, like the model introduced in 1972, uses a 39 mm diameter case with an octagonal bezel. The bezel is fixed with 8 white gold polished hexagon screws. The anti-reflective sapphire crystal is dark gray Hollow dial, the dial is decorated with white gold hour markers, fluorescent coated hands and ‘tapisserie’ check pattern, 3 o’clock position with a sapphire date window, and black date numerals. Through the hollow dial, you can admire the self-made 5222 self-winding ultra-thin movement built into the watch. This movement, which is only 3.05 mm thick, is completely hollowed out, even the hanging barrel. In addition to using modern minimalist lines for hollowing out the movement, the dark gray formed by electroplating gives the watch a modern look. All decorations (polished, satin-finished, pearl-polished, polished, matte-finished and brushed) on the bridge and board are hand-finished. The swing frequency is 19,800 times per hour and the power reserve is about 40 hours. 50 meters waterproof. Comes with 950 platinum folding buckle strap.

Everyday Practical Functions Three Annual Calendar Watches Recommended

As one of the three complicated functions of the watch, the perpetual calendar has a relatively high threshold for the working class. Most watches equipped with the perpetual calendar function use precious materials. In terms of function, the annual calendar only needs to be manually adjusted at the end of February every year, which is also very convenient. Taking a step back, if you consider cost-effective annual calendars may be the better choice. Today’s Watch House recommends three annual calendar watches for you to enjoy their ultimate charm in more detail.
IWC Portuguese Calendar

Model: IW503501
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: Stainless steel
Strap Material: Crocodile Leather
Case diameter: 44.2 mm
Domestic public price: 153,000 RMB
Watch details: RMB
Watch details: RMB
Watch details: rolex / 55207 /
Watch Reviews: Omega’s Zumba watch has been a popular watch since its launch. And its Zunba calendar watch is also a relatively unique watch, on the calendar display. This 41mm stainless steel case with a hard alloy bezel. The gray ‘pie’ dial is marked with the name of the month on each facet, and is indicated by an additional pointer in the center of the dial. Equipped with the Omega 8922 Co-Axial Observatory’s annual calendar movement, using innovative anti-magnetic technology and its strong anti-magnetic ability, even if the watch is placed in a magnetic field environment of 15000 Gauss, the watch can ensure accurate timekeeping.
Summary: The calendar function itself can be regarded as a very practical function, which can read the information of the day to the maximum. The prices of these three annual calendar watches are much cheaper than the perpetual calendar watches. Among them, the price of the Omega Zunba calendar watch only needs more than 60,000 yuan, which can be said to be quite cost-effective.

Baselworld Basel 2013-jaquet Droz 24 Hours Grande Heure

Jaquet Droz reinterprets luxurious time with a new classic, the Grande Heure GMT watch.

This new and chic watch perfectly meets the requirements of today’s global travelers and aestheticians, and the wearer can easily read the time between the two places.
The “Grand Feu” dial of the Great Fire Enamel is set with 24 Arabic numerals, so that the time flow between the two places can be seen at any time.
For the first time, the time display between the two places is presented on a watch in such a simple and clear manner. Two compass-shaped hands add to this new time reading design: red gold hands indicate the local time, blue steel hands indicate the destination time. When the two hands coincide in the same time zone, they are superimposed into a two-color hands, pulling the accurate measurement of time.
By boldly adopting a single crown adjustment mechanism, Jacques de Roux has created a 24-hour (Grande Heure GMT) watch that combines the beauty of simplicity with the ease of use. Its simple and pure design further enhances the ivory dial and richness The dense red-gold case is meticulously combined and perfectly natural.

Dior Limited Edition Automatic Dial Inverted Watch

Inspired by Mr. Dior’s love for prom dresses and tribute to important dances he once attended. This series hopes to present a group of prom dresses that are constantly rotating and swaying. All the details of these gorgeous dresses are reproduced vividly in the surface and automatic plate design of this series through the exquisite and detailed diamond embroidery inlaying method and composition.

Innovative process:
     The concept of rotating is embodied in the design of the watch, which stimulates the great idea of ​​placing the automatic dial on the front dial.
The calibre “Dior Inversé” with the automatic dial on the dial was developed by Dior’s original “Les Ateliers Horlogers” over 18 months, and is the result of a process produced in collaboration with Soprod Manufacture and Frédéric Jouvenot. In order to project the original source of inspiration into each model in the most realistic miniature. Different designs of automatic disks must recalculate the weight of the gem setting to ensure the smooth operation of the automatic disk chain, and at the same time eliminate the inertia generated during operation.
Grand Bal Limited Edition-Haute Couture Inverter (Marketing Date November 2011)
     The innovative and revolutionary design, moving the automatic disk from the back to the front, is like making people reluctant to move their eyes away from the flying skirt. This way they are caught in an intoxicating vortex together. Like the Cinderella attending the prom, each lady’s line of business is definitely as unique and distinctive as a high-end uniform.

Rebuilding Historical Castles To Witness Drive Legend

In June 2016, Pitti Uomo Fashion Week opened again in Florence, Italy. Taking this fashion event, Cartier for the first time in Florence’s famous Palazzo Gondi built a stylish drive mansion for exclusive Drive men, showing the new Drive de Cartier watch, and the elegant taste and gentleman represented by Drive men spirit.


   Gondi Castle is the mansion of the Gondi family, a famous Renaissance architecture family. It was built in 1490. This historic building was transformed into Cartier’s global drive men’s meeting place from June 14-16. Elegant men from all over the world gathered together, exchanged culture in the study, tasted fashion in the cloakroom, experienced art in the studio, talked about inspiration in the workplace, listened to jazz in the concert hall, and enjoyed a vibrant life together. Drive, feast and passion.
   In order to make every Drive man feel better about the lifestyle represented by Drive de Cartier during Pitti Uomo, Cartier invited a few independent designers, musicians and artists to create the Drive Men’s Home. : Every room, every detail, expresses Drive’s way of life and passion for life, reflecting their exquisite taste and unique aesthetics, they have infinite passion for beautiful things, are familiar with the real art of life, do not follow Trends, unruly, fearless of the world, and yearning for freedom.
   Corresponding to Drive men, it is the Drive de Cartier series watch that debuted in Geneva in January 2016. With their elegant retro pincushion shape, they are memorable and become another classic collection of Cartier men’s style watches. This series of watches has a variety of styles, the case is made of rose gold or stainless steel, with classic white or stylish gray dial, with Cartier Roman numerals and sword-shaped hands. This watch is equipped with three excellent movements produced by Cartier Watch Workshop: the small seconds model is equipped with the 1904-PS MC movement, with hours and minutes display, small seconds and date display functions; the small complex functions are equipped with 1904-FU MC Calibre with retrograde second time zone hour display, day and night display, large calendar and small seconds; advanced watch models with 9452 MC floating tourbillon movement, won the ‘Poinçon de Genève’ (Geneva premium stamp).

From the scenic terrace to the fantastic atrium,

From the mysterious cloister to the colorful salon,
Cartier Drive men in this legendary castle in Florence,
They shared their exquisite ways of life and enthusiastic attitude towards life.

The sea of ​​books is the source of wisdom for Drive men

   In the Drive men’s study, Drive de Cartier watches, various antiques and rare treasures, and art books are displayed together, symbolizing the wisdom of Drive men. The designer of this study is the top French interior designer Tristan Auer, who is good at combining Baroque with modern style.
The fun cloakroom is the uninhibited personality of Drive men

   Inspired by the cloakroom of aestheticist artist Sergio Colantuoni, designed by Konstantin Kakanias into a ‘visual trap’, full of tasteful taste. This cloakroom is exactly the typical portrayal of Drive men: casual life, uninhibited attitude.
Ingenious Studio, Drive Man’s Humor

   Like the cloakroom, the design of the studio also comes from the Greek-born designer Konstantin Kakanias. This colorful space expresses the deep sense of humor in Drive men through different games and utensils.
Inspiration Studio, Drive Men’s Uncompromising Attitude

   In this studio, Cartier presents the process of Drive de Cartier watches from inspiration to design creativity and finally birth, reflecting the uncompromising attitude of Drive de Cartier watches in the pursuit of perfect shape and harmonious proportion.

Jaeger‑lecoultre Launches Three Limited Edition Rendez-vous Watches To Celebrate The 74th Venice International Film Festival

To commemorate the 74th Venice International Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre, which has been working with the film festival for more than 12 years, is pleased to present you an exclusive art version of the Rendez-Vous dating watch. Since its release in 2012, the Rendez-Vous dating watch has always been closely linked to the film world. This year is no exception. The romantic Republic of San Marino (the most peaceful republic in history) is the perfect backdrop for this collection of ladies’ watches. The latest masterpiece from the Grande Maison’s Métiers Rares, the Rendez-Vous date collection Sonatina watch expresses three different stages of romantic feelings: seduction, romance and love. Each is a limited edition, with only eight being released.

Demonstrate Jaeger‑LeCoultre’s expertise in a poetic way
   In order to create these three limited editions, the Grand Workshop brings together all of the brand’s most representative expertise, giving watchmakers and rare craftsmen the freedom of creativity.
   Grand Workshop’s latest edition of women’s watches, the rose gold Rendez Vous dating collection Sonatina Large is a fusion of intricate designs created for hopeless dreamers. After the design is adjusted, the winding crown position is set at 2 o’clock, and a star-shaped hand is designed to set the date for future appointments. A melodious and prompt music will sound soon. Does it symbolize the next date with a lover? This appointment reminder is like a whisperer in your ear, and it comes with another sophisticated design, the day / night pointer. The hand is located in the aperture at 6 o’clock, shaped like a flower drawn on the dial. As the sun and the moon alternately appear, a non-stop dance is performed, evoking your romantic fantasy in the interweaving of day and night.
   These complex feminine designs are characteristic of the Jaeger‑LeCoultre 735 Calibre with self-winding function, and the perfect match for this large 38.2 mm diameter Rendez-Vous watch.

Magnificence of Rare Crafts (Métiers Rares)
   The ingenuity of the watchmakers of Jaeger‑LeCoultre is harmoniously combined with the amazing skills of rare craftsmen. The birth of these works requires at least three techniques: inlaying, painting on mother-of-pearl, and inlaying stones.
   The mother-of-pearl dial is decorated with hands with a guilloché pattern, which extends over the entire surface, and the outer layer is covered with light lacquer, exuding an elegant light. For the first time, the craftsmen of the Great Workshop adopted the design method of hand-painted mini patterns on mother of pearl. The paintings are subtle and subtle, with amazing beauty, all details come to life and come alive. Some of the patterns in the painting, such as bird figures, are covered with a layer of transparent lacquer to create a sense of depth and depth that complements the texture of the mother-of-pearl. The artistic inspiration born of artisans, each stroke is injected with a new vitality, and each rare craft dial is a miniature artwork with unique personality. Therefore, although all eight pieces belong to the same series, each dial is unique. The artist’s handmade works have attracted countless praises.
   At the same time, the master artisan of stone setting makes each piece more valuable through precious gems. The bezel is embellished with brightly cut diamonds, making the entire dial poetic. A row of timeless stones embellishes the edges of the numerals on the dial of the classic Rendez-Vous date watch, and complements a string of delicate stones patterned around the center of the dial. In order to perfectly decorate this real watch treasure, gem-setters also set diamonds on each side of the case. This delicate extra embellishment makes this watch fantastic from every angle.

Tribute to different stages of love
   Each of the patterns embellished on these watches is original by Jaeger‑LeCoultre. The first stage of romance is demonstrated by the Rendez-Vous dating series Sonatina ‘Séduction’. The two flying swallows dancing on the lavender field represent this moment. This is a moment of mutual discovery and warming up. Couples gradually understand each other at this stage, and this is also the central theme that often appears in most movie works. . Birds symbolize freedom and happiness. They are like performing a romantic ballet, passing gracefully through a sky with a mother-of-pearl background. Mother of pearl is embellished with hazy shades of blue and purple. The artists carefully painted every detail of the birds, and they showed amazing talent in depicting the feathers on their wings. The flower-shaped aperture on the day / night pointer emerges from the deep purple-blue plant center, as if a window opened for lovers who fall in love, foreshadowing the rush of time.
   After the temptation is a romantic time, the heart is full of images of loved ones. The Rendez-Vous dating series Sonatina ‘Romance’ paints an endless picture: a kingfisher perched on a blooming cherry tree. The kingfisher seems to have forgotten the passing of time, and its blue and orange feathers symbolize peace and prosperity. This picture is connected to important moments in life, such as romantic encounters, and the blooming cherry trees are gorgeously reproduced in pink and white gradient shadows. The delicate pink paint layer on the mother-of-pearl mother-of-pearl further enhances the vivid color of the petals.
   The Rendez-Vous dating collection Sonatina “Amour” is the last watch in the limited edition collection, depicting the eternal happiness of love. Over a peony flower, two magpies flew together, using a gradient background from turquoise to sea green. These birds are a symbol of happiness, as if enjoying the joy of traveling. Peony is often associated with wealth and glory, and it also reflects romantic feelings, and peony also brings good fortune, indicating a happy marriage. Harmonious green blends subtly on the dial, adding a touch of tenderness to this poetic watch.
   These wonderful and sophisticated latest works showcase the superb skills of Jaeger‑LeCoultre artisans and their mastery in the art and technology of “rare craftsmanship”. They will surely remind every woman wearing a Rendez-Vous dating watch series of the power of love, and play a star role in her life, and the beautiful jewelry that decorates her wrists will also enrich her feelings.

Colorful Girard Perregaux Launches Laureato Laurel Collection 2018 Summer Edition Watch

This summer, GP Girard-Perregaux launched the new Laureato Laurel Collection 2018 Summer Edition watch, which is made of stainless steel and decorated with bright and fresh colors. It is available in two sizes: 34mm and 38mm. Viola Armonia, Giallo Luce (light yellow), Blu Infinito (Infinite Blue), Turchese Purezza (Pure Blue) and Rosa Prezioso (Towards Pink) … New Laureato Laurel Collection 2018 Summer Edition The name of the table echoes the soft and elegant accent of Italian, like a hymn to sweet life.

? Harmony Purple
 The Girard-Perregaux Laureato laurel series was born in the 1970s. Its name was derived from the suggestion of the brand’s Italian distributor, but the series has never before provided such vibrant colors or such an Italian name. Since its return in 2016, Girard Perregaux Laureato series has focused on technically sophisticated men’s watches, including chronographs, skeleton watches, tourbillon watches, and skeleton flying tourbillon watches. For women, the 34mm or 38mm white ceramic watch offers a classic silhouette, as well as low-key silver, anthracite and midnight blue dials. The exception is the Laureato Royal 34mm watch with a striking royal blue dial. .

Infinite blue

light yellow
 Today, the GP Girard Perregaux Laureato 2018 Summer Edition watches are presented in five bright colors with a stainless steel case and a stainless steel bracelet or a colored rubber strap. There are 10 models of Laureato’s Laureate Summer Collection 2018, limited to 75 pieces each. The Harmony Violet, Infinity Blue and Pale Yellow models are 38 mm in diameter and feature a self-winding mechanical movement. The dial is decorated with Paris studs and the bezel is set with 56 round-cut diamonds (approximately 0.90 carats), of which the size of the octagonal diamonds is slightly larger and striking. Through the sapphire crystal case back, you can admire the GP03300-0146 movement on the watch. This movement is entirely manufactured by Girard-Perregaux and is finished in Geneva, round grain and chamfering. This movement has hour, minute, second, and date display (at 3 o’clock position), a frequency of 28,800 vibrations / hour (4 Hz), and a 46-hour power reserve. The rubber strap is priced at 14,400 Swiss francs, and the stainless steel bracelet is sold The price is 15,200 Swiss francs.

Pure green

Zhizhen Powder
 The Pure Blue and Zhizhen pink models have a more refined 34 mm diameter and a slimmer strap (7.75 mm, the first three are 10.2 mm), driven by a high-precision quartz movement. GP13100-0008 quartz movement and GP03300-0146 mechanical movement are generally the same. The bezel is also set with the same number of diamonds, weighing approximately 0.90 carats. The difference is that the two smaller models do not have a second hand and are water-resistant to 30 meters (the first three are 100 meters). The rubber strap is priced at 9,300 Swiss francs and the stainless steel bracelet is priced at 10,100 Swiss francs.

Gphg 2019 Announces The List Of 84 Timepieces Through Pre-selection

On September 2, 2019, local time, the 19th GPHG (Geneva Fine Watch Awards) announced the list of 84 timepieces preselected by the jury. The 84 timepieces are divided into 14 categories, totaling 18 awards aimed at paying tribute to the best timepiece creation of the year, including the prestigious Aiguilled’OrGrandPrix.

   The international jury is composed of 30 industry experts and conducts two rounds of secret balloting in a completely independent manner, supervised by a notary. GPHG pays tribute to fearless creativity, technical genius, sincere enthusiasm and expertise, which have helped the watchmaking industry to stay alive for centuries.

   On Thursday, November 7, 2019, the final winners will be announced at an awards ceremony at the Léman Theatre in Geneva. Actor and director Edouard Baer will be in charge of the ceremony again, and the event will be broadcast live via and GPHG media partners.

   In addition, 84 pre-selected timepieces will be displayed on four continents around the world, providing international watch fans with a great opportunity to explore and discover the most striking new timepiece creations.

List of 84 pre-selected timepieces (14 categories, 6 in each category)

Ladies’Preselected Timepiece

Ladies’Complication Preselected Timepiece

Best Men’s Watches

Best Complicated Men’s Complication Preselected Timepiece

Best Icon Watch (IconicWatch)

Best Chronometry Preselected Timepiece

Best Calendar and Astronomy Watch

Best mechanical innovation watch (MechanicalException) pre-selected timepiece?

Best Chronograph Preselected Chronograph

Best Diver’s Watch Preselected Timepiece

Best Jewellery Preselected Timepiece

The best craft table (ArtisticCrafts) preselected timepiece?

Small pointer award (PetiteAiguille) preselected timepiece

Best Challenge Table (Challenge) pre-selected timepieces

Tiger Tag Heuer Launches A New Watch For New Image Ambassador David Guetta

David Guetta leads the trend of global nightclubs … From Hong Kong to Dubai, from Ibiza to Miami, from Moscow to Tokyo to Sydney, he is sought after by customers of global nightclubs and has countless fans. Now he officially joins the TAG Heuer family and brings us his passion. The new TAG Heuer Formula 1 special watch is designed for him. This watch is always designed with travel as its core, so it has world time function and ‘day / night’ display; the color of the watch-black and blue is ideal for clubbers, and it is amazing Bracelet-style strap.

   The black and blue aluminum bezel is one of the most striking elements in the design of this watch. The watch has a 24-hour display function. The daytime time from 6 am to 6 pm is displayed in blue, and the night time from 6 pm to 6 am is displayed in black. The watch also has a second time zone. A very useful feature to keep in sync with friends and family while traveling!

   The black dial with blue hands and inlays symbolizes day and night: like the sky, the night is black and the day is blue; or black represents timeless fashion, and transparent blue represents the trend … How to interpret!

   The bracelet-style strap is as wide as a wristband and is made of vintage black calf leather, reminiscent of a popular element among clubbers. This watch was inspired by Heuer’s watches developed for the military in the 1960s. An upscale finish with tonal stitching and a black pin buckle engraved with Tag Heuer make this watch a must-have item for the trendy 2015.

   The black titanium carbide-coated case houses a 7 Twin-Time automatic movement with a date display. Finally, the second time zone uses blue hands to indicate time.
technical details
Article number: WAZ201A.FC8195
Case: Black, titanium carbide-coated 316L steel-43 mm diameter
     Black and blue aluminum bezel with world time scale
     Sapphire crystal glass
     Checked caseback engraved with ‘David Guetta Edition’
     Spiral crown
     Water-resistant to 200 meters
Movement: 7 self-winding movement with date display and world time function
Dial: Grey-black
     Date display window at 3 o’clock
Polished hand inlays and hour markers with blue Superluminova ™
Faceted rhodium-plated hour and minute hands with blue Superluminova ™
Second hand with blue tip
Blue World Time Hand with White Superluminova ™ Luminous Paint
Strap: Vintage Black Calfskin
Bracelet strap
Titanium carbide coated pin buckle with ‘TAG Heuer’ engraved

Swiss Le Méridien ‘homemade Movement Zhenpin Exhibition’

On June 10, 2010, Swiss luxury independent watch brand ‘Amy’ and Hengdeli Holding Co., Ltd. jointly held a 20-day ‘Amy home-made machine’ in Xinyu Sanbao Hangzhou Building. Core Zhen product exhibition. ‘ Exhibited a variety of self-made calibre watches, the most notable of which is the Le Méridien series, including: chronograph, dial display, moon phase display and skeleton display, with sophisticated machinery and unique complex functions , Won praises from connoisseurs and enthusiasts around the world. The brand also invited Mr. Chang Wei, the editor-in-chief of a well-known watch magazine, to explain the watch culture and brand story vividly to the guests and media friends.

     Le Méridien in 2010 broke the previous design of the ingenious series and brought a completely different visual impact. The three-pin and one-line square-wheel watch is equipped with the Aémi’s self-made ML153 movement, which draws inspiration from tradition and highlights the subtle Mechanical Design. The design of the dial inside the outer circle, the square wheel rotates regularly, and it is driven by another shamrock-shaped gear, and the two gears can be completely and accurately meshed, which is very magical. Silk satin and polished stainless steel, combined with various perfect geometric shapes, is a very eye-catching one in this year’s watch and clock works.

     It embodies outstanding watchmaking skills, innovative design concepts and avant-garde modern aesthetics, and it is the crystallization of Amy’s active expansion in the field of watch technology and design. The ingenious series of three-pin and one-line square-wheel watches are from the hands of master watchmaker Michel Vermot, who has taught for more than 20 years at Haute Ecole Arc Ingénierie in Reno, Switzerland. Responsible for a number of industrial projects in colleges. Joining Le Méridien today, he is responsible for the work of the brand’s movement R & D department, leading the Le Méridien brand to a more brilliant future.