Taste Cartier Tank Trend Without Losing Classic

Taste carefully, you will find that Cartier TANK is so different and free to move in the trend and the classics. If a Tank watch is likened to a magnificent woman, then the dial is her face, delicate and intelligent; and the strap is the dress on her body, sometimes mysterious and luxurious, and sometimes charming.

 In 2012, the Tank series newborn Tank Anglaise watch hides the crown in the hollow vertical lugs, and its exquisite and coquettish ‘look’ makes people linger for a long time. At the beginning of 2013, Cartier Tank series continued the legend and reinterpreted its most The two iconic masterpieces present the Tank Américaine watch with a K gold bracelet and the Tank Anglaise watch with a leather strap in the brilliance of rare gems. In the fun of the strap, people can’t help but sigh: Tank is indeed permanent Never stop!
 Born in 1917, the Cartier Tank watch was created by Louis Cartier, the third generation of the Cartier family, inspired by the military tanks that were first put on the battlefield during World War I. As the first watch to perfectly integrate the case and the lugs, once the Tank series came out, the avant-garde avant-garde style broke through the dominance of round watches and opened a new era of square watches; like a tank track Design elements such as vertical lugs, Roman numerals, minute track, blued-steel hands have also become the classic icon of Tank watches with unique beauty.

 In the past century, the Tank watch family has continuously evolved and innovated, and has launched dozens of styles. The Tank Américaine watch with a K gold bracelet is a luxurious interpretation of the classics of the Tank family. The Tank Américaine watch can be described as a new force in the family. It was born in 1989, following the Tank Cintrée watch designed in the early 1920s Inspiration, sharpness and softness, straight lines and curves, roundness and edges play on the wrist.
 The newly launched Tank Américaine watch strap features a serpentine chain design. The rose gold or white gold bracelets fit smoothly on the wrist like silk satin, while the diamond-paved models are more graceful and luxurious. The sexy and agile curve design also gives this extremely elegant Tank Américaine watch an incredible mysterious charm, yet at the same time feminine femininity.
 As the youngest member of the Tank family, the Tank Anglaise watch is paired with a bright alligator leather strap to show the delicateness and vitality of women. At the same time, the diamond-studded case highlights the delicate and feminine beauty of women.
Tank Américaine watch, medium model, 18K white gold, pavé brilliant-cut diamonds
 18K rhodium-plated white gold case with brilliant-cut round diamonds / octagonal crown with one diamond / water-resistant to 30 metres / 18K rhodium-plated white gold bracelet with brilliant-cut round diamonds / silver-plated engraving Dial / Sword-shaped blue-steel hands / Cartier 077 automatic mechanical movement with date display at 6 o’clock
Tank Américaine watch, small model, 18K rose gold, diamond-set case
 18K rose gold case with brilliant-cut round diamonds / octagonal crown set with a diamond / water resistance to 30 meters / 18K rose gold bracelet / silver-plated carved dial / sword-shaped blue steel hands / Cartier 157 Quartz Movement
Tank Anglaise watch, small model, 18K white gold, leather strap, diamond-set case
 18K white gold rhodium-plated case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds / nine-cornered crown, set with a diamond / water-resistant to 30 metres / shiny light lotus red alligator strap, 18K rhodium-plated white gold folding buckle / Silver-plated lacquered dial / Sword-shaped blue-steel hands / Cartier 057 quartz movement
Tank Anglaise watch, medium model, 18K rose gold, leather strap, diamond-set case
 18K rose gold case set with brilliant-cut round diamonds / nine-cornered crown, set with a diamond / water resistant to 30 meters / shiny burgundy crocodile leather strap, 18K rose gold folding buckle / silver-plated engraving Lacquered dial / sword-shaped blue-steel hands / Cartier 077 automatic mechanical movement with date display at 3 o’clock.
 Cartier TANK, a clever woman who plays with trends and classics, is clear and bright but has a hint of mystery.

2015 Sihh Baume & Mercier Launches The Hamilton Automatic

This year, the Humberton series celebrates its 20th anniversary. On this occasion, Baume & Mercier presents two stainless steel watches with automatic movements. These two new timepieces are simple and generous, condensing precious moments in life. The delicate lines of the watch and the exquisitely decorated dial show its elegance and extraordinary temperament, under the shirt sleeves understated to perfect the suit shape.
   These two Humberton watches have been reinterpreted with a more concise style, while faithfully inheriting the classic features of this legendary series, such as the grooves at 3 and 9 o’clock, which highlight the unique semicircle with elegance Curved crystal glass. The new watch is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic movement, which is clearly visible under the transparent case back.
   The unique rectangular shape of the watch is formed under the lines full of architectural beauty, which brings a different sense of lightness and perfectly fits the curve of the wrist. The pure pale white dial is more impressive with the decoration of blue or gold-plated sword-shaped hands, sincerely paying tribute to the brilliant tradition and history of fine watchmaking.
Humberton watch 10155

   This new watch from the Humberton collection combines simplicity and maturity. The 31×47 mm rectangular case is made of polished satin-finished stainless steel, showing a perfect modern style. The Swiss-made self-winding mechanical movement is clearly visible under the transparent case back. The thickness of the case is only 10 mm, and the delicate curve makes it fit the wrist perfectly.

   This watch is a perfect metropolis, showing the mastery of the golden ratio of watchmaking technology, which is also the brand’s proud sign. The pale white dial is adorned with blue stainless steel hands, displaying the hours, minutes and seconds, embodying traditional aesthetic style. At 6 o’clock, there is a simple and elegant date display. This timeless and precious watch, with its black alligator leather strap and stainless steel folding safety buckle, is the embodiment of balance and beauty.
Humberton watch 10156

   This Humberton watch is classic and full of metropolitan style. The rectangular case is made of polished satin-finished stainless steel. It is equipped with a Swiss-made automatic mechanical movement. The exquisite decorative details are under the transparent case back. Show charm. This timepiece has a classic size design (31×47 mm) and is water resistant to 50 meters, making it a men’s watch for any occasion. The profile of the watch has been reinterpreted, making it comfortable to wear at any time. The style is simple and elegant, the pale white dial is decorated with exquisite gold-plated hands, and the date is displayed at 6 o’clock, which perfectly condenses all kinds of precious moments in life. This watch is decorated with a brown alligator leather strap and a stainless steel folding safety buckle.

Panerai Luminor Black Seal 8 Days Power Reserve Left Handed Dlc Stainless Steel Watch

Panerai reviews the glorious history of the brand and continues to write more fascinating new stories for loyal collectors who are passionate about the brand. The new Luminor 8-day power reserve pair is limited to 500 sets and includes two watches, inspired by the ‘pre-Vendôme period’ models. The ‘pre-Vendôme period’ refers to the period when the brand first launched its watch series for the civilian market in 1993, and it was in 1997 when the brand was acquired by the Vantage Group, a subsidiary of Richemont Group. In the past few years, Panerai has produced a small number of watches, but it has quickly become a treasure that collectors in the market are eager to follow. Among these products, American watch star Stallone commissioned Panerai’s special watch series in 1996. The new Luminor 8-day power reserve pairings featured two original watches made by Panerai for Stallone at that time-Luminor Black Seal and Luminor Daylight.

 The Luminor Black Seal is the first left-handed version of the new pairing set. Luminor Daylight is extremely rare with a blue dial and white dial. Both watches are packaged in an exquisite pear-wood case dedicated to antique Luminor watches, with a human torpedo model (also known as a slow torpedo) mounted on a teak base, and a precious book included in the Italian Navy Special Forces Data on military equipment used, including watches and instruments made by Panerai.

 The Luminor Black Seal Left-Handed 8 Days watch follows the design of the old Luminor Black Seal watch and features a crown bridge to protect the crown on the left side of the case. As early as the 1940s, Panerai has begun producing left-handed watches, allowing Frogmen to wear the watch on the right wrist so that the compass and depth gauge can be worn on the left wrist. The case of this new Luminor watch is 44 millimeters in diameter. It is made of stainless steel and covered with DLC Diamond-Like Carbon.

 Luminor 8th Power Reserve Pair (PAM00786) Both Luminor watches feature screw-in casebacks, engraved with ‘Officine Panerai Firenze’ and OP logo on the surface, equipped with a manual winding mechanical movement and two connected hair Bar case with power reserve of up to 8 days. The P.5000 movement is entirely produced by the Panerai watch factory in Neuchâtel, adhering to the ‘historical’ characteristics of many watch movements of the year, including manual winding design and long power reserve, continuing the pure Officine Panerai style, and raises the quality to the contemporary standard of fine watchmaking. The movement has a solid structure, a large splint to protect the internal gears, and a balance wheel with two arms. Both watches are water-resistant to 30 bar (about 300 meters). They come with two spare straps and a screwdriver.

LUMINOR BLACK SEAL LEFT-HANDED 8 DAYS ACCIAIO DLC – 44 mm 8-day power reserve left-handed DLC steel watch
Movement: P.5000 manual winding mechanical movement, completely developed by Panerai.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds. Case: 44 mm, particularly hard-coated blackened steel.
Dial: black with luminous Arabic numerals and hours. Small seconds at 3 o’clock.
Power reserve: 192 hours.
Water resistance: 30 bar (about 300 meters).


2014 New Sihh Montblanc Villeret 1858 Series Outside Frame Tourbillon Chronograph Watch

ExoTourbillon Rattrapante with Montblanc Villeret 1858 series external frame tourbillon chronograph watch is a masterpiece in the field of fine watchmaking with its stunning design. This watch is a masterpiece of a variety of advanced watch craftsmanship: a large balance wheel placed outside the tourbillon frame, a chronograph hand function, and a three-dimensional normative dial with a large gold fire enamel material.

 The watch uses a large independent screw balance that is not bound by the tourbillon frame; it is no longer a single chronograph function. Montblanc Viller 1858 series outer frame tourbillon chronograph watch uses a dual-gull wheel and double-clamp structure Realize the chase chronograph function; unlike the dial of conventional materials, the three-dimensional dial of Montblanc Villeret 1858 series outer frame tourbillon chronograph watch is made of solid gold and large fire enamel. This masterpiece of traditional watchmaking craftsmanship uses an 18K white gold case, a standardized dial design, and a 24-hour second time zone function with day / night display. Only a limited number of 18 pieces will be available.

 Heritage of complex craftsmanship

 The chronograph is a super complicated function. The first chase chronograph was probably invented by Swiss watchmaker Louis-Frédéric Perrelet, the grandson of Neuchatel watchmaker Abraham-Louis Perrelet who invented the automatic winding device in the 1770s. Louis-Frédéric Perrelet in 1827 showed his ‘double counter time timer’. This invention includes two chronograph seconds hands: one of the chronograph seconds hands continues to run when the chronograph function is turned on; the other chronograph seconds hand can be paused after pressing the control button to measure the time interval. Press the control button again, the previously stopped chronograph second hand will catch up with the continuous running hand and run in synchronization with it. The French word ‘rattraper’ means ‘catch up’, so Perrelet named his original invention ‘rattrapante’.

 Other records indicate that the invention of the chronograph may belong to an Austrian watchmaker named Joseph Thaddäus Winnerl, who developed the mechanism in 1829 when he settled in Paris. In the device invented by Perrelet, when the chase is paused and the first time interval is recorded, the coil spring pushes the chase second hand to the continuously running position. Winnerl’s invention is just the opposite. With the push of a heart-shaped disc and a heart-shaped rod, the second hand can be returned to the desired position. This structure with a heart-shaped disc is still widely used today, and inspired two Swiss watchmakers Henri-Féréol Piguet and Adolphe Nicole to invent the time-resetting mechanism in 1862.

Spare no effort in measuring the interval

 The conventional timing function is usually classified as ‘daily use’ or ‘complex function’, while the chase timing function is completely in the super complicated field. If the conventional chronograph device is retrofitted to the chase chronograph function, the watchmaker needs to add an additional 70% of the movement components-for example, a chase second hand needs to be added to the measurement interval. This second hand is completely suspended while being paused. Does not affect the continuous operation of the regular chronograph second hand. Watchmakers need to work long hours to make, process, decorate and assemble these delicate steel parts. Montblanc Villeret’s watchmaking factory insists on making all kinds of movement parts by hand, so it requires a lot of manpower and labor. This tradition is based on ‘formatting function allocation’, and the meticulous work for hours or even days is only to create the various functional parts of the chronograph and tracking hand timing device, which are then precisely adjusted and precision assembled. The ‘formatting function allocation’ is strictly implemented throughout the assembly of the timing device: the watchmaker needs to carefully observe the start-up and operation of the timing device through a special magnifying glass, and even if it finds subtle irregular operations, the watchmaker needs to dismantle immediately Timing device, and adjust and assemble again. For example, a deviation of one hundredth of a millimeter, or an extremely slight deviation in the position of the lever; after the assembly of the movement device is re-assembled, it will be checked again by a computer. This process may need to be repeated 5 times, 6 times, or even more-just to ensure that every watch movement produced by Montblanc Villeret Watch Factory will run accurately in Montblanc watches.

 This complicated work is just a chronograph movement that is enough to attract the attention of every watch lover. When watch enthusiasts turn on the chronograph function, they will use the sapphire crystal glass on the back of the watch to carefully observe the column wheel (used to control conventional timing devices) and the track pin wheel (used to open and close the pin wheel clamp ) Operation, and the delicate operation of the manual chamfered timing lever (press the corresponding timing control button, the timing lever transmits instructions to the two column wheels, the clutch device, the heart-shaped zero plate and the timing clamp). Also clearly visible is the slender cut-formed steel spring. When the chronograph push-button at 2 o’clock is pressed, the steel spring will press the traverse pin clamp, and the wearer can read the measured time interval. Press this button again, the clamp will be released, and the heart-shaped zero dial will automatically synchronize the chase gear with the conventional chronograph gear, and the chase seconds hand and the regular chronograph second hand will also run synchronously.

Villers: Home of the Chronograph

 Villers, a small village in the Jura Mountains in the Swiss canton of Bern, happens to be halfway between the watchmaking cities of Bill and La Chaux-de-Fonds. The predecessor of Montblanc’s Villeret watch factory, the Minerva Watch Factory, has been here since 1858. Since its inception, Minerva Watchmaking Factory has occupied an important position in the Swiss watchmaking industry with surprising passion and achievements.

 At that time, most of Minerva’s competitors could only be regarded as ‘assembly factories’. Most of them outsourced the movement components and manufactured the finished movement after assembly. At the same time, some ambitious watchmakers in Viller have started to develop and manufacture their own movements. These movements had the best quality at the time and won several awards at the International Industry Fair. Mass production of chronograph movements began in 1887: these movements were initially large in size to fit in pocket watches. Shortly thereafter, small-scale movements for watches became popular. The increasing professionalism of the chronograph movement led to the Calibre 42 movement in the 1930s. Its balance wheel can vibrate 100 times per second, so it can measure time intervals up to 1/100 second. Also produced at the same time is the chronograph stopwatch, which can measure the interval time without affecting the timing. At the Berlin Summer Games in 1936, these chronograph stopwatches produced by Minerva earned the watchmaker a global reputation.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Bastian Baker Adds Huacai To The Omega European Masters

If you drive into the Swiss town of Crans-Montana during the Omega Masters, you will notice a series of colorful giant golf balls on the side of the road . These five-foot-high artistic paintings were created by many celebrities, including Omega celebrity ambassador Bastian Baker.

During this year’s OMEGA European Masters, Omega celebrity ambassador Bastian Baker visited the venue and used his infinite creativity to contribute to meaningful charitable projects.

   This famous singer-songwriter from Switzerland is known for his musical talent. During the golf course design, Bastian Baker and professional model Antonio Vizcaino worked together to give full play to its artistic talent.

   Asked what he thought of the project, Bastian Baker said: ‘I’m excited to be involved in such a meaningful event. The process of making this golf was very interesting and completely different from what I did before Different. I hope that everyone who visits the Omega European Masters can see these artworks. Of course, they are very eye-catching and hard to miss. ‘

   Every giant golf ball will be auctioned online, and the proceeds will be donated to the charity INSIEME, which aims to help people with intellectual disabilities better integrate into society.

Blancpain Full Calendar Moon Phase Small Seconds Women’s Watch

Full-calendar moon phase small seconds display women’s watch that integrates beauty and function, is definitely the love of a mother who is both charming inside and outside. Excellent function display, elegantly and concisely distributed on the noble and elegant mother-of-pearl dial, making the reading time clear and easy. Every time I look down, I am happy and happy.
Full calendar moon phase small seconds display ladies watch
This year, Blancpain launched the Blancpain Women Complete Calendar with moon phases and small seconds, which combines beauty and function. It brings unprecedented beauty to ladies of all tastes!
High-end watches are often regarded as a good thing for men. However, the top Swiss watch brand Blancpain, which is strong and well-versed in market demand, has always been meticulous for the needs of female watch fans. This year, Blancpain launched the BlancpainWomen Complete Calendar with moon phases and small seconds, a women’s watch that brings unprecedented beauty to a class of ladies!
Captive of the noble lady
BlancpainWomen Complete Calendar with moon phases and small seconds Women’s watch with 35 mm red gold or stainless steel diamond case, through the sapphire crystal case back, through the Calibre 6763 automatic movement movement. Excellent function display, elegantly and concisely distributed on the noble and elegant mother-of-pearl dial. The watch is equipped with a 100-hour power reserve function and a water-resistant depth of 30 meters. It is paired with a precious alligator leather strap, which once again confirms Blancpain’s perfect pursuit of beauty and function, successfully capturing the noble lady’s heart.

Obama Wears The Same Watch As Romney

The 57th President of the United States, Barack Obama, who has been re-elected, wears the same brand of watch as the lost candidate Mitt Romney? Investigating this matter means that many people who plan to buy watches have a reference, and those who don’t have a plan to buy watches can look at the taste of the two candidates. Obama wears the same watch as Romney? As early as during the campaign speech, professionals already identified the watches worn by the two male candidates. When the dust of the election results on the 7th was settled, TAG Heuer released a message via the official Weibo that confirmed the two Presidential candidates wore TAG Heuer watches during the campaign, but they were different collections. According to netizens, the TAG Heuer submarine series worn by Obama is a cheaper mid-range model, priced at about $ 3,000. People pay less attention to the lost Romney, but the Carrera CARRERA series he wears is slightly more expensive. , About 4,000 US dollars, is TAG Heuer’s most classic chronograph series, belongs to TAG Heuer mid-to-high-end products. Even so, people still criticize Romney for not too expensive but too cheap!
In a campaign lasting more than two months, Obama and Romney have always been regarded as a showdown between ‘civilians’ and ‘Gao Shuaifu’. American politician and business darling Romney was born rich, so it was natural that People who are considered to be born with luxury watches like Patek Philippe choose to wear an accessory that does not match their identity in front of the public. It is no wonder that he was accused of being a show. Obama, who was born in the average middle class in the United States, worked hard during his previous term. Working hard to create a people-friendly route, it is only natural to bring TAG Heuer watches. In addition to TAG Heuer, Obama also wore a similarly friendly Jorg Gray watch during his last term to participate in various general elections. The retail price is about $ 2,165. The watch is said to come from a specialized store under the Federal Economic Intelligence Agency. This store is not open to the public, and the Obama logo is not on the watch, but the public can buy this from other chains of the producer Jorg Gray. table.
多 To what extent does the success of watch selection affect the US election? I am afraid there is no professional agency to count this data. Some netizens commented that the ‘Presidential election TAG Heuer’ may well be a mystery! Most importantly, did you decide which series to buy after reading this article?

Tag Hea’s Latest Release Calera Calibre 17 Flagship Store Limited Edition

At the end of 2013, TAG Heuer brought a new surprise: Carrera Calibre 17 flagship store limited edition! Its design comes from Jack Heuer’s personally designed Jack Heuer 80 in 2012 Anniversary, classic heritage, timeless. Now, TAG Heuer is particularly offering the limited edition of the Calera Calibre 17 flagship store to pay tribute to the brand’s honorary chairman, Mr. Jack Heuer. These two watches are only available at the TAG Heuer flagship store.

 Mr. Jack Heuer has created many watches still iconic to date, the most prestigious CARRERA series. Last year, to celebrate his 80th birthday, he took inspiration from his original design and created the commemorative Calella Calibre 17 Jack Heuer 80th Anniversary Chronograph. The classic 41 mm diameter case of this watch, the clear and wide dial, and the automatic movement driving the small dial at 3 and 9 o’clock, all make people feel retro in a subtle way.
Today, the limited edition of the Calera 17 flagship store offers two different retro dial designs: one is a large charcoal gray dial with a small silver dial, the color design is elegant and restrained; the other is a large silver dial with a dark blue Small dial with low-key elegance. In addition, these two watches are the same as the previous models, and they are also decorated with the vintage HEUER family emblem on the dial and on the back of the dial. The perforated leather strap is also available in black with red lining and dark blue.

 In a festive atmosphere, TAG Heuer’s addition to the two flagship stores’limited edition models equipped with chronometer-certified chronograph movements is the latest flagship store’s limited edition, which not only enriches the Calera Calibre 17 chronograph series, but also undoubtedly loves TAG Heuer TAG Heuer friends brought a holiday gift.
Welcome to TAG Heuer flagship store to buy:

Shanghai Nanjing West Road Flagship Store
1033-1037 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Hang Lung Plaza Boutique Shanghai
Room B107, Hang Lung Plaza, 1266 West Nanjing Road, Shanghai

Shanghai Shangjia Center Flagship Store
Shop 130, B1, Shangjia Center, 99 Xianxia Road, Changning District, Shanghai

Beijing Xinguang Tiandi Flagship Store
M1026, 1F, Xinguang Tiandi, No. 87 Jianguo Road, Beijing

Nanjing Deji Plaza Flagship Store
Unit F115, 1st Floor, No. 18 Zhongshan Road, Xuanwu District, Nanjing

Wuhan International Plaza Flagship Store
Unit 15, Block C, 1st Floor, International Plaza, 690 Jiefang Avenue, Wuhan

Ref. CV5110.FC6310: Charcoal and silver dial with black perforated leather strap
 CV5111.FC6335: Silver and blue dial with blue perforated belt

Movement TAG Heuer Calibre 17 automatic chronograph date display (COSC)
Dial Charcoal or silver dial with sunray effect
 Small silver or blue dial with sunburst effect, at 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock respectively
 Second hand dial at 3 o’clock
 Chronograph minute dial at 9 o’clock
 Hand-embedded hour markers
 Polished hand-embossed faceted hour markers with fluorescent markers
 Red central chronograph seconds hand
 Vintage red HEUER logo
 Speedometer scale on the outer edge of the silver or blue case
 Dial with ‘Calibre 17’ logo
 Date window at 6 o’clock
Case diameter: 41mm
 Polished stainless steel case
 Curved scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with anti-glare treatment on both sides
 Polished bezel
 Polished crown and buttons
 Screw-in caseback with HEUER logo
 Water resistance: 100 meters
Strap Black perforated calfskin belt, red interior
 Blue Perforated Calfskin Belt
 Sturdy stainless steel folding clasp with safety push button

The Iconic Timepiece Of A Contemporary Gentleman, Tasting The Chopard L.U.C Quattro Watch

At Baselworld 2018, Chopard reinterpreted the iconic L.U.CQuattro of the L.U.C series. This watch is equipped with the L.U.C98.01-L movement, has a power reserve function of up to 9 days, and is certified by the Swiss Official Observatory Precision Timepiece, which is a model of contemporary elegance. Let’s take a look together.

   The watch case has a total diameter of 43 mm and is crafted in exquisite 18K rose gold. The middle layer of the case is delicately modified with satin texture. The bezel is polished and the case back is engraved by hand. Its meticulous carving has obtained the strict Geneva mark certification.

   The watch presents a new dial with a very contemporary design and a simple style. The entire dial is polished with a vertical silver satin-finished silver dial, which is subtly matched with the contrasting blue hands. At 6 o’clock, there is a sub-dial, which inherits the signature features of the L.U.CQuattro watch. This small dial is equipped with a small second hand and a date display function indicated by hands. The scale design is more detailed and simplified. At 12 o’clock, the power reserve display is subdivided into 9 scales, which echoes up and down symmetrically with the sub-dial. The power reserve display is also the unique design of the L.U.CQuattro watch, with a 180-degree fan-shaped design. The minute scale circle is equipped with large Arabic numerals ‘3’ and ‘9’ at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, combined with the blue three-dimensional applied hour markers. The shape of the hour markers follows the design of the most distinctive rocket-like pointer of the L.U.C series. The hands are covered with a SuperLumiNova luminous coating.

   18K rose gold crown with L.U.C logo.

   The watch comes with a blue calfskin strap with a woven pattern effect, lined with crocodile leather, and its design is unprecedented in the L.U.C series.

   The watch is fitted with a pin buckle and is engraved with a series of English letters on the top.

   The bottom of the watch is polished and the watch is equipped with a 98.01-L movement. The mechanism is characterized by the patented Quattro four barrel technology. Two sets of double barrels stacked in series can drive the movement continuously for 216 hours, giving this certified astronomical watch a power reserve of up to 9 days. The movement with a thickness of only 3.7 mm will not be occupied Too much space reveals the thin characteristics of LUCQuattro watches, making it show unparalleled elegance.

   Summary: In a simple and atmospheric style, this brand new watch contains subtle details designed with ingenuity, creating an advanced, sophisticated and unique timepiece masterpiece, limited to 50 pieces. (Picture / text watch home Li Li)

For more details, please pay attention to the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

New Year New Watch! Swatch Gentle Gift & Sistem51

Just started in 2016, we will soon be preparing for the romantic Valentine’s Day, and the colorful Swatch has always presented a passionate red core watch. The special Valentine’s Day item named ‘Gentle Gift’ is expressed in a white case and strap that symbolizes holiness, like a letterhead of love wrapped around the wrist; under the mirror can be seen the pink-colored colorful movement in the silver transparent dial. Both are interconnected with a red heart-shaped gear, which represents the love that lovers need to protect each other with a ‘core’. Haven’t picked a gift yet? Maybe using it to express your heart is also a kind of romance!

‘Gentle Gift’ Tender Present GZ300 watch. Quartz movement with hours, minutes and seconds.

GZ300 Valentine’s Day Special Edition fills the joy of gift giving with love packaging.
   In addition, Swatch’s most topical Sistem 51 series mechanical watches in recent years will also officially launch 5 new works on January 14th. In addition to the wild black case and strap, it also adds highlights in blue and green. Sistem51 movement is the first fully automatic assembly automatic movement launched by the brand in 2013. Because it uses 51 components in total, it is called ’51 movement’. When it comes to this movement, it is natural to want to use numbers to describe it: in addition to the above 51 parts, 100% Swiss-made, 17 patents, 90-hour power reserve, 6 dots on the dial and 1 The central screw will undoubtedly allow Swatch to create the most economical mechanical watch. Like many mechanical watches, the beauty of the movement is shown through the transparent case back. However, because the automatic dial always hides the details, the Sistem 51 series watches will be transparent, so that the movement can be seen at a glance.

SISTEM Gentleman SUTB400 watch Plastic case, transparent case back, Sistem 51 automatic movement, 90-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rubber strap.

 SISTEM Gentleman SUTB400 watch.

 SISTEM Clouds SUTS401 watch Plastic case, transparent back case, Sistem 51 self-winding movement, 90-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rubber strap.

 SISTEM Clouds SUTS401 watch.

 SISTEM Notte TB40 watch Plastic case, transparent back case, Sistem 51 self-winding movement, 90-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rubber strap.

 SISTEM Notte TB40 watch.

 SISTEM Grid UTN401 watch Plastic case, transparent back case, Sistem 51 self-winding movement, 90-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rubber strap.

 SISTEM Grid UTN401 watch.

 SISTEM Frog SUTS401 watch Plastic case, transparent back case, Sistem 51 automatic movement, 90-hour power reserve, hours, minutes, seconds, date display, rubber strap.

SISTEM Frog SUTG401 watch.
   Since revolutionizing the watch industry more than 20 years ago, Swatch has continuously demonstrated its innovations. Sistem 51 is a recent initiative. Although it is different from the superb technology of high-end mechanical watches, it is also a unique feature.